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Best Hard On Pills of 2020

According to the clinical trials as well as the reports of both supplementation experts and male enhancement product users, hard on pills feature a quiet high efficacy rate even provided that they are absolutely natural.


TOP 5 Natural Hard On Pills


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Natural Hard Pills With Fast Results


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Male Extra

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Harder & Bigger Erections


VigRX Plus

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Clinically Proven Natural Erection Pills


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Volume Pills

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Clinically Approved Hard on Pills


#1 Viasil

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Viasil intensifies blood circulation in the penile area, which improves the quality of an erection and extends its duration.

The product’s herbal ingredients help prolong sexual intercourse and enhance sexual activity and endurance.

Epimedium Leaf Extract and Pomegranate are both beneficial ingredients on their own but, when blended together, the ingredients supposedly helps increase results.

Scientific support, doctor endorsements, and positive customer feedback ensure the pill safety and high efficacy.

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#2 Male Extra

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Male Extra is ranked second among the natural hard on pills.

Its high potential to combat weak erections, elevate testosterone levels, and deal with low sex drive helps the pill win a good reputation and earn popularity among the customers.

This product is familiar to the men for more than a decade.

Male Extra formula contains many ingredients including the trademarked ones which approach the issue of the men’s unsatisfactory sexual health in different ways.

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#3 VigRX Plus

The benefits which VigRX Plus hard on pill gives you are as follows:

1. Strong erections, resembling the erections which every 20-year-old man has.

2. Prolonged erections which will enable you to prevent early ejaculation and maximize mutual sexual satisfaction.

3. Increased sexual endurance that will allow you to have multiple sex sessions.

4. The occurrence of an erection each time you need it.

5. High libido which you couldn’t even expect for many years. This will happen because the ingredients available in the product restore the balance of sex hormones.

6. A shorter time needed for rest.

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#4 ProSolution

best stay hard pills

ProSolution is a completely natural male enhancement product used to normalize erectile function in men without any prescription.

Also, it helps maintain testosterone levels normal, has a strong positive influence on sex drive, and makes orgasms more intense. It’s possible to achieve a better erection firmness and higher libido due to the action of non-synthetic active substances.

This product is known for a one-of-a-kind formula because it contains the hugest amount of pomegranate ellagic acid, comparing to other male enhancers. Scientific support ensures safety and potency of this boner pill.

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#5 VigRX

VigRX is ranked as one of the best-acting non-synthetic male enhancers with a proven efficacy to positively change sexual performance in men.

This product also has a high potential to heal ED in a natural way.

The hard on pill is 80-90% bioavailable. This means you will take the most out of supplementation.

The supplementation benefits are as follows:

  • Much better quality of erections
  • Opportunity to combat ED symptoms
  • Improvement of sex drive
  • Restoration of testosterone balance
  • Increased sexual stamina and endurance
  • Enhancement of mood and wellness

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Who Uses the Prescription Hard Pills

The industry of the prescription hard pills offers the men some indisputably strong options. These options attract many men. Actually, the prescription medications are a worthy choice for the men who:

  • Suffer from erectile dysfunction diagnosed by the healthcare practitioner in the medical settings
  • Get a prescription from their doctor to purchase the prescription-only ED drugs
  • Have moderate to severe erectile dysfunction
  • Want to get very prompt treatment results
  • Need an erection here and now
  • Don’t wish to practice a complex approach to the improvement of own sexual health
  • Don’t mind to pay much for the branded medications

Though the intake of the prescription hard on pills is related to a range of disappointing downsides, still millions men give preference to these over-the-counter ED pills.

Are Natural Stay Hard Supplements Effective?

As opposed to the prescription instant hard on pills of synthetic origin, the all-natural erection boosters don’t contain any prescription components in their formulas. Instead, they are loaded with the ingredients which are considered natural Viagra for their prominent ability to act as natural PDE5 inhibitors.

While the artificial PDE5 inhibitors such as sildenafil, vardenafil, or Tadalafil have a very powerful impact on the man’s body and at the same time cause numerous side effects, the natural PDE5 inhibitors present best over the counter boner pills act mildly.

