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Disclosure Policy

It’s a reasonable approach for each person navigating a review website to have a bit critical attitude towards each recommended remedy and product. But it’s incorrect to suppose that each review is unsubstantiated only since a commission may be required as a payment to the reviewer. Further we will list the measures undertaken to protect the visitors who read our reviews:

1. The majority of the reviews include a variety of actual facts which can be checked and proveable at any moment. We do our best to offer exceptionally plausible and comprehensive appraisal.

2. There is a section in the review that plays a role of brief subjective overview. It reflects the personal opinion and experience of the review author.

3. The efforts are taken to obtain the overall consensus concerning certain products by getting acquainted with reviews of those specified products on the external websites, simultaneously studying the customer feedback. We work diligently to offer illuminating insights into each product described in our reviews.

4. The reviews on this website always contain links to the websites of each product’s manufacturers in order the readers could find all details on a particular product if our reviews don’t include these details. Among such details, there can be user feedback, some peculiar product characteristics, sales details, freely-accessible newsletters, free samples, product-related audio and video materials, etc.

These are the commonly accepted regulations. A customer should realize the interconnection between the product review writer and the manufacturing company.

If there is no a disclosure policy on a particular review website, the reviewer may be engaged in an unlawful act.

We expect that you can find the most useful and comprehensive information able to answer to all your questions concerning a certain product in our thorough articles and reviews. We will be glad to get any feedback from you in order to make your experience of using our website even more enlightening and helpful.