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Best Semen Volume Pills in 2022

The men who are seriously bothered with the volume of ejaculated semen luckily have an opportunity to use the top-quality over-the-counter semen volume pills able to tackle this burning male issues.
best semen volume pills
Sexual satisfaction is an irreplaceable part of any couple’s mutual happiness in the relationship.

Since both a man and a woman want to achieve harmony in their sex life, they start searching for the natural ways to promote the improvement of sexual activity in the couple.

It’s now possible to distinguish an abundance of methods to add new zest to sexual experience. Namely, the couple may try numerous sex positions, toys and vibrators, apply a multitude of lubricants, lotions, and creams, or experiment with male enhancenent and semen booster pills.


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Clinically Proven Semen Volume Pills


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Male Extra

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Volume Pills

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VigRX Plus

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#1 Semenax

sperm volume pills

Semenax is a high-quality all-natural semen volumizer that can successfully replace any prescription medicine to increase sperm count.

It is the product of Leading Edge Health company. The manufacturer launched this non-prescription semen booster to the market in 2003.

The pill ingredient content includes Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa, l-carnitine, Muira Puama, zinc, Horny goat weed, l-lysine, and Swedish pollen flower.

This highly innovative supplement is taken for:

  • Enlarging semen volume
  • Improving sperm characteristics
  • Brightening orgasms
  • Making orgasms last by 2-4 times longer
  • Restoring sexual desire
  • Eliminating the problem of premature ejaculation due to regaining control over the ejaculation process
  • Repairing hormonal balance
  • Giving a boost to overall male sexuality

It’s possible to notice the very first favorable results just in two weeks since you start using this best semen enhancer.

You can count on the most beneficial gains after 2-3 months of supplement intake.

A large number of users doesn’t want to cease the supplementation for a year or even longer in order to preserve the results.

The manufacturing company backs its product with a money-back guarantee, which the customer can apply for within 60 days.

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#2 Viasil

Viasil belongs to the most cutting-edge increase sperm volume pills currently sold on the market.

This is a blend of completely natural, clinically-backed active substances which stimulate semen synthesize, revitalize the man’s body, and boost erection firmness.

Among the other natural components found in this supplement, it’s possible to distinguish Horny goat weed, Tribulus Terrestris, and Zinc which make testosterone levels to ramp up and help the men ejaculate a higher amount of semen.

Citrus Sinensis, Ginkgo Biloba, and Pomegranate extract are famous with their great potential to intensify nitric oxide secretion irreplaceable for the solid and prolonged erections.

The availability of Ginseng extract in this natural pill enables the men to enjoy much better libido and sexual endurance.

The users of this semen booster supplement are safeguarded with an impressive 100-day long money-back guarantee.

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#3 Male Extra

sperm booster tablets

Male Extra is a well-recognized 100% natural male enhancement product now present at the disposal of all men.

Due to niacin, zinc, and l-arginine HCL found in the supplement formula it’s obvious that this remedy can effectively fight low semen volume in men.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid is a super ingredient that plays a key role in the product formulation because this acid increases blood flow to the manhood and hence promotes the rock-hard erections.

L-Methionine and Cordyceps are what your body requires to stay energized and powerful in bedroom.

All active substances from Male Extra formula are supported with plausible scientific evidence.

Each customer can rely on the protection ensured with a 100-day full refund policy provided by the manufacturer.

If you aspire to achieve the satisfactory semen-boosting results, the supplementation should last no less than 2-3 months.

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#4 Volume Pills

increase sperm volume pills

Volume Pills is what you need if you are looking for the ways to increase seminal fluid naturally.

The ingredient content of this supplement is packed with an abundance of renowned clinically-proven non-artificial compounds like Reishi mushroom, Tian men Dong, Ku Gua, Melon extract, Gooseberry extract, zinc, and solidin.

This remedy is able not just increase semen volume.

