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Best Libido Boosters For Men Of 2022

The men start thinking of the intake of over-the-counter libido boosters if their sex drive is far from ideal.

Libido is a very crucial part of a person’s sex life which is greatly influenced by the availability or absence of sex drive.

In fact, libido doesn’t belong to clinical terms but still often used by medical experts and sex therapists to describe a person’s willingness and mood to have sex. In other words, libido is a degree of a person’s desire to have a sexual activity at a particular moment of time.


TOP 5 Sex-Drive Boosters


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Natural Testosterone Booster


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Male Extra

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VigRX Plus

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Clinically Approved Low Libido Treatment


Libido Booster #1: Viasil

best narual sex drive booster supplement

Formulated to revitalize your sex life, Viasil includes potent herbs that are used for impotence and low sex drive.

  • Stimulates male sex drive and stamina
  • Increases sexual confidence & muscle control
  • Increases blood flow maximizing pleasure
  • Increases quality of erections

We like the herbs in this libido booster are backed by clinical studies.

Also, we appreciate the strong 100-day moneyback guarantee.

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#2 TestoGen

low libido in men

Being just 30-35 years old, the modern men already start experiencing the decrease in testosterone levels because of stresses, overfatigue, and bad ecology.

According to the doctors’ statistics, almost one third of men over 30 years old suffer not only from the age-induced but also premature testosterone deficiency.

Alcohol and fatty food consumed with it are the most dangerous testosterone killers.

All these factors inevitably negatively affect libido, virile strength, and sexual potency in men. Disruptions in the testosterone production cause erection weakness, insufficient ejaculation, and lack of sexual interest.

In addition, testosterone has an influence on work efficiency, mood, and active or pessimistic outlook on life.

TestoGen is one of the most effective stimulants of testosterone synthesis on the market.

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#3 Male Extra

how to increase libido in men

Male Extra is a cutting-edge male enhancement product comprised of an exclusive bundle of scientifically backed components able to truly reset sexual function in men.

Cordyceps strongly but naturally elevates libido and strengthens circulatory function.

Pomegranate Ellagic Acid performs the functions of an nitric oxide booster, which in combination with other components improves erection rigidity and fullness as well as make sex drive and virility ramp up.

Male Extra can effectively complement all your healthy habits targeted at the maintenance of a well-tone body shape and the enhancement of excellent sexual activity. It boosts libido and drives the sexual energy growth to the levels you experienced in your best years.

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#4 VigRX Plus

natural medicine to increase libido

You and your sex partner luckily have a chance to finally enjoy sexual experience you both deserve for thanks to VigRX Plus.

This top-class natural product is created for:

  • Intensifying sex drive
  • Increasing sexual stamina and endurance
  • Sustaining high-quality erections
  • Prolonging erections

If you buy this libido booster on the manufacturer’s official website, you will also obtain a money-back guarantee, giving you the right for a full refund within 60 days.

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#5 ProSolution

natural libido booster for men

Each man who is frustrated with the impairment of sexual function eagers to reverse the issue but often has no ideal on how to cope with this task.

Sexual underperformance regardless of its frequency and duration is what damages male sexual self-confidence.

ProSolution is designed to:

  • Magnify your Sex Drive
  • Increase your Staying Power & Sensitivity
  • Make your Erections Harder, Longer & Fuller
  • Increase Daily Energy & Renew Confidence

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What Libido Is Normal?

Whether libido is present or absent, this may demonstrate the state of the person’s health, both physical and mental one. Thus, if you have noticed that your sex drive is very insufficient, this may be an indication of some diseases or adverse reactions. If you greatly suffer from the lack of libido, this is when the men often resort to the help of various libido boosters in order to make sex drive grow. And sometimes, more serious treatment may be a must, but only after the doctor’s consultation.

It’s virtually very difficult to determine what libido to consider normal and what not normal, requiring to take the natural libido boosters. The matter is that what is the norm for one man is not the norm for the other one. And while one man pays no attention on libido fluctuations, the other man exerts every effort to choose the best-working libido boosters and then impress sex partner.

