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Best Nootropic Supplements of 2020

best nootropic supplements 2019

The Best Pre-Made Nootropic Stacks



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Universal Nootropic Formula


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Brain Pill

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High-Potency & Clinical-Range Dosages


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Safe & Effective Brain Enhancement


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Ion Z

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Alpha Brain

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Brain Pills for Mental Clarity & Memory


NooCube – The Best Nootropic in 2019

NooCube is deservedly ranked as the best nootropic for the overall cognitive performance recharge. While including the minimum range of the active substances, it has a very positive influence on all spheres of the brain work.

NooCube offers you the following advantages:

  • Sharpened focus and concentration
  • Memory enhancement
  • Increased learning ability
  • Much quicker memory recall
  • Boosted mental performance
  • High tolerance to stress
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Inhibition of oxidative damage

This brain supplement also helps the body to much more smoothly carry out the process of neuron dendrite branching and to actively stimulate brain cell formation. Due to such effects, the advantages of this brain enhancer remain for a long time after the cease of supplementation.

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#2 Brain Pill

best brain supplement

Brain Pill helps in stimulating cholinergic system and the dopaminergic and serotonergic system which plays a significant role in the nervous system in the body.

The Cholinergic system is a neurotransmitter responsible for sensory perception. It helps in decision making, being focused, in learning and also helps with the memory.

Brain enhancement pills benefits:

  • Boost Brain Function
  • Improve Memory
  • Enable Better Communication
  • Enhance Concentration
  • Rigorously Tested, Clinically Backed Ingredients
  • Increase Brain Learning Power
  • Keeps the Pain from the Head away

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#3 GenBrain

brain memory enhancement pills

This brain supplement has been formulated with patented ingredients that include natural nutrients, amino acids, and Vitamin B6.

The makers claim that GenBrain works by generating electrical impulses within the brain and by maintaining regular levels of acetylcholine.

Brain booster benefits:

  • Boosts Memory – Improve both long and short term memory with a better ability to recall specific items or events.
  • Enhanced Brain Functions – Increase mental acuity which may lead to improved productivity and alertness.
  • Improves Focus – May improve concentration and allow you to focus for long periods.
  • Cognitive Improvement – This supplement may increase the strength of neurotransmitters in the brain.

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#4 Ion Z

nootropics for social anxiety and depression

The makers of this nootropic supplement claim that they use a unique blend of ingredients that has been patented and trademarked under the name: “NZ-405 SuperMax Blend.”

Ion Z brain pills benefits:

  • Enhanced Focus – The makers claim you will experience “laser-like focus” and state that you will more easily be able to ignore distractions that can lead to a decreased ability to concentrate.
  • Increased Energy – When taken regularly, this supplement may boost energy levels without the crash you can experience from energy drinks.
  • Improved Memory – Thought to help with learning and retaining new information, though the makers claim that it will help both short and long-term memory.

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#5 Alpha Brain

pills to improve memory and focus

It is an all natural product that is intended to turn back the hands of time in your brain, allowing you to concentrate better and have increased memory and recall.

Alpha Brain benefits:

  • Increased Short Term Memory – This supplement is made with ingredients that are thought to be beneficial for increasing short term memory.
  • Increased Long Term Memory – When you experience cognitive decline, one of the first things that you might notice is the inability to remember specific things. With this supplement, the makers claim you are giving your brain the correct components to increase memory.
  • Healthier Brain Function – This nootropic supplement is designed to assist the body’s natural protective processes including neural pathways and other important brain function.
  • Increased Mental Sharpness – May assist in improving mental clarity and sharpness.

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Long-Term Advantages of Nootropics

The users want to take different cognitive enhancement supplements, because they may bring a multitude of advantages in the long run. The key long-term advantages of the best nootropics are as follows:

  • Long-term memory recall boost
  • Great cognitive rehabilitation
  • Reduction of oxidative stress due to the neutralization of free radicals
  • Decreased formation of amyloid plaques
  • Increased mitochondrial energy production
  • Elimination of severe mood and emotional fluctuations
  • Better ability to resist stress
  • Enhancement of cognitive fitness and longevity

However, it should be noted that it may be quite a challenging task to estimate the long-term advantages of brain supplements comparing to the short-term advantages. That’s because there are a few studies long enough for assessing exactly the long-term advantages. Anyway, the already available evidence indicates that the abilities of such supplements to repair and maintain brain in the well-performing condition can be virtually limitless. The best brain supplement stacks may be even much more effective than separately taken cognitive enhancers.