It also strengthens the overall man’s sexual function. The supplementation ensures the following rundown of upsides:

  • Impressive semen volume amount
  • Possibility to achieve much more intense and vivid orgasms
  • Semen count growth
  • Higher manhood sensitivity level
  • Elevation of sexual desire and interest
  • Enhancement of bedroom endurance and stamina
  • Improvement of energy release
  • Increase in sexual intercourse duration due to the body revitalization
  • Intensification of testosterone production
  • Elimination of sexual underperformance problem

A 67-day money-back guarantee is at the disposal of all men who purchase this semen volumizer.

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#5 VigRX Plus

how to produce more semen

VigRX Plus is ranked last in the list of the most advanced sperm booster pills of natural origin. The matter is that this fully natural male product is in fact not a semen enhancer.

In particular, it was initially created as the top-class male enhancement supplement.

This supplement is known as the reliable product sold at an affordable price without the necessity to obtain a prescription. It is considered a highly effective and safe product.

The response to the question of how to increase semen volume by taking VigRX Plus is Damiana and Horny Goat Weed.

This all-natural supplements also demonstrates high potency when it comes to:

  • Maintaining more solid and bigger erections
  • Enhancing sexual endurance and stamina
  • Driving sex drive and virility growth
  • Ensuring the man’s ability to last longer in bed

This non-synthetic remedy is truly versatile because it not just gives a powerful natural boost to the man’s ability to attain and sustain strong erections but also urges the man’s boy to synthesize more semen.

It’s possible to successfully undergo the VigRX Plus supplementation along with Semenax or Volume Pills in order to take advantage of these remedies to the greatest extent.

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What Semen Volume Is Normal?

Many men often start thinking how to increase sperm volume because these men are convinced that their sperm loads are too small. But most frequently, the men even don’t know what semen volume falls within the normal range. That’s why the men can’t objectively estimate the cum loads they release.

The World Health Organization’s research which took place in 2010 was aimed at determining the amount of semen that a man without any medical conditions can ejaculate. The scientists figured out that the normal semen volume per one ejaculation is somewhere between 0.8 milliliters and 7.6 milliliters. The average man typically releases from 3 milliliters to 5 milliliters of cum.
To put it simpler, semen which the average man shoots can be in a trouble-free way contained in a half or full standard tablespoon. So if you wonder how to produce more semen just because someone shared this myth to you, you should debunk such a myth.

The majority of men also believe that impressive semen amount is a guarantee of flawless reproductive function in men. Sperm is just a structural component of semen. One cumshot contains just from 1% to 10% of pure sperm. The less frequent sexual activity the man has the higher amount of sperm is contained in one ejaculate.

The volume of semen which the man can release doesn’t remain unchanged throughout the man’s life. The highest amount of cum the man can count on is at the age of 30-35 years with no need to guess how to ejaculate more. At the age of 55 years and later, the cum loads start imminently and irretrievably decreasing.

Why Men Aspire to Know How to Produce More Sperm

The men typically ask the question of how to cum a lot for many reasons. Most frequently, they do this because of:

  • Viewing porn stars: Porn is indeed unhinged from reality. It misrepresents real, healthy sexual relationship. But when the men devote weeks and months by frequently viewing how porn stars play, the men forget that this is just a play. Such men start thinking how to bring the porn scenes from the screen to their bed. In particular, the men see how much semen the porn actors can ejaculate and want the same, beginning looking for the methods to increase semen volume. That’s because the men are bothered with the fact that they can’t ejaculate enough semen and impress their sex partner. However, you shouldn’t swallow the bait of porn makers who spend much money and time by making and editing their porn products.
  • Wanting better reproductive function: A large number of man interrelates the semen volume with male fertility. The men believe that much semen means perfect reproductive system. But the sperm quality, not semen volume is what has a direct influence on the man’s ability to become a father. If you suspect that something is wrong with your reproductive system, you shouldn’t delay the visit to a healthcare provider. The doctor will estimate the major sperm characteristics including sperm morphology, motility, and sperm count to confirm or confute diagnosis with regard to infertility. If you really have some conditions preventing you from having a baby, the healthcare practitioner will prescribe medicine to increase sperm count and other treatment methods.
  • Relating masculinity to ejaculate amount: By wondering how to produce more cum, the men very often are focused just on their masculinity. They are convinced that voluminous semen amount is what they need to reveal their masculinity and virility as well as give a boost to sexual performance and self-confidence. This is rather a psychological issue that may require competent counseling.

