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Bathmate Review (UPDATE: 2020, October)

The Bathmate Series offers the highly innovative hydro penis pumps which have won the run for the leadership position in the penis enlargement industry and have been successfully taking it since 2006.

Bathmate penis pump can be purchased through their Official Site.


1. How It Works

Since the Bathmate is a hydro pump, air is replaced with water in this device.

It actually works by using water for generating a vacuum around the penis.

When water is pumped out of the device where the penis is placed, gentle but sufficient pressure is generated.

Due to this pressure, much more blood is encouraged to the erectile chambers in the penis. And the penile shaft enlarges to the greatest extent.

This process is extremely effective since the penile tissues are very elastic and have a high potential to expand.

2. How Often Should I Apply Bathmate Pump?

It’s advisable to apply Bathmate for about 10-15 minutes per day. It’s necessary to devote to manhood pumping averagely from 3 to 7 days per week. However, if you want to enjoy the best possible gains, you should have the pumping sessions every day, without skipping the days. But you should also note that it’s not worth applying Bathmate more frequently than one time per day.

3. Can Bathmate Provide Permanent Results?

The temporary gains such as a strong erection and quick erect penis enlargement occur almost instantly. Just about 15 minutes are needed to experience such gains. But they of course happen only due to the highly intense and fast penis engorgement. However, if you use Bathmate on a regular basis for quite a long time (up to half a year), you are sure to get the results, which will not disappear. Even when you stop pumping sessions, the results will remain permanent. This refers to both penis length (to a greater extent) and circumference (to a lesser extent).

4. What Penis Size Is Suitable for Bathmate?

According to the manufacturer, Bathmate pumps can suit the penises with all possible measurements. The company doesn’t specify the smallest penis size for applying these devices. But it would be better if the penis length is not below 3 inches.

5. The Bottom Line on Bathmate

The Bathmate Series is a perfect penis pump intended for both penis enlargement and erectile function improvement which perfectly works in both bath and shower.

This high-quality original device will definitely help you cope with the symptoms of impaired erectile function, as well as increase your penis length and circumference.

We like the manufacturer used a certified skin-safe technology since the safety and health of the customers is the priority for the company.

In addition, Bathmate was dermatologically tested by Aspen Clinical Research which is the internationally famous clinic.

That’s why you can be completely sure that the pump will not harm your delicate skin in the intimate area and hence will not cause any unpleasant complications and adverse reactions.





Bathmate Hydro Pump Questions & Answers

What Is Bathmate?

Bathmate is a famous brand of hydro penis pumps. It in fact became the first water-based manhood pump in the world. These devices engage the water force to create the traction force. These pumps belong to the premium-quality penis devices grounded on the most cutting-edge technologies. Due to the action of water, the devices work much more effectively than the air-based pumps. This brand is an excellent choice for the blood flow increase, erection enhancement, stamina boost, and penis size growth.

Is It Possible to Apply Bathmate without Water?

Though Bathmate is developed as the water-based pumps, its design and technical characteristics give the men an opportunity to carry out the pumping sessions even without water. Anyway, these devices will create powerful suction force and contribute to the successful achievement of your goals.

Where Is Bathmate Manufactured?

These forward-looking male penis devices are manufactured by the highly competent professionals in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The manufacturer of these devices is a well-established company with a spotless reputation. The company utilizes just the top-quality materials such as skin-safe and allergen-free silicone, extremely durable polycarbonate, and high-class stainless steel for the production of its famous penis pump range.

Is Bathmate Really Effective?

These manhood pumps are truly the well-working devices taking the leading positions among the similar products on the market. Numerous customer reviews and testimonials indicate that these branded pump series helps the men get a bigger penis, harder erections, better stamina, more power, and higher self-esteem. More than one million men have already bought the devices from this series. Such a great demand proves that the pumps are effective.

There was also a clinical trial that investigated the effects of Bathmate pumps. It was found out that these devices feature 88% satisfaction rate. The one-month study period demonstrated this.

Where Should I Apply My Bathmate Pump?

Bathmate pumps are the hydro devices. That’s why you have to fill the device with water in the bath or shower to ensure the maximum gains.

Is Bathmate Better Than Penis Enlargement Surgery?

All kinds of penis enlargement surgeries are mainly targeted on making the penis longer and thicker within a very short period of time. But this is an invasive and painful method which terrifies many men. The situation is quite different with the sophisticated penis pump series.

