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How to Increase Blood Flow to Penis in 2022

5 Best Supplements and Devices For Your Penis

If you want to avoid the impairment of erectile function and restore your sex life, you should boost blood flow to penis. The normalization of manhood blood circulation is actually a key to your happy sexual activity and mutual bedroom satisfaction.



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Male Extra

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VigRX Plus

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Hydromax Series

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#1 Viasil

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Viasil is a natural male potency booster. It is known for its ability to increase blood flow to penis without the use of synthetic medications. It brings the oxygenation of penile tissues to a much higher level.

The pill also enhances endurance and vitality in men.

There are pomegranate and citrus in the Viasil ingredients content. These ingredients make the energy levels upsurge in both short and long run.

These natural components also play a significant role in the synthesis of nitric oxide and ATP. As a result, mitochondria start coping with their energy production task better.

The blood circulation throughout the body facilitates and accelerates. And the man can fight sexual fatigue and experience rigid erections.

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#2 Male Extra

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Male Extra is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that features a sophisticated formula.

This is the well-researched mixture of natural active substances. The supplement strengthens and enlarges erections, making them also last longer. The quality of erections grows due to the penile blood flow enhancement.

The pill formula is imbued with pomegranate 40% ellagic acid and l-arginine HCL. These two ingredients are the most important ones in Male Extra.

These are substantial dosages of these components in the formula. That’s because they considerably boost nitric oxide synthesis in the man’s body. And the solid and long-lasting erections occur.

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#3 VigRX Plus

how to increase blood flow to penis

VigRX Plus is a natural supplement loaded with the plant components. These components are able to increase blood flow to penis. They assist the men in sustaining harder, long-lasting erections.

Damiana is famous for its healing properties since the times of Mayans. This plant has been proving its high aphrodisiac potential for hundreds years. It also acts as a bladder tonic.

The plant improves oxygenation of penile tissues. This happens due to the intensification of penis blood circulation. In addition, Damiana helps nerve impulses reach the penis.

Hawthorn Berry supports cardiovascular system. It keeps blood vessels healthy and decreases cholesterol levels. The plant also maintains the heart muscle function.

Ginkgo Biloba works as an antioxidant. This plant stimulates the blood supply to the nervous system and brain. And this helps the nerve cells perform their functions much better.

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#4 Hydromax Penis Pump

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Penis pump is a device that enables a man to attain and preserve an erection.
The pump works by generating vacuum inside the device tube. And the penis becomes exposed to suction. This makes blood to rush into the manhood.

The penis pumps are typically supplied with the constriction rings. The target of such a ring is to hold the blood inside the penis.

This effect is easy to achieve.

For this purpose, you just need to adjust this ring around the base of penis.
Most men find the penis pumps very user-friendly.

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#5 HydroXtreme Pump

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Don’t have the inches she needs?

HydroXtreme is the most powerful penis pump on the market.

Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump promotes an erection that helps the man start and finish a sexual intercourse.

The man and his sex partner choose when it’s the best time to apply the pump.

Some men use it as a part of foreplay. The others prefer pumping right prior sex.

Some men think that the penis pumps are able to increase penis measurements. But none clinical proof can back this hypothesis

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The Ways to Boost Blood Flow to the Penis

Both the findings of numerous clinical trials and the personal experience of many men give hope that it’s really possible to increase blood flow to the penis substantially.
The choice of methods useful for the stimulation of penile blood circulation is impressive nowadays. You may choose special devices, do exercises, take supplements, undergo pharmaceutical therapy or even decide on surgery. And all these methods will be more or less effective, to a certain extent.
These ways to speed up the blood circulation in genitals work according to a single principle. That is, the blood rushes to cavernous bodies, fully filling the penis. The abundance of blood is what you need for rigid erections. The rock-hard erections are in fact what make the men eager for the blood flow intensification in the manhood.
Some methods of penile blood flow intensification demonstrate high potency but at the same time are associated with many risks. These methods include the intake of the prescription medications and/or surgeries.
But the natural ways to encourage the blood to run to the manhood are usually not accompanied with side effects and the other risks. That’s why the increasing number of men gives preference to the natural blood flow boosting methods.

Kegel Exercises

Traditionally, Kegel exercises were widespread among the women. But now the men can also take advantage of this kind of exercising which can particularly boost blood flow to the penis.
Kegels are aimed at toning up the bulbocavernosus muscle which is actually very crucial for the male sexual health. Thus, it first of all lets the blood rush into the manhood and remain there when the erection occurs. Also it makes rhythmic contractions during the climax possible. In addition, the urethra empting after urination can’t happen without the participation of a strong bulbocavernosus muscle.
To find the muscle which you should use for performing Kegels is to cease the urination somewhere in the middle of the process. The pelvic muscles you squish for doing this directly participate in Kegel exercising.
The most effective way to train the bulbocavernosus muscle and increase blood flow to the penis is to squeeze the pelvic muscles, maintain them in such a state for 5 seconds. Then the relaxation should follow the clench.
There should be from 10 to 20 repetitions of this exercise per one Kegel session. Also, there should be 2-3 Kegel bouts per day. It’s possible to do Kegels in any position you prefer; that is, while standing, sitting, or lying down.
If you regularly practice Kegels and add them to the list of your everyday activities, the erection quality will soon surely please you.

