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The Best Penis Pumps of 2022

These forward-looking penis pumps can assist in the enlargement of penis measurements and give a safe boost to the men’s sexual self-esteem.

best penis pumps

A large number of men are in fact bothered with the dimensions of their manhood. These men are convinced that their actual member size is a severe obstacle to their happiness in sexual activity. This dramatically lowers sexual self-confidence in men.

Special surgical procedures are able to provide a man with up to 4 cm bigger penis. Such surgeries are done with the use of regional anesthesia and typically require at least short hospital stay.

In case that a man is put under the knife of a competent surgeon, this man runs a small risk of facing negative health effects. But before deciding to use a radical solution, it’s advisable to narrow it down to the choice of penis pumps.

You shouldn’t of course wait that the penis pumps will bring the effects equal to surgery. However, the rundown of these devices’ upsides includes:

  • Simplicity of operation
  • Absolute harmlessness
  • Much higher level of erection quality
  • Increased endurance


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erection vacuum pump


9.944 Reviews

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The Most Powerful Penis Pump


how to use a penis pump

Hydromax Series

9.842 Reviews

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Safe & Powerful Penis Enlargement Pump


dick pump

Bathmate Hydro7

9.521 Reviews

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Perfect Penis Pump For Beginners


ed pump

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy

9.015 Reviews

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Feel the Real Manhood Expanding Power


Do Penis Pumps Work?


8.612 Reviews

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Effective Water Penis Pump


2020’s Best Penis Pump: HydroXtreme

what is a penis pump for

Bathmate Hydroxtreme penis pump is a device able to add the missing inches to your penis in a non-surgical way.

The outstanding action of this pump provides the best results for each man opting for a larger member.
The men who use these hydropump can benefit from a very powerful but safe suction force to enlarge both length and girth of the penis to the greatest extent.

The device also improves erection hardness and feeds the flame of sexual vigor and virility.

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#2 Hydromax Series

best penis pumps

The high-class HydroMax Series considers all possible requirements of each man concerning the treatment of impotence and the enhancement of penis size growth.

Prominent potency and strength of HydroMax make it stand out from the majority of other commonplace penis pumps flooding the market.

The very strong traction force that doesn’t require much men’s endeavor is what you can count on when using this device.

The application of comfort pads is crucial for providing the proper seal.

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#3 Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydro7 is a high-quality device that can meet all erotic objectives you might wish the penis pump to cover. It’s an excellent pick for all men since it runs the gamut of benefits from combating erectile dysfunction to elongating and thickening the manhood.

This penis pump has quite a long track records. That’s why the users can be absolutely confident in the quality of this device.

The device is reasonably priced and hence accessible for all customers. This device is highly suitable for the beginners searching for their very first penis pump.

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#4 HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy

penis pump side effect

Certain penis measurements require special, extremely customized solutions. Thus, HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy is created specifically for the men whose penis thickness exceeds 6.5 inches and penis length is less or exactly 7 inches. This device is highly effective for such men.

This Bathmate invention is undoubtedly the most moderate and unmatched device offered by this manufacturer. It ensures fast, maximum pumping results.

This pump not just enables the men become the owners of even bigger penises in both length and circumference, but also makes erections noticeably more solid and fuels bedroom endurance.

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#5 VaxAid

penis enlargement pumps

VaxAid has a one-of-a-kind construction and is a medically endorsed device. It has a substantial potential to contribute to the penis enlargement and give many additional advantages.

This water-based penis pump is developed in a way that guarantees the complete customer satisfaction. And the customer feedback proves this. For this reason, this pump outstrips the multiple rivals.
The high performance rate is what this device is sure to give you.