They cause no pain and don’t require any invasion. Taking into consideration these aspects, the penis pumps really leave the surgical methods behind. However, you will not achieve the manhood size increase quickly if you use the pumping method. So, it’s necessary to choose what suits you best depending on your goals and preferences.

Are Penis Pumps More Effective Than Penis Extenders and Pills?

The comparison of pumps’ and extenders’ efficacy depends on what you want to get from these devices.

The Bathmate pumps work well for both relieving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by causing strong erections and increasing the penis size.

The penis extenders mainly work for the penis enlargement.

Bathmate pumps also ensure gains much quicker, safer, and effectively than the penis enlargement pills. So, the pills can’t outstrip the pump effects.

Can Bathmate Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Each Bathmate penis pump owes its invention to the difficulties with attaining and sustaining an erection which will make a sexual intercourse possible. It’s quite short-lasting effect that just gives the men an opportunity to get and erection and keep it till the ejaculation. The manhood pumps actually don’t treat the cause of erectile dysfunction which develops for many reasons like underlying conditions. If you know about the existence of such a disease, you should consult a healthcare provider. But the Bathmate devices are perfectly suited for enjoying a great sex when you want even if you are diagnosed with still unaddressed erectile dysfunction.

Can Bathmate Improve My Sex Life?

The Bathmate series truly can have a very favorable influence on your sex life if the major reason of sexual decay was an inability to gain a firm and full erection. The regular application of these devices enables the men to return sexual activity to their life as well as make sexual intercourses more frequent and active. The use of these pumps also has a stimulatory effect to sexual arousal and libido since the devices directly stimulate the intimate organ. But if there are the other reasons of sexual underperformance like comorbidities or psychological issues, the Bathmate penis pump is unlikely to solve these problems. And sex life will positively change when you overcome all the obstacles to your bedroom happiness.

Are Bathmate Pumps Safe?

The Bathmate series is one of the most cutting-edge developments on the modern market of water-based manhood pumps. It was engineered as the top-notch, very safe devices. Each pump from this series features an exclusive harmlessness. The manufacturer took into account each aspect of a hydro pump applications to exclude any possible risks of pumping. All structural parts of these pumps implement the most innovative technologies in the sphere of water-based dick pump production. Thus, the Bathmate devices don’t generate pressure that can incur injury to the member, contain only highly durable and robust materials, as well as guarantee complete trustworthiness of many-year, trouble-free utilization. So, while choosing these sophisticated hydro pumps, you can be absolutely sure you get a 100% safe product unable to harm your penis.

What Distinguishes Bathmate Pumps from Other Penis Pumps?

The Bathmate manhood pumps have originated as the devices able to totally stand out from the other currently sold dick-pumping machines as well as meant to become a real breakthrough in the realm. These ergonomic and forward-looking devices are the embodiment of the latest high-technology manhood pumping ideas. Since these devices work by means of applying water which replaces air, they are much more convenient, powerful, and simple-to-utilize comparing to the air-based pumps. For these reasons, these unmatched devices are now often ranked as the leaders among the other pumps.

What to Do if I Can’t Understand How to Use a Pump?

The manufacturer of Bathmate series constructed its products in a way that maximally simplifies the process of learning how to operate a hydro pump. The user guidelines provided by the company are easy-to-follow, well thought-out, and precise. The men typically don’t have any difficulties with the correct application of a pumping device. But the manufacturer also created the additional helping tools to enable the men to take an advantage of pumping to the greatest extent. Thus, the pump users can watch a range of support videos from the company’s blog clarifying the major aspects of hydro pump use. By getting acquainted with these videos, you will particularly get to know how to apply and change hydro pump comfort and cushion pads, as well as to replace the valves in all the water-based pumps of the series.

How Can I Place a Bathmate Pump Order?

Each man who aspires to safely and effectively boost own erections and relieve the symptoms of impaired erectile function can order a preferred Bathmate hydro device online. It’s strongly recommended to purchase the pump straightforwardly from the device manufacturer. The easiest way to do this is to visit a Direct shop created by the manufacturer. This is the surest way to become an owner of a truly reliable authentic water-based branded dick pump, which will not damage your genitals, and at the same time avoid dangerous counterfeit pumps.

Will I Get Any Warranty When Purchasing a Bathmate Pump?

If you choose the company’s official store for obtaining this top-class hydro pump, you can count on a full 2-year warranty offered to protect the users from any health troubles and money loss. A simple registration is required for the activation of a warranty aimed to safeguard your safety when you become the company’s customer.


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