You should know that the medical specialists can set a diagnosis of hypoactive libido, meaning too much decreased sex drive, and hyperactive libido, meaning too much increased sex drive. However, you have to understand that the level of your sexual desire becomes an issues and demands the use of any libido boosters only in case that you or your sex partner is dissatisfied with your sex drive and virility.

Thus, if having sex just a few times per months suits your and your partner’s sexual needs, you should do nothing with it and shouldn’t look for even the most advanced libido boosters. Even if some kind of sex drive mismatch happens but you are generally sexually compatible, this challenge can be successfully fought and doesn’t indicate any serious abnormality.

What Are Libido Boosters?

Libido boosters are in fact the supplementation products of natural origin. These all-natural pills are the rich sources of botanicals, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other natural ingredients, which effectively kindle the fire of libido in men.

These non-synthetic boosters not only help the men regain sexual interest. They also have a highly favorable impact on the other aspects of sexual potency in men. Thus, the men who take the natural libido-boosting supplements restore sexual enjoyment and satisfaction without the use of any artificial medications. These supplements are over-the-counter products, which also improve the man’s overall sexual health.

What Contributes to Low Libido?

There is a wide spectrum of factors which lead to sex drive reduction in men and raise the necessity for the intake of cutting-edge libido boosters. The most widespread factors which lower sexual desire include:

  • Psychological conditions: The modern man is constantly subject to distress, anxiety, depression, and other destructive feelings which can make libido totally disappear. In this case, not only the high-quality libido boosters may help but also professional counseling.
  • Medical issues: There many diseases which negatively affect sexual interest and desire in men. Due to the effects of these diseases on the man’s body, sex drive may come to naught. The treatment of medical conditions under the doctor’s supervision is a must in this case along with the supplementation with OTC libido boosters.
  • Impairment of hormonal balance: When the levels of male sex hormones fluctuate, especially when testosterone levels fall, libido and virile strength can also be left in the past. The upsurge of testosterone levels combined with the intake of top-notch natural libido boosters can become a solution to the poor sex drive issue and return enjoyment to your sex life.


Most Promising Natural Libido Boosters

The best-working herbal boosters of sex drive are as follows:

  • Tribulus Terrestris: This plant belongs to Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine remedies used for the enhancement of sexual desire and interest for centuries. According to a two-month study, the men who underwent the supplementation with tribulus terrestris on an everyday basis experienced a 79% increase in sex drive.
  • Maca: The traditional application for this root is the natural improvement of reproductive function and elevation of libido. During a 12-week clinical trial, it was found out that 42% of male study participants reported about a substantial upsurge in sex drive. The other studies have also confirmed that Maca root is greatly beneficial for the man’s libido.
  • Red Ginseng: This plant is a very famous natural aphrodisiac, which has always been used in the traditional medicines of many countries as a natural remedy for many sexual problems. Now this herb is typically found in many most advanced modern libido boosters. The scientists figured out that red ginseng is helpful for the men who want to combat the issue of low libido and recharge male sexual potency. The libido-elevating effects of red ginseng are enhanced with its high erectile function-boosting ability.
  • Fenugreek: This herb is a widespread ingredient for numerous high-quality libido boosters. This plant effectively overcomes the lack of sexual interest and weakness of sexual function. The study has demonstrated the ability of fenugreek to raise sex drive, sexual arousal, and virile strength due to the stimulation of sex hormones’ production. Thus, this herb contributes to the synthesis of testosterone in men. As a result, libido also grows.
  • Saffron: This famous spice can be considered as one of the natural libido boosters because it has prominent aphrodisiac properties. It should be noted that the aphrodisiac potential of saffron shows itself primarily in men who take antidepressants and at the same time suffer from the insufficient libido. It brings sexual arousal and sex drive to a considerably higher level.


Libido-Boosting Foods

It’s important to choose the really well-working non-prescription libido boosters for solving the intimate issues. But you may do much more for your libido if you add some food items to your daily nutrition plan. These foods are as follows:

  • Oysters: If you are looking for the powerful libido boosters among food, oysters are the best choice for you. They have a strong positive impact on sex drive and sexual arousal in men.
  • Nuts: Different kinds of nuts won a fame of the sex drive enhancer for their excellent ability to address the problem of reduced libido. They fuel virility and sexual stamina along with libido in men.
  • Chocolate: There are scientific proofs telling that chocolate is truly able to elevate sex drive and sexual interest. That’s why it’s often considered one of the most affordable natural libido boosters.
  • Watermelon: This tasty fruit is very rich in l-citrulline. This amino acid is related to a high libido and supports erectile function in men due to its ability to activate nitric oxide secretion and widen penile blood vessels.