These inhibitors are effective because they naturally fight PDE5 and simultaneously increase the cGMP levels crucial for the flawless erections. The matter is that high cGMP levels contribute to the relaxation of smooth muscles in the penis responsible for strong erections. Due to this, the penis receives much blood needed for solid and long-lasting erections. This is how the herbal PDE5 inhibits added to the all-natural stay hard pills promote the improvement of erectile function in men.

Are All Hard On Pills Equally Helpful?

Now the supplementation industry which supplies the natural pills to get you hard is developing exponentially. Since the new products are launched to the market very frequently, it’s unsurprisingly that this market spins out of control. The swindlers take the matters into their own hands in order to cash in on the credulous customers.
If you manage to choose the high-quality OTC male enhancement supplements from the trustworthy manufacturers, you will definitely benefit from the supplementation and attain the desirably strong erections. But if you make a mistake with the choice of the claimed-to-be non-artificial hard on pills and swallow the bait of the fraudsters, you may face the following hazards:

  • Unresearched and poor-quality active substances meaning they are not backed with the results of unbiased clinical trials
  • Availability of artificial prescription components and illegal chemicals in the pills instead of exceptionally natural harmless ingredients
  • Inadequately measured dosages of active ingredients which often exceed the daily allowable amounts
  • Unapproved manufacturing facilities which substantially lower the quality of final supplementation products
  • Doubtful sources of natural male enhancement products
  • Fulsome and even fairly mendacious statements about the product advantages
  • Absence of doctor endorsement

You need to be skeptical and carefully analyze each manufacturer’s promise and claim about the hard on pills. The low-quality remedies or counterfeit products are not only helpless but even dangerous.

If you take into account the possible dangers of purchasing questionable natural products and make more efforts to the process of searching for the reliable products, you are sure to benefit from the intake of OTC boner pills. You should use the services of just the trustworthy companies.

Why to Visit to a Doctor

Most men who aspire to get hard pills are quite easy-going about the necessity to consult the medical specialist prior to the beginning of pill intake. So the men just skip this important step on their way to a healthy erectile function and refuse to, as they think, waste time for scheduling the healthcare provider’s appointment. However, this is a very underestimated strategy to the choice of natural boner pills and other ED remedies.

You have to realize that only the doctor can estimate the existing manifestations of erectile ailment and recommend the best boner pills which will be both effective and safe. In case that the medical expert really establishes a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, it’s crucial to figure out the true cause of this condition. There are the following most frequent impotence underlying conditions:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive weight and obesity
  • Medication abuse
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Heavy drinking
  • Neurological diseases
  • Mental issues
  • Penile traumas

When the doctor determines what has led to the development of erectile dysfunction, it’s possible to select the most potent all-natural boner pills and libido booster for a particular man and successfully overcome the male intimate issues without the harm to the man’s health.

Disadvantages of Natural Hard on Pills

The hard on pills over the counter may excellently serve for supporting your ability to have the firm and full erections. This is why the men actually often opt for the natural supplements. However, there are also some downsides associated with the all-natural boner pills. They are listed below:

Lack of Safety Control

The sphere of manufacturing the erection pills is soaring so rapidly that it’s quite difficult to understand which exactly pills deserve trusting. The situation becomes even more complicated provided that the FDA has a very limited control over the thriving industry of stay hard pills. Improper legislative regulation of the production of such remedies leads to the emergence of the following issues:

  • Scantily studied ingredients
  • Considerable risk of dealing with powerful artificial chemicals instead of clamed-to-be natural compounds
  • Unknown source of supplementation products
  • Inaccurate measurements of active ingredients
  • Ungrounded or frankly embellished statements concerning the supplementation benefits
  • Dangerous combinations of doubtful components
  • Absence of medical specialist endorsement
  • Illegal status of some remedies

For the reasons mentioned above, it’s strongly recommended to purchase the best stay hard pills exceptionally from the well-reputed manufacturers who take care of the safety of their customers.

No Instant Action

Even the best boner pills of natural can’t ensure the immediate effects. The matter is that the natural formulas of such pills imply the availability of the natural components only. These components work steadily but slowly. The more these natural substances accumulate in the body, the more prominent effects they have. If you are looking for almost instant erection, then the prescription hard on pills should be your choice.

Long-Lasting Supplementation

If you opt for the all-natural pills to keep you hard, you should be ready that the supplementation is going to take quite a long time. When you use the non-artificial boner supplements, it’s not enough to take the pills for a couple of days. Even a couple of weeks is not enough. Thus, you should consistently follow a supplementation regimen having no breaks in order to finally get the erection you want.

