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HydroMax X-series Review

By Robert Dreyfuss

hydromax x series penis pumpOverview | How It Works | Why to Choose | Safety | Bottom Line

1. Overview

The HydroMax X-series represents the new generation of hydro penis pumps which outstripped all similar devices, existing on the market. In this device, air is replaced with water which increases the level of safety and efficacy, comparing to the ordinary air penis pumps.

Let’s look through the peculiarities of the HydroMax X30 which is one of the undisputable leaders among hydro penis pumps.

2. How It Works

Instead of air, the HydroMax X30 utilizes just water for the creation of a tight seal against the body. All the water is forced out of the cylinder.

As a result, much more blood fills the penis and it starts enlarging. Water is a delicate substance which reduces the pressure applied to the penis. It means that water makes the enlargement process painless. The same can’t be said for the air pumps which can easily injure the penis.

3. Why to Choose HydroMax X-series

Besides ensuring 35% more power, the device offers an exclusive bellows system, removable comfort pads, and innovative latch valve. The renewed design is aimed at providing the most advanced customer experience.

In addition, this valve makes it possible to use the device with one hand only. A full 360-degree rotation also belongs to the best device features. This feature allows an inclined angle modification and enables the man to see the entire penis inside the device.


4. What HydroMax X-series Offers You

The HydroMax X-series was invented to solve the erectile function problems and simultaneously increase the penis measurements. The customer feedback gives evidence that a large number of men have already taken advantage of this device.

Due to the ability of the pump to provide 35% more pressure, the men can achieve better and faster results.

Also, the HydroMax X-series manufacturer managed to bring the device to a higher efficacy level by enlarging the internal bellows and cutting the number of convolutes.
Due to the device design updates, you can not only elongate your penis, but also make it thicker.

5. Safety Aspect

Penis pumps were developed exactly for penis enlargement. And of course, before being launched to the market, these devices were thoroughly researched. During clinical trials, it was found out that these pumps really help overcome erectile dysfunction and increase penis size.

You can safely utilize the HydroMax X-series pump if you strictly follow the user guidelines given by the manufacturer. The device is manufactured from skin-safe and medically graded materials which don’t contain harmful phthalate. Dermatological tests have been performed to guarantee that the device will not cause any skin allergic reactions.

6. When to Expect the Results

The HydroMax X-series sessions resemble strength training sessions. Thus, when trying to enlarge your penis, you will expect that the first time positive results which you get will become permanent immediately. However, when several hours pass, you will again have the initial penis size.

The same happens with muscles when you only start strength training. But if you weekly have 3-5 penis enlargement sessions, you will manage to really increase the penis size and preserve the results in a few months.

Since the pump’s action is targeted on the encouragement of penile blood supply, the erect penis size increases. However, over the course of time, the flaccid penis measurements will also increase.

7. Upsides

  • 15 minutes are enough to notice first considerable results
  • Refund is guaranteed in case of dissatisfaction with the device
  • You will experience no pain and discomfort
  • Each man can use the device without any difficulties
  • Substantial improvement of self-esteem
  • Permanent enlargement of both penis length and thickness. But to achieve this result, it’s necessary to have enlargement sessions frequently for a long time.
  • One-year guarantee safeguards your money in any case
  • No need for risky and doubtful surgical procedures
  • Discreet packaging makes every purchase confidential. No one will know what and for which purpose you have bought
  • According to study findings, the HydroMax X-series has a potential to heal erectile dysfunction. As a result, your sexual performance will significantly improve.
  • Availability of the pleasure ring helps bring pleasure and simultaneously makes the penis grow
  • Very strong erections and bright orgasms

The opportunity to elongate the penis by 2 inches and make it thicker by 35% for quite a short period of time. However, the results may vary depending on the individual penis characteristics

8. Downsides

  • High price, comparing to the similar devices available on sale. However, the device offers an excellent value for money.
  • High-grade penis curvature makes it impossible to use the device. In this case, a penis extender is the best option.

9. Shipping Information

The manufacturer offers worldwide shipping services to everyone, wishing to purchase the HydroMax X-series. Each order is processed very quickly.

Domestic customers usually receive their orders in 2 days. Even international shipping requires just a few days for the completion. Special packaging will protect your purchase from the prying eyes.

You can be sure that your device will be delivered undamaged and the package will include everything needed for the trouble-free effective use.

10. The Bottom Line

Should we rev up the engines to buy HydroMax?

If you have ever thought about using a hydro penis pump, the HydroMax X-series really deserves your attention. We recommend you to choose this device since it was considerably renovated with the use of the most innovative technologies.

Also, the business behind HydroMax is so confident in the formula that they’re offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is a good sign.


About the Author:
Robert Dreyfuss, Director of Content at Men’s Answer, has researched over 300 penis enlargement pills, programs, extenders and creams. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.