sperm pills

Natural Ingredients to Boost Sperm Volume and Quality

There is a range of undoubtedly well-working natural ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, and botanicals which are frequently included to the best semen enhancer supplements of natural origin. These ingredients are as follows:

  • D-Aspartic Acid: This amino acid is a versatile natural ingredient found in an abundance of supplements including the all-natural semen volume pills. This acid takes part in the formation of semen and sperm cells and is naturally present in testicles. There is some scientific evidence that the d-aspartic acid levels and male fertility are linked to each other. Thus, the men with insufficient d-aspartic acids have the impaired fertility. The study has indicated that the 3-month supplementation with this amino acid can boost sperm motility and count by 60% or even 100%.
  • Vitamin C: The consumption of vitamin C is a sure natural method to increase semen volume. This vitamin fights some negative factors which impede the process of sperm production in the man’s body. One of the newest studies has confirmed that the everyday intake of vitamin C for two months helped the men not only ejaculate a larger amount of sperm but also improve their sperm motility by incredible 92%. The number of sperm abnormalities which negatively affect the male fertility also decreased.
  • Zinc: Each man looking for the ways to increase seminal fluid should take zinc standalone, eat zinc-rich food, or choose the natural semen pills containing this mineral. There are clinical proofs that the men who are not deprived of zinc in the body have high sperm volume and sperm count. The supplementation with zinc is what helps raise semen volume and sperm count. Zinc is irreplaceable for the formation of abnormality-free sperm cells. Also, this mineral can naturally overcome the issue of premature ejaculation.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is frequently added to the high-quality non-artificial semen booster supplements because it has a strong positive influence on the levels of sex hormones in men as well as on the male fertility. According to the study findings, the sustainable intake of vitamin D urges the body to produce more semen and is associated with a better sperm motility.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: This herb is often used for different medical purposes since the ancient times. Many modern increase sperm volume pills of natural origin contain tribulus terrestris for its multiple benefits for the man’s sexual and reproductive health. The plant not only stimulates sperm synthesis and brings male fertility to a higher level. It also has a very promising aphrodisiac potential by restoring libido and enhancing erectile function in men.
  • Fenugreek: This herb has been long a1pplied for reversing the male sexual function. Besides the enhancement of bedroom performance, libido, and virile strength, fenugreek intensifies the production of testosterone levels. Testosterone has a great impact on semen synthesis in men. Also, some studies have demonstrated that the consumption of this natural testosterone booster contributes to the increase in semen ejaculation volume as well as the improvement of semen consistency and mass.

semen pills

Medicines for Better Sperm Quality

The modern men and women have no restrictions on the access to the various tools which can make your sexual activity start playing out in new colors. And the selection of these tools depends just on the wishes and preferences prevailing in the couple.

But not all intimate problems have quick and trouble-free solutions just like each man would desire. This mainly refers to the unsatisfactory semen volume.

The majority of women usually have no idea that the men may suffer because of too small semen volume. Moreover, not a few but most men are convinced that they ejaculate enormously small amount of semen. These men also believe that the level of sexual satisfaction directly depends on how much semen they can ejaculate.

That is, the men aspire to enlarge the semen volume, enhance orgasm brightness and power, make the manhood more sensitive, increase sex drive, and restore the other aspects of sexuality.

But when the healthcare provider prescribes any medicine to increase sperm count to a particular man, the doctor does this mainly in order to cure the male reproductive system.