Most Common Ingredients in Natural Hard on Pills

The natural dick hard pills are able to ensure really high potency when it comes to revitalization of erectile function and sexuality in men due to their fully natural, well-researched formulas. All of these ingredients have non-artificial origin. They are typically the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a wide range of botanicals. All of these natural components are proven to repair the male erectile function. The best stay hard pills contain the following natural ingredients:

  • L-Arginine: This amino acid is frequently found in the best-working hard on pills over the counter. It makes the nitric oxide levels go up and therefore relax the penile blood vessels. Due to this, the intensification of blood circulation on the manhood happens. This is how this amino acid is responsible for the impressive, rock-hard natural erections. The powerful erection-boosting potential of this natural amino acid even helped it got the name of natural Viagra.
  • Red Ginseng: This plant ingredient is added to the non-prescription pills to keep you hard because it works as a vasodilator. This action of red ginseng is easily clarified due to the presence of saponins. The latter ones are the natural plant chemicals which fix the male erectile function and improve the overall sexual potency in men. Saponins draw much more blood to genitals promoting the occurrence of solid and full erections. Also, red ginseng is a famous aphrodisiac that makes male libido and bedroom stamina upsurge.
  • Cordyceps: The most cutting-edge stay hard pills of natural origin have this unprecedented fungus in their ingredient contents. This very specific fungus is internationally renowned due to its male sexuality fixing qualities. It gives a natural boost to the manhood erectile capacity and makes bedroom endurance skyrocket.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: The natural boner pills with tribulus terrestris are not the rarity. This plant is an effective natural remedy for the men with low testosterone and insufficient libido levels. The studies have also shown that the intake of this plant ingredient can noticeably ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • L-Carnitine: Many advanced OTC dick hard pills have this natural compound in their formulas. That’s because it’s an effective energy metabolism booster which enables the men to have the satisfactory erections. The studies have indicated that l-carnitine can overcome the age-induced erectile dysfunction. In particular, the l-carnitine supplementation contributed to the decrease in the ED manifestations. This natural substance has also relieved the impotence signs in the male diabetes sufferers. For these reasons, it is often compared to real Viagra.
  • Yohimbe: This tree has a bark which contains a natural substance called yohimbine with the erectile dysfunction curing properties. This substance drives the enhancement of penile blood flow, raises male sexual interest and desire, and helps the men cut time between sexual bouts. But this compound can be safe when added to the natural supplements only in very small dosages.
  • Fenugreek: The modern boner pills with natural ingredient content often contain this plant. It makes testosterone levels climb. Due to this, male sex drive jumps, sexual sensations sharpens, and erections become stronger. Also, according to the studies, this herb stimulates nitric oxide synthesis, which is crucial for the trouble-free erectile function in men. Also, Fenugreek is known to lower blood glucose and enhance insulin sensitivity. As a result, the blood circulation, which is extremely important for the ED treatment, restores.

Can The Best Hard On Pills Increase Penis Size?

The question of how to get a bigger penis disturbs the majority of men including those with erectile dysfunction. The answer to this question is quite multifaceted and depends on the type of hard pills used in each particular case.

The prescription-only boner pills are not targeted at making the manhood larger. These medications are developed in order to help the men regain the ability to produce the erection when required. When taking a prescription hard on pill that acts as a PDE5 inhibitor, the man can count on a rock-hard erection with a satisfactory duration. It means that the men will be able to have a sexual intercourse when they plan without any difficulties. But in this case, the users shouldn’t await the manhood size increase.

The all-natural hard on pills crammed with herbal components, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can serve as the penis enlargement pills. These hard pills are in fact the supplements which give a strong natural boost to the blood circulation in the penis. These supplements enhance the blood-holding capacity of the dick making it fully fill with blood. Since these boner pills increase blood flow to the manhood, the coveted erections become not just more rigid but also much bigger. It means that the penis length and thickness grow in the erect state. This effect is highly desirable for all men. But the cock enlargement lasts no longer than the erection itself.

Whom Over The Counter Boner Pills Are Intended For

The men who suffer from the impairment of erectile function are always trying to find the relevant solution like the first-class hard pills. The men with erectile problems of course wonder who can use such remedies.