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The Uses of Penis Pumps

When the men use penis pumps, they typically pursue the following objectives:

    penis pump instructions

  • Penis Size Increase: These devices are the worthy tools for manhood enlargement without the use of surgical methods. This enlargement method doesn’t imply any invasion. The scientists even carried out a study to show that the pumps really positively change the member measurements. Thus, in 2006, the British Journal of Urology International brought to the public the study findings. The findings demonstrated that the pumping sessions 3 times per week for 6 months enabled the men to improve the manhood measurements. The average member length increase was 0.3 cm.
  • Erectile Function Enhancement: The penis pumps belong to the alternative non-surgical methods which gave evidence to be helpful for the men with inability to have good erections. These devices offer a complementary option which is easy to apply during the pharmaceutical ED cure. The manhood pumping intensifies blood flow in genitals. Since more blood reaches the member, oxygenation of penile cells also grows. The increased amount of blood and oxygen promotes fuller and bigger erections which enable the men successfully finish a sexual encounter. And in such a way, the pumps help the men combat the issue of weak erections.
  • Greater Sex Drive: Penis pumps ensure quite powerful stimulation of libido in men. Many customers consider this aspect of the pump use a very pleasant and appealing additional bonus.
  • Peyronie’s Disease Relief: According to the studies, the top-notch penis pumps are not only simply suitable for the users with Peyronie’s disease. These devices are also effective for easing the manifestations of this disease. The men suffering from the mentioned disorder have a curved manhood in the erect state. This lead to the penis reduction in length. Erections also cause pain. Such a state of affairs worsens sex life. But the pumps ensure a trouble-free sexual intercourse for these men and even can lengthen the penis.
  • Rehabilitation after Prostate Surgery: There is a scientific proof that prostate surgery is fraught with the reduction of member measurements in 50% of male patients. However, the penis pumps successfully assist the men in regaining their normal manhood size after surgical invasion.

Penis Pumps by Operation Type

Besides the choice of either a water-based or air-based pump, you should also select the penis pump depending on the type of such a device’s operation. There are such devices at your disposal:

Manual pumps: Such devices belong to the most frequently bought options among the customers according to the penis pump reviews. The men decide to use these pumps because such devices are known with a high safety level and superior quality endorsed by authoritative medical specialists and confirmed with unbiased study results. The design amendments to the best penis pumps with manual operation happen rarely, while the improvement of materials applied for the production never stops to ensure the most satisfactory gains.
You shouldn’t overpay for the manual devices since their costs remain quite reasonable. You must not constantly buy batteries or undergo pumping only in the bathroom. According to the expert opinion, the mens penis pump powered manually is a great pick for the novices.
Battery powered pumps: It’s quite clear from the name itself that these pumps require the use of batteries for the operation. If you are wondering do penis pumps really work, you can be sure that this type of pumps does. These devices create strong vacuum force barely in no time. Since such devices very quickly ensure the required vacuum force, the men have an opportunity to achieve the pumping objectives within a considerably decreased period of time. However, in this case, there is a rather high risk of applying the force which is more than necessary. And due to this, the risk of injuries also grows.
The battery powered devices suit the needs of the middle-aged and old patients most of all. Also, they are a worthy option for the customers who suffer from musculoskeletal medical conditions and coordination diseases because these men can freely use such a device without using their hands.

Penis Pump Disadvantages

When selecting the manhood pumping device, you of course think how does a penis pump work and consider the other device peculiarities.

The pumps bring a multitude of advantages. But there are still some disadvantages which the users of such devices may face. You should be aware of them before you make a choice of the penis pump most suitable for you.

Thus, there is a probability of dealing with the following disadvantages of manhood pumps:

  • Lack of erection naturalness: The penis pump users sometimes complain of erections which don’t resemble the natural ones by sensations they cause. Thus, such an erection may not be as rigid and full as the man got used. This can make the manhood pivoting and rotating to a greater extent than in case of a naturally-occurring erection.
  • Uneasiness: Some men and their partners can’t relax and feel easy due to the necessity to use the member pump. Psychological discomfort and lack of the partner’s emotional support may dramatically lower the efficacy of use of even the best penis pumps. So it’s important to overcome this problem in order to make the device more effective.
  • Manual action: Many even the most exclusive manhood pumps require the hand action. This may become an unsurmountable obstacle for many men who suffer from the moderate to severe musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases.
  • Overdoing: When using a top-notch hydro penis pump, the risk of self-injuring decreases. But anyway, many users who don’t have enough experience of regulating the action of manhood pumps may overdo with the exposure to vacuum force and harm the member. That’s why it’s necessary to gradually increase the vacuum force if necessary.

Can Penis Pumps Improve Sex Life?