Do Libido Boosters Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

The primary task of all libido boosters is to raise sex drive and sexual interest in men. These boosters don’t belong to the ED pills aimed at the restoration of the man’s ability to attain and sustain a rigid and full erection enough for a sexual intercourse.

Such remedies are first of all intended on the stimulation of sexual arousal and libido. For these reason, the libido-enhancing supplements are loaded with the all-natural ingredients with powerful aphrodisiac properties.

When taking the libido boosters, you should realize that the elevation of libido can’t treat the underlying condition or solve the psychological issue that contributed to the development of erectile dysfunction.

If you experience the manifestations of erectile disability for a long time, you should find the real cause of this condition and refer to a healthcare provider to run a physical examination.
And if you will really be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, the doctor will prescribe you ED medications for the treatment, not the enhancers of sex drive.

These prescription penis enhancement pills will give a truly powerful boost to nitric oxide secretion in the man’s body, while the supplements which increase sex drive don’t have such a power.

May Libido Boosters Change Sexual Relationship?

The intake of top-notch natural libido boosters promotes a quite considerable improvement of sexual desire and sexual arousal in men.

When your partner feels that your interest in sex raises, she may become more interested in sex as well. This may return passion to your sex life and enhance not only sexual relationship but also overall relationship with your beloved one. Sexual activity will become more frequent while the level of sexual satisfaction will also ramp up.

But you should realize that the issues which you face in the sex life may be much broader than just the lack of sex drive. Not just insufficient libido may lead to the dissatisfaction with your sexual relationship. There is a multitude of reasons which may deteriorate sex life. Sometime, there can be medical conditions which lower sex drive.

In other cases, the quality of sex life worsens because of the existing problems in the couple even when these problems are not related to sex.

So, the OTC libido boosters may somehow recharge sexual relationship between a man and a woman. However, the supplementation with such natural remedies should be only an auxiliary tool in the battle against the decreased libido.

Libido Boosters and Testosterone Balance

When you are going to undergo the supplementation with the non-prescription libido boosters for dealing with low libido, you should first of all understand that they are not the testosterone boosters.

The male libido of course depends on testosterone levels in the man’s body as well as on the availability of other sex hormones.

And the libido supplements really contain the natural components which elevate the levels of testosterone to some extent. These components help the body restore testosterone balance in a way that will positively change the male sex drive and virility. But even the best OTC libido boosters don’t work as testosterone-enhancing supplements. These boosters can’t make testosterone levels substantially grow.

That’s why if your goal is a considerable improvement of testosterone balance needed for the intense muscle mass development, muscle strength increase, and athletic performance boost, you should look for the other, more suitable testosterone-stimulating remedies.

How to Make the Right Choice of Libido Boosters?

While trying to select the all-natural supplements for sex drive, you have to primarily answer the question of how to boost libido without any risk to health. Own safety has to undoubtedly become your priority. The best way to guarantee safety is to purchase only the reliable supplementation products.
That will not be easy to pick the most promising male libido supplements because the market is nowadays overloaded with a multitude of offerings from both famous and inglorious companies. To save yourself from errors while selecting the natural supplements, which give a boost to male sexuality, it’s recommended to pay attention to the manufacturer of sex drive pills first of all.

You have to conduct own investigation by means of finding the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the products and records of a particular manufacturer. By studying the whole truth about the manufacturer itself, don’t forget to also do a research of the over-the-counter libido booster you like. Thus, it’s mandatory to study which ingredients exactly the supplement is comprised of.

Not only the formula itself should be the subject of your study. It’s advisable to get acquainted with the most exhaustive information on all the peculiarities of a particular libido enhancer for men. That is, it’s necessary to find out which scientific background the supplement ingredients have, which researchers and doctors can endorse the pill, and which manufacturing company is able to offer a well-grounded refund policy.