The matter is that the hard on pills are created specifically for the men who are dissatisfied with the quality of their erections or who can’t generate erections at all. By using such products, the men can expect the improvement of their erections, which usually become much more solid, hard, and big, lasting as demanded.

As a rule, the men who are under 18 years old are discouraged from using any hard on pills regardless of their origin. But the older men can freely take all the advantages from the intake of such remedies. The elderly men are especially recommended to use the anti-impotence products because these men are in the risk group of ED sufferers. Actually, the seniors are the users who can maximally benefit from the best hard pills.

FDA Concerns with Regard to Hard On Pills

The application of natural hard on pills has been long inflaming disputes among the doctors and medical scientists. The FDA also raises the alarm garnering the men’s attention to the concealed dangers associated with such pills. This mostly refers to the claimed-to-be natural hard pills excessively advertised via the Internet.

From time to time, the FDA brings the data about the doubtful anti-impotence pills to public. The FDA strongly discourages the men from purchasing suspicious supplements from unknown manufacturers. There are two major threats related to the use of such boner pills.

Veiled Components

The supplements which often include the non-artificial hard on pills are not covered by the supervision of the FDA to a necessary extent comparing to the conventional prescription-only anti-impotence medications. The key peril related to this situation is the availability of the active substances which are not stated on the pill label. If there are unrevealed ingredients in the product, nobody knows what such pills can do to a human health. These questionable ingredients unknown to the users may dramatically endanger the users. And no one can tell for sure to what degree it may happen.

As for the dosages of active components, it’s also difficult to precisely determine how much components are put into the uncertain natural hard pills. The absence of accurate dosages also makes these products a menace.

Unsafe Adverse Reactions

The poor-quality components in the disputable hard pills of natural origin can cause multiple adverse reactions, including the hazardous ones. Particularly, there are the plant compounds declared to be effective for curing the impaired erectile function which were researched only on animals. The intake of such compounds may be fraught with the occurrence of unpredicted adverse reactions.

Also, the distrustful boner pills with unsure ingredients may dangerously interact with the chemicals available in the prescription medications used to treat other diseases.

There are also the cases when the hard on pills meant to be natural include sildenafil. If a man simultaneously uses nitrate drugs for the treatment of heart condition and/or diabetes, this may result in sudden life-threatening decrease in blood pressure.

It’s obvious that the dubious boner pills should be avoided by everyone who sets a high value on own health. These remedies may do drastic damage to the men’s health even causing serious medical conditions. But on the other hand, you can absolutely safely take the all-natural hard on pills from the reliable manufacturers which take care of harmlessness of their products.

Can Testosterone Compete with The Best Hard On Pills?

It’s a widely known fact that testosterone is an unparalleled hormone when it comes to supporting a man’s sexual health. The overall health also depends on the concentration of this hormone in the bloodstream. Testosterone inevitably declines when the man becomes older. And this may cause the sex-related issues like lack of libido, sexual sluggishness, and sperm count decrease. For these reasons, some medical specialists recommend their male patients to take testosterone for impotence treatment. The hormone can be taken standalone or with hard pills.

However, the hard on pills themselves belonging to the highly potent PDE5 inhibitors demonstrate much more positive gains comparing to testosterone. As for the proven natural anti-impotence supplements, they are much safer than the artificial hormone.

Testosterone is typically used for treating testosterone deficiency only. There should be serious medical indications for the prescription of this hormone. The matter is that the use of this synthetic hormone can be associated with many unsuspected health difficulties as opposed to the natural hard on pills.

Thus, while the non-artificial boner pills of superior quality are considered safe, the uncontrolled administration of testosterone can provoke stroke and heart attack. These are the major concerns due to which the FDA specifies that just the men with medically diagnosed severe testosterone deficiency have to take artificial testosterone.

Also, unlike the top-notch natural hard on pills, synthetic hormone can cause many other side effects such as swelling, mood swings, prostate enlargement, sleep apnea, male breast growth, and acne. These side effects are most frequent and disappointing ones. It’s possible to take testosterone only if the doctor approves this.

That’s why it’s possible to conclude that testosterone can’t outstrip the trustworthy natural ED pills when it comes to overcoming weak and short-lasting erections. It’s better to choose the healthier options for the restoration of trouble-free erectile function in men.


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