Even the newest discoveries in the sphere of production of penis pumps can’t deny the fact that these devices were invented and further renovated as the erectile function relief tool. Since the pumping sessions give a boost to the man’s erectile function, the man can reasonably expect a better hardness, fullness, and duration of the erections. The improvement of erectile function of course correspondingly leads to the positive changes in the man’s sex life.

The use of penis pumps also serves as the additional sexual stimulation since it these devices are applied directly in the genital area. The numerous users of pumps report that they really feel the elevation of sexual interest and desire during pumping. Due to this, the frequency of sexual activity may increase.

So, the application of top-notch penis pumps can truly enhance the man’s sexual experience to some extent. However, you should also remember about the other aspects of sexuality as well as about a good relationship in the couple. You and your sex partner should work on the improvement of your mutual satisfaction and consider each other’s sexual wishes. In this case, the pumping will become a pleasant addition to your sexual activity.

Why to Choose Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

There is a number of reasons for which the intimate issue of erectile dysfunction should be addressed by means of utilization of the revolutionary penis pumps. These reasons are as follows:

  • High Efficacy: The plausible evidence demonstrates the ability of manhood pumps to provide the men with great erections provided that the devices are used properly and regularly.
  • Low Risk Level: The users of well-reputed penis pumps run a lower risk of dealing with any adverse reactions and negative health effects comparing to the other methods of overcoming impotence.
  • Reasonable Price: The price for these devices is not outrageous. The pumps are affordable to the majority of men. In addition, once buying the device, you shouldn’t further spend money as opposed to the other ways of fighting erectile dysfunction.
  • No Invasion: The use of penis pumps doesn’t imply any invasion. You will not undergo any surgical procedure, will not feel pain, will not administer any injections, and will not take dangerous prescription drugs.
  • Compatibility with Different ED Treatments: The penis pumps are an excellent choice for the men who want to experiment with different anti-impotence treatments by combining them simultaneously.
  • Post-Surgical Erectile Function Rehabilitation: If you lost your ability to have strong and long-lasting erections because of some treatment procedures such as prostate surgery or prostate cancer radiation therapy, the high-quality penis pumps will come to rescue. These devices will enable you to get satisfactory erections again.

Penis Pumps Risks

The penis pumps from the well-established manufacturers are typically considered the high-quality, harmless devices which can’t endanger the man’s health. But there are still a few potential risks associated with the use of such pumps which you should be aware of before starting the pumping.
Thus, if you use the prescription blood-thinning drugs and at the same time practice the manhood pumping, the probability of bleeding raises.

If you suffer from sickle anemia and other blood medical conditions, the use of a manhood pump may pose a threat of bleeding or blood clot development.

Also, if you are going to use a pump, you should inform the healthcare practitioner about this and about all your existing diseases.

Penis Pumps and Recovery after Prostate Surgery

It may sound surprising for many men, especially those with prostate medical conditions, but the top-notch penis pumps may be very helpful for the men who underwent the prostate surgical procedure.

Prostate surgery, also known as prostatectomy, itself is a very traumatic procedure which may have many devastating side effects. And one of the most terrifying side effects is the penis size decrease. The study findings have indicated that approximately 50% of the men after prostatectomy faced the issue of penis size reduction. However, scientific evidence has also demonstrated that the penis pumps may save the men from such an embarrassing situation.

Thus, the studies have shown that the penis pumps can successfully preserve the length and thickness of the manhood after prostate surgery, particularly a prostate cancer surgical procedure. This method of preserving the penis dimensions is medically endorsed. It means that the doctors themselves advise their patients to purchase the high-quality penis pumps form the most reliable companies in order to avoid the penis shrinkage. Even if this shrinkage is slight, the men are very touchy upon such a situation which may give a death-blow to each man’s sexual self-esteem. But pumping is really able to prevent this.

Also, the scientists have confirmed that the penis pumps can effectively facilitate and accelerate the manhood rehabilitation after the procedure of radical prostatectomy. These innovative devices encourage a much higher amount of blood to reach and fill the manhood notwithstanding the fact of availability of radical prostatectomy induced nerve damage, which is a challenging problem after a surgery. And due to this, the pumping devices demonstrate a great potency to promote penile rehabilitation. Even the rehabilitation protocols include vacuum pumping as a part of the post-surgical treatment.

