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Male Edge Review (2020, January)

The Male Edge stretcher works by contributing to the emergence of the new penile cells. These cells form new penile tissue which can’t disappear once it has already developed.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry about your extension gains.

So, you time and devotion will not go to waste because the penis stretching will provide you with surely permanent results. The permanence of gains is in fact one of the greatest advantages of this exclusive device.

Is Male Edge Clinically Proved?

There was a study proving that the traction method utilized by Male Edge really helps the men to non-invasively lengthen the erect penis by 28%. In other words, the stretcher enabled the men to get a more than 3 cm longer penis at the end of study period. The clinical evidence supports the efficacy of this device.

How Long Should I Use Male Edge to See the Results?

According to the manufacturer, it’s necessary to use Male Edge from 5 to 6 hours per day for 2-3 months since the first day of the device use. This will actually enable you to become an owner of a 10% longer penis. When you then regularly use the device from 4 to 6 months, your gains will consistently maximize. It’s not recommended to exceed the specified number of hours per day, during which you should extend your penis. Otherwise, you may feel discomfort or painful sensations.

Can Male Edge Be Used by the Men with Peyronie’s Disease?

Male Edge was designed as a device helpful for ultimately all men. So, if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease and have already despaired to normalize your sex life and at the same time increase your penis size, then this device is meant for you. This stretcher will not only make your manhood grow, but also align it. You will cease feeling pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. And you will also boost your sexual performance.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

The manufacturer of Male Edge stands really assured of its extender’s quality and efficacy. That’s why all the company’s customers can count on the money-back guarantee. To request your money back, there should be no change in the measurements of your penis during the whole stretching period. Thus, you have to stretch the manhood for 1,000 hours within the period of 9 months since the date of your purchase. And if there are no documented gains of your penis growth, you will get a 100% refund.

The Bottom Line On Male Edge

Male Edge is a top-notch device pecifically invented and created for the penis enlargement in a non-invasive way. It means that the key target of this device creation is the replacement of the other penis size increase techniques. And this first of all refers to the penis enlargement surgery.

The surgery aimed at elongating and/or thickening the penis is the most invasive and painful method to change the penis measurements. But Male Edge will save you from any pain, discomfort, and necessity to cut your penis.


Male Edge Questions & Answers

Is There Any Limit for My Penis Growth?

Hypothetically speaking, the penis is going to enlarge as long as you apply the Male Edge device. According to the company, there is no documented information about any maximum manhood measurements. However, there are the customers who reported they were able to increase the sizes of their penises by 2 times. You may experiment and use the device till you become completely satisfied with your manhood growth gains. But regardless of the penis dimensions you decide to stop on, these gains will be preserved after you stop stretching.

What Penises Male Edge Is Suitable for?

Male Edge is developed in way that safely and reliably suits virtually all penises. Thus, the men with the flaccid manhood length ranging between 4 cm (1.6 inches) and 22 cm (8.7 inches) can stretch their penises with this device. The circumference of the users’ penises is unlimited. So, it doesn’t matter how thick your penis is. Also, the device excellently fits the penises of all shapes. Regardless of whether your penis is straight or bent, you will also easily adjust Male Edge to your intimate organ. It means that this extender is a truly versatile device.

Can the Manufacturer Guarantee That Male Edge Is Truly Effective?

The manufacturer of Male Edge penis extender states that its device is effective for all users provided that they use the devices strictly according to the pre-specified usage guidelines. It means you should devote the required time to stretching and do this in the right way. And then your will surely get the desirable results.

Can I Use Male Edge If I Have No Medical Education?

The application of Male Edge doesn’t require any medical knowledge. You shouldn’t be a doctor or seek for medical aid in order to successfully apply Male Edge. This device is an absolutely user-friendly development. The user instructions provided by the manufacturer are easy to understand and follow. There is also much video information concerning the proper device use. That’s why each man can take advantage of Male Edge without any difficulties and troubles.

Can I Use Male Edge If My Penis Is Circumcised?

All men regardless of whether their penises are circumcised or uncircumcised can undergo successful stretching with Male Edge. Availability or absence of foreskin has absolutely no influence on the device efficacy and safety.

Is Male Edge Better Than Pills and Pumps?

As for the penis pumps, they are mainly used for fighting erectile dysfunction. In particular, the pumps help the men get an erection when they need. These devices have a slight and temporary impact on the penis size increase. At the same time, Male Edge provides substantial penis length and circumference gains. And these gains are permanent.

Also, Male Edge outstrips the penis growth pills for many reasons. The matter is that the pill intake takes long time and even when the intake period comes to the end, you will not experience considerable penis size changes. And these changes disappear when you stop the supplementation. This will not happen if you use the device.