Also, you should realize that the top-notch branded libido supplements just can’t be sold at the rock-bottom prices. The most forward-looking supplements from the well-reputed manufacturers can’t cost too little since the manufacturers should pay a lot in order to put only the high-quality, clinically confirmed, and harmless natural components to their products. Each natural sex drive pill is a result of the deliberate, persistent, and long-term work of many professionals.

The probability of dealing with poor-quality counterfeit pills drastically skyrockets if you decide to buy too cheap libido booster for men. Such a remedy will be not only helpless for the enhancement of sexual desire but can also deal a devastating blow to your overall health by provoking unsafe adverse reactions.

Stress and Low Libido

You may choose the most trusted libido boosters ever but the ever-lasting stress will tear the guts out of you in your attempt to regain sex drive. The overwhelming emotional overload and distress is what surely strikes a crippling blow to libido.

The matter is that even the best libido boosters can’t resist the destructive influence of stress, particularly the stress hormone called cortisol, on the overall hormonal balance in the man’s body. The balance of sex hormones suffers first of all. Under the constant impact of stress, sex hormones responsible for sexual desire and interest decline giving a rise for the need of OTC libido boosters and other virility-enhancing remedies.

Also, if you are stressed out, your blood vessels become constricted. When the blood vessels are not wide enough, they don’t let the adequate volume of blood to fill genitals and other organs which make sex drive and arousal possible. Though the high-quality medically approved libido boosters contain the natural components able to improve the situation, you will not tackle the issue without the proper stress management.

It’s impossible to completely get rid of libido-killing stress. But you can put every effort to keep stress under control by using special stress-relieving techniques like brisk walking, swimming, knitting, painting, meditating, working out, etc. And the intake of the over-the-counter libido boosters will not also go amiss as well.

Low Self-Confidence and Low Libido

The men with low self-confidence often suffer from insufficient sex drive and hence have to take different libido boosters.

Self-confidence is in fact what a person thinks of his or her self. And if this self-confidence is suppressed with negative own body image or other aspects of own personality, sexual wellness starts suffering as well. The man with low self-esteem may not feel sexual interest and desire even in case of using the well-working libido boosters since he ceases believing in own sexual appeal and attractiveness. If a man is convinced that none woman can want to have sex with him because something is wrong with him, his libido obviously comes to naught.

To resolve this issue, the man should not only choose the advanced over-the-counter libido boosters, but also increase own self-confidence and relieve anxiety about intimate relationship. In this case, sexual counselling may be very helpful.

When to Consult a Doctor

In some cases, it’s recommended to schedule a healthcare practitioner’s appointment prior to taking pills to increase sex drive male. This may be important if the issue of unexplained libido decrease or its complete loss is unaddressed within an extended time frame.

If the long-term lack of sex drive and virility disturbs you and you are looking for the ways how to increase sex drive in men, you should inform your healthcare provider about your intimate troubles. Thus, it’s worth going to a medical professional once you have noticed a range of symptoms such as:

  • Libido reduction or absence due to the unknown reasons
  • Blood pressure fluctuations with unexpected blood pressure raise
  • Insufficient libido after surgery or intake of powerful prescription medications
  • Frequently-occurring painful sensations during sex

The doctor may indicate the necessity of physical exam to find out the cause of libido drop. When the medical specialist understands what caused the lack of sexual interest and desire, the doctor may prescribe you the prescription drugs or suggest the use of an all-natural non-prescription libido booster. It’s also possible to simultaneously take different sex drive pills of both synthetic and non-synthetic origin if the healthcare provider considers such an approach effective and safe.

In addition, the medical aid is required if libido loss contributes to anxiety, depression, and even aggression which can’t be tackled on your own. In this case, counseling is needed and you should refer to a counseling psychologist. The psychologist will assist you in overcoming a psychological cause of disappearing libido.

Possible Side Effects of Libido Boosters

The top-class sex drive pills from the well-established are considered absolutely safe. The matter is that these pills contain only the completely natural ingredients proven to be effective and harmless during clinical trials.

Also, the famous manufacturers of libido-enhancing supplements carry out their activities, complying with all safety and quality standards with regard to the choice of ingredients, development of supplement formula, and manufacturing process. The products from the manufacturers with a flawless reputation don’t cause any side effects and contraindications.