When to Consult a Doctor for Penis Pumps

The penis pumps are not the equipment intended for medical purposes. The presence and assistance of medical specialists is not required for the proper application of these manhood devices.
The healthcare provider may help you select the most appropriate size of penis pumps, which will suit your penis shape and measurements most of all. If the specialist assists you in the choice and adjustment of the member pump, you will have the much higher chances that your choice will be successful and the pumping will meet your expectations and requirements.

If you visit a doctor before buying a device for pumping, a medical expert may advise you the FDA approved penis pumps which are really considered safe and effective in terms of relieving the symptoms of erectile function. The FDA clearance is always an indication of high safety level which the device features. It means that this device is really worth trying and trusting.
Also, the healthcare provider can recommend the drugstores where you can purchase the most sophisticated penis pumps from the well-established and reputed manufacturers. This will help you avoid frustration and disappointment with a bad buy. In addition, this will definitely save the help of your intimate organs.

And of course, if something in the penis appearance and/or state bothers you but you still want to use one of the penis pumps, you shouldn’t start pumping till you schedule the doctor’s appointment. If the doctor determines that there are really some health issues with your genitals, you will firstly undergo treatment and only after this will be able to beneficially use your pump.

Can Penis Pumps Enlarge a Penis?

The manhood pumps are actually the invention intended for the men who are bothered with insufficient erections or with the lack of ability to have any erections at all. These devices may become a source of erections by generating the erections enough for a good sexual intercourse. This is virtually the major use of such devices. But sometimes the penis pumps are considered a great option not just for dealing with the manifestations of erectile dysfunction but also for the penis enlargement.

The ability of penis pump for ed to also enlarge the penis measurements is grounded on its blood flow encouraging properties. The matter is that such devices utilize the vacuum force to nudge the blood fill the manhood completely meaning that the organ receives much more blood than usually. This not only causes necessary erections but also promotes lengthening and thickening of the penis. But these effects of the penis enlargement pump refer just to the erect manhood. The enlargement is typically temporary since its duration is equal to the duration of erections.

There are also some famous manufacturers which offer the top-notch penis enlargement pump models claiming that these devices can provide not only temporary but also permanent dick size gains. The available evidence backed with the clinical trial results and customer testimonials gives no reasons not to trust such claims. However, you should remember that even the best penis pumps are not the highest priority ways to get a bigger member. It means that if your key target is a longer and thicker cock you should search for the other penis enlargement methods or combine several ones.

How to Use a Penis Pump?

The application of the penis pumps from various manufacturers really makes the difference. That’s because there is a variety of pump brands which have own design and material peculiarities.

However, regardless of pump series and model which you select, the basics of mechanism of action are the same for all pumps. The same refers to the way such pumps are used by the men.

Thus, if you want to correctly wear both a water penis pump and an air pump, you should stick to the following instructions:

  • Put the pump tube over the manhood.
  • Deflate the air from the hand-operated pump or use the electric-operated mechanism to remove air and generate vacuum force.
  • Wait till a strong and full erection occurs and then take the device off.
  • Wear a constriction ring fixing it around the base of manhood to keep the manhood erect longer.

If you perform these steps properly, you will be able to get all possible penis pump benefits and make the pumping highly rewarding.

What Is the Duration of Penis Pump Use and Effects?

Notwithstanding the fact that you are applying a hydro penis pump or an air-based pump, the pumping gains like a solid erection and bigger dick dimensions usually preserve for approximately half an hour. But you should remember that the timeframe may be quite individual and change from a man to a man. Also, there may be some factors such as a degree of sexual arousal before and during the pumping session which may both prolong or decrease the duration of pumping effects.

If you think how often to use penis pump, the answer is determined with the extent to which you experience the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Also, the level of your comfort matters a lot since you can wear the highly comfortable device much more frequently comparing to a less convenient option. The majority of men can apply a cock pump for at least several times per day if they need provided that the device is utilized as intended.