It’s possible to distinguish the following most common sperm pills:

  • Clomiphene citrate: This strong medication is often prescribed to the men with low semen volume in order the man’s body could synthesize the elevated semen volume and enhance sperm count. Sperm motility and morphology also positively change under the action of this medication.
  • HCG and HMG: If the men need to increase semen volume but their bodies show no favorable reaction to the intake of clomiphene citrate, the men can get a prescription for HCG and HMG injections from the healthcare provider.
  • Anastrazole: Originally created for cancer treatment, this medication now can answer the question of how to increase semen volume in men. This drug tackles the problem of impaired hormone balance in the man’s body. And due to this, the sperm production gets a powerful boost. This is reflected not only in the raised semen volume but also in the satisfactory sperm motility and morphology.

Can Male Enlargement Supplements Boost Semen Volume?

The male enlargement pills are actually the supplements intended for the increase in penis size during the erection.

These all-natural supplements work by making the larger volume of blood to rush into the manhood and fully use the blood-holding capacity of the male organ.

This is how the man can get not just a much stronger and long-lasting erection but also the bigger penis size in the erect state.

The penis both looks and feels longer and thicker when erect.

And this is the major task of any male enlargement supplement. It means that such supplements are not created for the men who want to increase semen volume.

The non-artificial male enlargement remedies still may contain some natural active substances also added to the most sophisticated over-the-counter semen volume pills. But the dosages of these ingredients are not as high as necessary in order to achieve the desirable semen-boosting effects. That’s why if your key objective is exactly to get a larger semen volume, you should look for the remedies developed primarily for this purpose.

How Safe Are Sperm Volume Pills?

The best semen volume pills of natural origin are packed with the natural active substances which are known as safe and effective. These natural components may include herbal extracts, amino acids, minerals, and different vitamins to increase sperm volume. Such ingredients don’t lead to the emergence of side effects, complications, and interactions with the other medications or supplements.

So, if you don’t have individual intolerance to the natural compounds found in a particular semen booster, you shouldn’t worry about your safety. These supplements can’t worsen your reproductive function because there are no too strong prescription-only ingredients with unpredicted action. On the contrary, such all-natural semen volumizers are able to enhance sperm characteristics and even improve overall man’s health. But of course, you can ensure own healthy only if you buy such supplements from the trustworthy manufacturers who make their products with the use of superior-quality materials and facilities.

When to See a Doctor

Many men feel embarrassed when it comes to the discussion of the intimate issues with a healthcare provider.

But before you start searching for the response to the question of how to increase sperm volume with the help of either prescription-only drugs or all-natural supplements, it’s strongly recommended to first of all consult your physician. You should visit a doctor in the following cases:

  • Ejaculation weakness too frequent
  • Semen fluid amount is smaller than previously
  • Semen contains blood
  • Urine cloudiness after ejaculation
  • Painful sensations during or after sexual intercourse

how to increase semen volume

Advanced Tips on How to Get More Semen Naturally

The men typically are not as bothered with how to increase ejaculate volume fast as with how to get the rock-hard erections and become the owners of a large penis. But anyway, the men are often embarrassed with the cum loads, while having no one around to share own worries. There is still a solution for the men dissatisfied with semen volume even except the intake of top-notch OTC cum enhancement pills. There is a range of tips which will definitely be useful for each man disturbed with the amount of semen they produce:

  • Reduction of ejaculation frequency: The use of high-quality ejaculation supplements really matters if you want to ejaculate more sperm. But still the most time-proven and sure way to increase sperm loads is to have less sex. If the duration of period between sexual intercourses is extended, the body will have enough time for the production of a higher amount of semen. It’s usually necessary not to have sex for at least 1-2 days to naturally maximize ejaculate volume. This method enables to increase semen amount even the men who naturally can’t boast of large sperm volume.
  • Body weight decrease: Many men need to combine the intake of a non-prescription male load enhancer with a highly competent weight loss regimen. According to the study findings, the overweight and obese men release the much lower amount of ejaculate comparing to the men whose body weight falls within the normal range. The study indicated that after sticking to a 14-week body weight reduction routine, these men not only managed to shed excessive pounds but also reported about the enlarged cum loads and better sperm count.
  • Well thought-out eating plan: The non-prescription supplements to increase semen work to the greatest extent if they are used as an auxiliary part of the well-balanced nutrition pattern. The eating plan that contains only healthy foods is the best thing you can do for the overall man’s health in general and semen volume in particular. Thus, the nutrition pattern has to contain the nutrients such as lycopene, carnitine, lysine, arginine, selenium, and zinc on a regular basis. For this reason, the manufacturers of many natural semen volume pills put such nutrients to their products in order to boost the efficacy of such supplements.
  • Proper hydration: Even if you have picked the most cutting-edge ejaculation enhancer, you should remember about the high importance of adequate hydration. It’s impossible to substitute water with any other fluid. Dehydration is not only dangerous for the man’s health but also deals a devastating blow to the ejaculate amount. When the body experiences the water deprivation, the body primarily utilizes the accessible water for keeping alive, not for synthesizing enough semen. But when the body received more water, it can secrete more cum and enhance sperm characteristics. Moreover, the intake of any semen booster also demands drinking much water to ensure better absorption.
  • Refusal from smoking: The supplementation even the most innovative semen enhancer may be useless if you have bad habits such as smoking. Smoking extremely negatively affects both semen volume and quality. The clinical trials have confirmed that smoking dramatically worsens prostate health, making it unable to produce the normal sperm amount. If you want to achieve the results which you count on while taking the advanced all-natural semen pills and enjoy the larger cum loads, you should not only sustainably continue the supplementation. You should also quit smoking as soon as possible.

The Science Behind Ejaculation

Before starting the supplementation with any semen volume pills, even the best ones, it will not go amiss to get to know the science of sexual climax in order to better understand the processes in the own body. In such a way, you will be able to make the most reasonable choice of semen volume pills.
It’s possible to distinguish three phases of sexual climax which are actually emission, ejaculation, and orgasm. Emission happens when sexual stimulation becomes intense and long-lasting enough to exceed a limit value. During the emission, semen comes from the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, and vas deferens and then reaches the urethra. When ejaculation occurs, the floor muscle contractions take place powerfully moving semen forward till eruption happens. Orgasm is an emotional part of peaking sexual arousal during ejaculation.

So the process of semen production and ejaculation is much more intricate than many men still think. And the target of boosting cumshot amount may require more steps than just taking the high-quality semen volume pills.

What Happens with Semen Volume with Age?

The majority of men will be disappointed but the truth is that the aging process increases the need for semen volume pills. The aging changes in the body can’t but have a negative influence on the male reproductive organs such as the prostate gland. The latter one grows in size with age but it doesn’t mean it can produce more semen. And this is where the OTC semen volume pills of superior quality may come to rescue.

The prostate gland and seminal vesicles are no longer able to synthesize enough fluid in the aging men. Also, the blockage of ducts responsible for the proper drainage of male genital fluids may occur. In this case, the men can resort to the help of advanced semen volume pills. The impairment of semen production and ejaculation is interconnected with the impairment of urination in the aging men.

In addition, there are the prescription medications applied for the treatment of age-induced enlarged prostate which can seriously damage semen production and hence decrease semen volume. If you have to take such medications, you should also consider the use of top-notch over-the-counter semen volume pills.

The Bottom Line On The Best Semen Volume Pills

The growing number of men wants to increase semen volume in order to shoot cum loads which can be compared by amount and power to those of porn stars. The latter ones appreciate Semenax for its strong natural potential to volumize cumshots and makes ejaculations unforgettable. For such a reason, this semen booster is a worthy choice for all men desiring to safely and effectively ejaculate more semen.

Sperm pills don’t cause any severe adverse reactions and are approved by the medical experts.

This is also a highly reliable semen booster supplement because the manufacturer offers a 67-day money back guarantee to each customer.

The mechanism of this remedy’s action not only triggers the cum release, but also helps intensify the production of own testosterone in the body in the natural way.

Due to the upraise of testosterone concentration in blood, physical stamina, sex drive, and sexual satisfaction win as well.

Since the man ejaculates a high amount of semen, the orgasmic constructions become much more blistering and compelling. When the cum loads are released very powerfully, the man can forget about underperformance in bed and sexually stun the beloved one.


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