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HGH-X2 Review – 3 Things You Need to Know

HGH-X2 is a forward-looking all-natural pill from the well-established CrazyBulk company.

According to the manufacturer’s statements, the team of supplement developers successfully implemented the task of invention of the natural pituitary gland booster.

This gland works by producing human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. So HGH-X2 supplement is the advanced non-artificial human growth hormone enhancer.

When the body secrets the larger amount of HGH, it accelerates the fat-melting process, decreases time the muscles need to recover, and stimulates lean muscle size increase.

HGH-X2 can be purchased through their Official Site.


1. HGH-X2 Ingredients

The natural formula of HGH releaser is comprised of the following well-working ingredients:

Mucuna Pruriens Extract
The bean that grows in the Caribbean region, Africa, and India has been utilized in the Ayurvedic medicine for many centuries.

It served as a plant remedy for people who needed the natural boost to overall well-being. The modern scientists also found out that these beans can activate the production of human growth hormone to a great extent, making them one of the strongest natural hormone stimulants.

Mucuna Pruriens also owes its outstanding efficacy to the sufficient amount of L-dopa available in these beans. L-dopa is a valuable amino acid which is a famous precursor of dopamine. The latter one is a very important hormone responsible for mental wellness and pleasure. L-dopa perforates through the membranes of central nervous system cells and hence supports dopamine metabolism since L-dopa molecules are turned into dopamine there.

Dopamine is irreplaceable for a multitude of essential brain functions such as cheerful mood, restorative sleep, strengthened memory, sharpened learning ability, satisfactory brain power, and prolactin production regulation.

But what interests the users of HGH-X2 most of all is the dopamine’s ability to promote the elevation of human growth hormone. Dopamine increases the response of hypothalamus on the upsurge of HGH levels in the body. The studies have indicated that L-dopa truly acts as a natural HGH releaser.

Mucuna Pruriens not just increases the concentration of human growth hormone but also features prominent aging-fighting properties.

Each serving of HGH-X2 contains 150 mg of Mucuna Prurience.

L-arginine is a very popular amino acid which offers numerous health benefits. And one of them is the promotion of own HGH secretion in the body.

The results of clinical trial have indicated that the supplementation with l-arginine makes the HGH levels raise in the short run. In particular, it was proved that arginine serves as the inhibitor of somatostatin. The latter one is a natural substance that makes growth hormone concentration drop. This effect of arginine encourages the burst of HGH levels very quickly.

There is also a clinically proven fact l-arginine is able to keep HGH levels optimized for quite a long time. The researches came to this conclusion after the study that had taken place in 2009. The study findings demonstrated that HGH levels remained within the normal range in healthy study subjects even one month after the end of study.

In addition, arginine can recharge the immune system, improve memory, keep blood sugar levels in diabetes sufferers under control, give a boost to physical performance, relieve heart medical conditions, make blood pressure decrease, reduce inflammatory processes, tackle the issue of anxiety, and speeds up the body’s ability to conglutinate wounds.

There is 20 mg of l-arginine in each HGH-X2 servings.
Hawthorne Berry Extract
The other name of this plant is Crataegus laevigata. Its fruit is taken to derive the valuable extract with many useful properties. It grows in many regions such as Europe, North America, and Asia. However, the greatest popularity it acquired in China since it has been long used there as a traditional herbal medicine.

The berry extract contains high amounts of powerful plant substances such as saponins, flavonoids, minerals, phenols, vitamins, catechins, and procyanidins.

A single HGH-X2 serving includes 150 mg of Hawthorne Berry extract.
Maca Root
The clinical evidence got in 2009 have indicated that Maca can be an effective natural tool able to substantially boost energy release and increase stamina and endurance in athletes and bodybuilders.

The following studies conducted in 2011 and 2014 have shown that the Maca supplementation also enables people to improve learning abilities, sharpen memory, and reset overall brain power.

Also, this plant proved to be helpful when it comes to mood enhancement, blood pressure normalization, and elimination of harmful ultraviolet radiation impact on the human body.

Each HGH-X2 pill has 200 mg of Maca root inside.

2. How Much Does HGH-X2 Cost?

The HGH-X2 price varies, depending on the option you select.

1 month supply – $59.99
3 month supply – $119.98

The shipping is free on purchases of 3 months.

3. The Bottom Line On HGH-X2

HGH-X2 is a trustworthy all-natural HGH booster designed as a well-working and harmless alternative to often hazardous hormone drugs.

This supplement that naturally but powerfully promotes HGH release is a worthy pick for all people who want to run a cutting cycle without resorting to the help of unsafe illegal chemicals.

This high-quality pill has a clinically-backed ingredient content imbued with really effective and advanced natural components. Each ingredient in the formula is properly researched and confirmed to bring multiple benefits to the users.

Among the other product perks, it’s necessary to distinguish the affordable price and free international shipping.


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