Alcohol and Smoking

If your target is to enhance blood flow to the penis, you should know that alcohol and smoking are the two enemies of healthy blood circulation in the manhood. They actually deal a devastating blow to the blood flow and hence provoke the development of erectile dysfunction.
The regular nicotine inhalation has a stimulatory effect on the body. Due to this, the heart substantially increases its rate, the blood pressure sharply upsurges, and at the same time the constriction of blood arteries, which regulate the blood supply to the whole body, happens. It means that the body starts receiving significantly less blood than necessary for proper functioning. And the cavernous bodies within the penis are not an exception as well. The corpora cavernosa lacks blood. Hence, strong erections can’t emerge.
So, if you want to increase blood flow to the penis and prevent the impairment of erectile function, you should stop smoking as soon as possible.
As for alcohol, you must not completely remove it from your life. The matter is that the rare consumption of small amounts of the high-quality alcohol can even slightly boost blood flow to the penis. That’s because low alcohol doses cause mild vasolidating effect. But the studies have indicated that the regular intake of high alcohol amounts very negatively affects the erectile function in men.
The long-term excessive alcohol drinking substantially worsens the heart function. If the heart can’t cope with its functions well, the blood flow throughout the body drop. This leads to erectile dysfunction. The situation aggravates even more because the alcohol abuse drastically harms the nervous system which in its turn no longer can send the signals, promoting the occurrence of erections.
If you aspire to improve blood flow to the penis and further enjoy a flawless erectile function, you have to strictly limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

Blood Flow Boosting Devices

Nowadays, the market is flooded with different aids aimed to enhance blood flow to the penis without any risks. And the application of special penile devices belongs to these aids. These devices include:

Penis pumps

These devices are developed specifically for the men who wish to quickly boost blood flow to the penis and attain a rigid and full erection. The pumps generate vacuum in their tubes when the penis is put there. The vacuum force applied to the manhood makes the blood to almost immediately rush to the genitals. The erectile tissues get much blood and the erection occurs very fast.
The use of special rings which come along with the device itself helps hold the blood inside the penis and hence maintain the erection for a while just till you are ready to start penetration. The erection caused by pumping is usually enough to successfully start and finish a sexual intercourse. And this is possible due to a high blood volume that reaches the penis due to the pump application.

Penis extenders

The penis extenders are suitable for the men who not only want to increase blood flow to the penis, but also enlarge the penis size. The extender exerts a strong stretching force to the manhood.

This naturally encourages more blood to come to the penis. When there is an abundance of blood is delivered to the manhood, you can expect the desirably firm erection. This is how the extenders help the men relieve the manifestations of erectile dysfunction.

But of course the major use of the penis stretchers is the penis size increase. This is what these devices were created fore. Since the penile cells divide during the extension, the penis grows. So, by using the extenders, you can both intensify the penis blood circulation and make a bigger penis.

Blood Flow Boosting Prescription Medications

The prescription ED pills are intended for struggling against poor penile blood supply and weak erections.

The PDE-5 inhibitors enhance blood flow to the penis because they cause the relaxation of cavernous bodies throughout the penis. It means that the capacity of the manhood to contain more blood prolongs. And the hard erections may gladden you and your sex partner much longer.

The most famous prescription medications which are targeted to increase blood flow to the penis include Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and Stendra.

Though these drugs demonstrate a very high efficacy rate, the probability of facing severe side effects is also equally high. The worst side effects refer to the damage of heart function which may be even the life-threatening. So, if you are going to use such ED cure, the doctor’s consultation and supervision are a must.

What Is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a naturally-emerging chemical compound. Almost all cells available in the human body can synthesize it. This compound is crucial for keeping blood vessels in the healthy state.
This molecule works as a vasodilator throughout the human body. Thus, it is responsible for the relaxation of the inner muscles located in the blood vessels.

And the penis blood vessels are not an exception. The vessels become wider. Due to this, the blood circulation throughout the body increases, ensuring better blood flow to penis among the other benefits.

Nowadays, the supplements which drive nitric oxide level growth and increase blood flow to erectile tissue enjoy huge popularity. Such products like Viasil don’t actually include nitric oxide.

But they are filled with the natural active ingredients which urge the body synthesize own nitric oxide able in its turn to bring numerous advantages to the human health. The ability to improve circulation to penis is one of its major upsides.

How Does Nitric Oxide Increase Blood Flow To Penis?

It is a scientifically proven fact that the use of nitric oxide for ED is very effective. For the men with erectile problems, it’s recommended to take the nitric oxide boosting supplements.

These remedies help naturally cure erectile dysfunction by making blood in your penis fully fill the erectile chambers and hence cause very strong and hard erections.