What Precautions to Take into Account

Are penis pumps safe for each man who chooses these devices? This is what all men who want to use the pumps worry about. These devices are considered generally harmless. However, there is a range of precautions which bring the safety of pump application to the maximum possible height. In particular, the best penis pump will bring the safest and most fruitful gains if you:

  • Remove pubic area hair: If you have much unkempt hair in the area of your genitals, that may cause you much trouble during pumping. It’s necessary to shave the base of manhood prior to wearing and calling into operation the device. Otherwise, the pubic hair will be sucked down even into the best penis pump and cause much discomfort and even pain during pumping. Also, you will ensure a more appropriate seal for the enhanced pump performance.
  • Use the pump as specified: The manufacturers of dick pumps always give clear and precise users’ instructions describing what and how to do with a particular manhood pump. It’s crucial to strictly follow these instructions even if you apply the best penis pump from the most reliable manufacturer in order to make the pumping process completely non-hazardous and highly efficient.
  • Put the constriction ring off timely: It’s strongly not recommended to wear the manhood pump for the timeframe that exceeds 30 minutes. If you restrict the blood supply to the dick for a longer period of time, this may harm the dick tissues and have negative influence on your sexual health. So, make sure to remove the constriction ring half an hour after the start of pumping.
  • Use lubricant: Put some amount of lubricant to the end of penis pump cylinder, as well as to the cock shaft for the generation of a tight seal. The constriction ring sliding can also be greatly facilitated due to the use of a lubricant. Also, the application of lubricant may be very helpful if you are going to masturbate for a while prior to wearing the device.

Water-Based Pumps vs Air-Based Pumps

The men often wonder do penis pump work when they try to select either a water-based or air-based pumping system. The answer is that both types of pumps are highly effective though having own upsides and downsides.

The air vacuum pumps are available on sale for quite an extended period of time already. That’s why these devices are considered most traditional and conventional pumps for manhood. These pumps have acquired a wide audience of the men who greatly appreciate such devices. The air-based pumps have already undergone numerous modernizations and renovations though preserving their basic design and functionality. At the same time, the water penis pump options are quite new comparing to the air vacuum pumps. The water-based devices have not very long track records and many men are only getting acquainted with the peculiarities and capabilities of such devices.

The air vacuum pumps can be easily incorporated into the everyday activities each man typically engaged in since the application of such pumps doesn’t require special conditions. You can power these devices up almost everywhere. As for the hydro penis pump models, you need water to bring them into play. Thus, a shower or a bathtub is required to take advantage of such devices.
However, it’s a well-known fact that the air-based pumps are much more difficult to adjust when it comes to the regulation of traction force. That’s why the quite high risk of penis injury remains in case of applying the air vacuum pumps. But the water-based pumps are much easier to manage. That’s why their safety is substantially higher.

Can Penis Pumps Provide Permanent Results?

The best penis pumps are typically utilized for repairing the erectile function in men who have repeatable difficulties with attaining and sustaining the rock-hard erections. The pumps quickly make the blood rush to the manhood when a man wants to have a sex. That’s why the man can count on a quite sufficient erection right before the moment he needs it. The erections happen since the pumping devices increase the amount of blood that flow into the dick. This is a result of the pump suction force.

Sometimes, you may wonder how to make your penis bigger with a pump. These devices actually can enlarge the dick only during the erection when the organ is engorged. The greater engorgement, the longer and thicker cock may be when erect. But of course the manhood enlargement is not permanent in this case. By the way, the all-natural penis enlargement pills may enhance this effect of pumps since these pills activate blood circulation in the penis.

What Materials Are Penis Pumps Made of?

What unites all the advanced penis pumps is the use of top-class materials for making all the spare parts of these devices.

Thus, the robust, high-quality plastic is applied for making the device cylinders, which are literally the plastic tubes worn on the manhood. The first-class elastic and flexible silicone or rubber are utilized for producing a pump itself and a pump sleeve fastened to the tube. All these materials used for making the penis pumps from the well-established manufacturers feature exclusively high level of longevity and strength.

The exceptional lastingness is obligatorily skillfully combined with skin safety of the mentioned materials. The best penis pumps are always dermatologically tested because they directly contact with the delicate penile skin, and here can be no quality compromises. It has to be laboratory proved that the materials used for making the pumps don’t cause any allergies and unpleasant skin reactions. That’s why each man can feel secure about own health.


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