Can Nootropics Be Addictive?

According to the medical experts, the brain enhancers which are at least somehow associated with the risk of addiction development are not in fact the real nootropics.

Both the American Psychiatric Association and World Health Organization clearly specify that any remedy, also claimed to be nootropics can be classified as addictive if it matches no less than three further described criteria:

  • Tolerance, which is the requirement of a higher dose after a while.
  • Withdrawal, which means distressing both physical and emotional response to the end of remedy intake.
  • Restrained control, which means that a person often expresses remorse after the intake of remedy.
  • Adverse reactions, which negatively affect a person’s life and health like mood fluctuations, low self-confidence, feeling ill, relationship worsening.
  • Dereliction of duties and activities, which refer to both professional and personal spheres of a person’s life.
  • Considerable energy expenditure, meaning very energy and time-consuming activities targeted on getting, hiding, and taking the addictive substance.
  • Attempts to refuse from a substance, which indicated that a person understands the availability of a problem with a certain substance abuse.

Also, the intake of addictive drugs should be accompanied with the off cycles which are aimed at minimizing the probability of addiction. But if you use the all-natural OTC brain supplements, you shouldn’t run such cycles. The intake of true non-prescription brain boosters from the reliable manufacturers also don’t cause any tolerance or any other symptoms mentioned above. As opposed to the addictive drugs, the fully natural nootropics even bring more advantages to the users if they undergo the supplementation every day within the extended time.

Are Stimulants Refer to as Nootropics?

The stimulatory agents like caffeine in large amounts and prescription smart drugs are not actually classified as the true brain supplements because of a substantial probability of addiction. When consumed in moderate doses, caffeine is in fact considered a brain enhancement remedy which is almost risk-free and advantageous to the users’ health. But the prescription medications used for the treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are virtually unable to bring the health benefits typical for the true all-natural brain boosters.

As opposed to the long-term supplementation with the best nootropics of natural origin, the long-term intake of stimulatory agents is often accompanied with severe adverse reactions in the long run. This happens even if at the beginning of the stimulants’ use these substances cause the short-term positive effects.

How Are Nootropics Safe?

In case with the prescription medications, these medications are qualified as dangerous until confirmed to be safe. The situation with the best nootropics is quite the opposite. The, nootropics are regarded as harmless until there is the evidence that it’s not like this.

The manufacturers of best nootropics determine by themselves which safety and quality standards to comply with in their activities. Only the manufacturers decide what to put into the formula of the best brain supplement of natural origin.

The most reasonable and safest solution is stacking the well-investigated nootropics filled with exceptionally top-notch natural ingredients like clinically proven botanicals and patented branded compounds. There should be no empty, potentially dangerous additives in these smart supplements.

The manufacturing facilities also play a very crucial role for ensuring the high safety of cognitive enhancers. Even the best nootropics with the most advanced formulas can become unsafe if produced with the use of improper, poor-quality manufacturing facilities. The most trustworthy companies which produce the brain enhancers and testosterone boosters make every effort to offer the customers the safest products by means of complying the manufacturing process with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Thus, the best manufacturers of smart supplements acquire GMP certification meaning that such manufacturers meet the following production criteria:

  • Thorough ingredient screening, which excludes the availability of low-quality components, toxins, and contaminants.
  • Excellent facility cleanliness, which ensures that no harmful ingredients can be found in the supplements.
  • Top-class equipment maintenance, which means the flawlessness of manufacturing process and strict adherence to the active ingredient dosage instructions.

When you purchase the nootropics backed with a GMP certification, you can be sure that you will deal with a superior-quality, highly potent, and harmless product.

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