They can’t harm the men’s health.
However, there are also many risks related to the intake of any libido booster for men if this booster is bought from the dishonest manufacturer.

The FDA bears liability for the approval of application of any pharmaceutical medication and for the regulation of production process and facilities used for making such medications. But the FDA is not held responsible when it comes to the production of libido booster supplements.

That’s why the disreputable manufacturers may take advantage of this situation and launch to the market whatever they want.

These products can’t be withdrawn from the market if the FDA doesn’t provide proofs that these pills are dangerous. Due to this, the customers purchase such libido booster options at their own peril and risk.

Indeed, purity of ingredients is a major concern related to the choice of the libido enhancement supplements.

If you guess how to boost sex drive by using the natural remedies, you have to be sure that there are no potentially unsafe foreign substances or pharmaceutical medications, which are forbidden for the natural supplements.

The doubtful ingredient content of such products may be fraught with the occurrence of side effects, which may deal a destructive blow to the men’s overall health.

Can Libido Boosters Increase Penis Size?

The top-class over-the-counter libido boosters are invented in order to absolutely naturally address the issue of vanishing libido in men. These supplements contain the all-natural components which serve as the aphrodisiacs. The aphrodisiac properties of such components are typically known for centuries of utilization in the traditional medicines all over the globe and are now proven to be harmless and effective during numerous clinical trials.

It means that the non-prescription libido boosters of excellent quality are designed as the supplements which have to improve all the aspects of sex drive in men. Due to this, the men can expect the natural recharge of sexual interest and desire, virile strength, stamina, endurance, and bedroom longevity. But all these positive effects don’t refer to the penis enlargement.
The formulas of all-natural libido boosters are not designated to contain the ingredients which contribute to the penis growth. In the libido enhancement supplements, there are no ingredients able to substantially increase blood flow to the manhood and hence promote thicker and longer erections. If you eager to have bigger and fuller erections due to the natural intensification of blood circulation in your dick, you should pay your attention on the specifically formulated natural penis enlargement remedies instead of using the OTC libido boosters.

Libido Boosters and Dopamine Levels

It’s of course important to find the innovative libido boosters and regularly take them to overcome the issue of disappearing sex drive. But it wouldn’t also go amiss if you take care of your dopamine levels, which are also responsible for sufficient libido in men.

Sexual interest and arousal originate in the brain. There are special chemical messengers responsible for sending the information about sexual desire and arousal to the brain. Dopamine belongs to these messengers. The study that investigated the influence of dopamine-boosting medications on the Parkinson’s disease sufferers also found out that these medications can make libido substantially raise. There is also other scientific evidence concerning the positive impact of dopamine on sex drive and virility in men.

The non-artificial libido boosters may include the natural components able to stimulate dopamine production in the body. As for the dopamine-stimulating remedies, you should consult your doctor before opting for such pills.

How Medications Lower Libido

In many cases, the men start looking for the libido boosters even having no idea that the problems with sexual interest are related to the pharmaceutical therapy. The negative impact of strong medications is one of the most frequent reasons which make sex drive fade away in men. In this case, it may be difficult to revive sex desire even if you take the best libido boosters of natural origin.

There are different types of medications which to greater or lesser extent contribute to the decline of sex drive. The most widespread perils responsible for the male libido include:

  • Beta blockers, which don’t let stress hormone adrenaline negatively affect heart function
  • Statins, which reduce the levels of dangerous LDL cholesterol in blood
  • Antidepressants, which provide serotonergic benefits
  • Antipsychotics, which elevate the concentration of prolactin
  • Benign prostate enlargement medications like dutasteride and finasteride, which are used for prostate treatment
  • Benzodiazepines, which are the medications prescribed for the alleviation of panic attacks, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression
  • Anticonvulsants, which are used to overcome seizures
  • Hypertension medications, which are aimed at fighting high blood pressure
  • Hormonal contraceptives, which help the women avoid unplanned pregnancy

If you take at least one of the above mentioned medications, you already run a risk of suffering from insufficient sex drive even provided that you use the most advanced libido boosters. And if you take a few of such medications, you will most probably feel the lack of libido that unlikely to be corrected with the intake of over-the-counter libido boosters only.

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