Nitric oxide works by relaxing smooth muscles which go along the entire penis. These muscles determine how both flaccid and erect penis functions. When these muscles are relaxed, the blood vessels in the manhood start widening. This is how to increase blood flow to penis tissue. It means that due to the action of nitric oxide a much higher amount of blood rushes into the penis leaving no spare place in the cavernous bodies of the penis.

The more blood the manhood can hold, the better erection quality you are going to experience. That is, the firmness and fullness of your penis will be maximized due to the use of the whole blood-holding capacity of your intimate organ.

So, the involvement of nitric oxide for ED treatment is indispensable for each man who struggles against weak erections. The normal blood supply to the penis during erection is impossible without a sufficient amount of nitric oxide in the man’s body.

And if fact, the erection itself will not happen if the body lacks this natural chemical substance.

Vitamins to Increase Blood Flow to Penis

A huge number of people in fact experience the unpleasant issues related to insufficient circulatory function in the body. Poor blood flow problems may not just bring discomfort just like cold and numbness sensations in hands and feet, but also cause much more serious complications. They include the impairment of cognitive abilities, poor cerebral circulation, and penile blood delivery worsening which turns into impotence.

If you suffer from the circulatory function weakness and are particularly dissatisfied with the strength of your erections, you should know how to increase blood flow to penis. And one of the best decisions is to make this naturally with the help of the following vitamins known for their ability to enhance blood circulation:

  • Vitamin E: It may sound surprising for many men but this vitamin can effectively increase penis blood flow. The matter is that this vitamin has strong antioxidant properties which have a highly positive influence on the blood supply throughout the body in general and on the manhood blood inflow in particular. The vitamin amplifies the synthesis of red blood cells. Due to this, oxygenation of penile tissues raises to a much higher level. And the man can hence experience much stronger, more rigid, and longer-lasting erections.
  • This vitamin is available in different types of oils like hazelnut oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and soybean oil. There much vitamin E in various nuts and seeds as well. Vitamin E is one of the most easily accessible natural ways to increase blood flow to penis.
  • B vitamins: The group of B vitamins demonstrates a very high potential to increase blood flow to penis in the absolutely natural way. Plenty of these vitamins are in abundance found in the leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach. Many high-quality natural male enhancement supplements which are claimed to increase penis blood flow contain B vitamins.
  • Vitamin B3, also called niacin, is often considered natural Viagra for its ability to encourage more blood to rush to the manhood. This vitamin works by making the blood vessels stronger and stimulating the larger amount of blood to fill the male member. Vitamin B3 doesn’t let the arteries harden and gives a boost to the synthesis of new red blood cells.
  • Vitamin B9 and vitamin B12 are crucial because they effectively fight homocysteine. The latter one drastically raises the probability of vascular medical conditions and belongs to the most serious determining factors, contributing to blood circulation worsening. When the body gets enough these vitamins, it’s possible to substantially increase blood flow to penis. Also, since vitamin B12 takes a direct part in sperm formation, it is included to the semen volume pills to boost sperm count and enlarge sperm concentration.
  • Vitamin D: The supplementation with vitamin D ensures very favorable results for the men who need to naturally and safely increase blood flow to penis. According to the available scientific evidence, the lack of vitamin D leads to the emergence of cardiovascular diseases which are the major cause of erectile dysfunction. So, the consumption of this vitamin is effective in order not just to increase blood flow to penis, but also to postpone and prevent the development of impotence. Also, vitamin D is very helpful for natural activation of testosterone production in the body and restoration of sex drive in men. That’s why this vitamin is often found in the best OTC testosterone boosters and reliable all-natural libido boosters.

Amend Your Nutrition Plan for Increased Penis Blood Flow

Many men still don’t know but the foods you consume may be one of the most natural answers to the question of how to increase blood flow to penis. Nutrient-deprived diet is an enemy to the strong erectile function in men while the nutrient-high diet gives a significant boost to the penile blood supply.

There are some foods which are especially beneficial for blood circulation in the manhood. They are as follows:

  • Cinnamon: If you are thinking how to increase penis blood flow, you should pay your attention to cinnamon. In fact, cinnamon is imbued with high amounts of cinnamic acid and cinnamaldehyde which are the key active ingredients of this spice.
  • Garlic: This is one more spice that demonstrated a high potential to increase blood flow to penis. The study that lasted 3 months has shown the positive impact of regular garlic intake on the health of people suffering from coronary artery disease. In particular, these people experienced the enhancement of endothelial function. Due to this, the relaxation of blood arteries leads to the intensification of blood circulation in the whole body in general and in the manhood in particular.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish: If you are still guessing how to increase blood flow to penis with food, fish that contains much omega-3 fatty acids is the best choice. This food like salmon delivers valuable protein and gives a natural boost to the circulatory function. Omega-3 fatty acids make the heart work much better and decrease resting blood pressure.
  • Onions: It’s easy to increase blood flow to penis when eating onions. The onions are packed with flavonoid antioxidants which widen blood vessels and are highly beneficial for the cardiovascular system. The study carried out in 2013 involved healthy men who took onion extract on an ongoing basis. The scientists got evidence that the men strengthened their cardiovascular system as a result of onion extract intake.
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