What Penis Size Does Male Edge Fit?

The Male Edge design is developed in a way that enables the men with very different penis measurements to successfully use this device. The minimum manhood length for users is 2 inches, while the maximum length is up to 9 inches. This refers to the erect penis size. The users whose erect penis length exceeds 9 inches have an opportunity to buy some extra spare parts which will make it possible to wear and effectively apply the device.

Is Male Edge Safe?

Male Edge is a very safe penis device. The penis stretching method is supported with unbiased scientific evidence of its harmlessness and efficacy in terms of penis elongation without undergoing surgical procedures. Also, the Male Edge system is approved by the British Association of Urological Surgeons and marked with the European CE Health stamp. Safety of this device is also backed with the original medical device certificate. So, when you purchase this device, you can be absolutely sure that your safety is safeguarded.

Will I Feel Pain and Discomfort When Using Male Edge?

The Male Edge is developed and manufactured in a way that takes into account all the anatomic peculiarities of the man’s penis. The modern technologies such as the Multi Directional Angling Technology and the Comfort System stand guard over the comfort of users. It suits the men with both straight and curved penises, ensuring the maximum comfort and causing no pain. The absence of pain and discomfort are the pledges for the penis enlargement success since only in this case the man doesn’t lose the interest and desire for the stretching sessions and uses the device regularly.

How Is the Quality of Male Edge Safeguarded?

If you decide to become an owner of Male Edge, you feel assured that you will deal with the top-notch product. This device is a FDA Cleared Medical Device. These stretchers are also made from the best-quality materials in compliance with all the relevant quality standards. Each Male Edge device is subject to tight quality control. That’s why these devices are closely tested before being placed for sale.

How Does Male Edge Work?

Male Edge is a top-class manhood stretcher with a doctor-endorsed mechanism of action. It is based on the utilization of the body tissues’ natural ability to respond to the traction force. It means that the new tissue cells appear under the influence of pulling force. Due to the formation of new cells, the penis can both elongate and thicken. This of course doesn’t happen instantly. Thus, it’s necessary to apply the Male Edge stretcher for several hours per day by exerting mild traction force to the dick. You should repeat these actions for at least a few months to experience the steady manhood growth. So, the traction force is fundamental for the natural penis enlargement with the help of this stretcher.

Do Male Edge Gains Disappear?

The consistent, long-term application of Male Edge leads to the occurrence of news penile cells due to the cell division. The new tissues therefore form make the manhood increase in both length and circumference. The already existing tissue can’t vanish somewhere. It means that once being enlarged due to the action of this dick stretcher the penis remains bigger forever. The gains which you can get with the help of this member stretcher are permanent.

Is There Any Guarantee of Male Edge Efficacy Exactly for Me?

If you strictly and devotedly adhere to the manhood extension routine and apply Male Edge in a proper manner within the time specified by the manufacturer, you are sure to get the results you wish. If you spend several hours per day every day by stretching your manhood, you will get most out of the extension sessions. However, it may happen that you will be dissatisfied with the stretching effects. In this case, you have to document the application of this stretcher and point out the absence of any gains. And after this, you will definitely receive your money back due to the availability of a favorable money back guarantee. In such a way, the company demonstrates its assurance in the exceptional quality and efficacy of Male Edge.

Can Male Edge Cause Any Side Effects?

This penis extender belongs to the most harmless stretchers currently launched to the market. The manufacturer carries out the manufacturing process in accordance with all existing quality and safety standards. The application of Male Edge in compliance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer excluded the possibility of any side effects. The stretching sessions performed with this extender can’t impair the man’s reproductive system, lower sexual desire and interest, damage urination or weaken erections. To the contrary, the user testimonials indicate quite the opposite. Thus, many men note that Male Edge helped them give a boost to erectile function and increase sexual endurance and stamina. This happens due to the intensification of blood circulation in the manhood. So, you can absolutely safely use this extender.

Can I Use Male Edge Outside Home?

Many men wonder whether they can wear Male Edge while being at work or while sleeping. This actually depends on many factors. If your work doesn’t imply intense physical activity, you will have a possibility to wear this device under loose underwear and pants. It means that you will be able to elongate and thicken your manhood while working and nobody will even notice this throughout the whole day. There is also a possibility to use the stretcher while sleeping in case that you sleep calmly. But even if you tend to frequently turn during your sleep, it’s not a problem since the device will just slide out from the dick. So, if you feel comfortable to use the extender during work or sleep, you can safely do this to quicker achieve your goals.


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