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Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Really Safe?

Are There Alternatives to Penis Surgery?

The penis enlargement surgeries are in demand among the men. That’s because the men believe in the possibility of great gains. But in reality, the surgeries are dangerous and not always effective. If you are dissatisfied with your penis measurements, it’s recommended to consider the best and safest alternatives to surgeries.

They include:

Penis Extenders: This is the most effective non-surgical and scientifically-proved method to increase the penis size.

Penis Pumps: These devices suit the men who want to temporarily enlarge the penis due to the powerful blood inflow. It’s convenient to use them right before sex.

Penis Enlargement Pills: They are the nitric oxide boosters which make erections stronger and visually larger. They provide minimum size increase. But the really hard penis looks and feels bigger by the partner.

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Safe Alternative to Penis Surgery


#1 Male Extra

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Erection occurs only when the erectile tissues in the penis are full of blood. The higher amount of blood the penis is able to contain, the fuller and firmer erections you can get.

Male Extra works by widening the penile blood vessels. These vessels go throughout the entire penis. Due to this, the blood supply to the penis during an erection will substantially improve.

Since the blood delivery to the manhood grows, the erections become bigger and more solid. The erection duration also increases.

Male Extra enables you to enjoy the largest erect penis size while unleashing its blood-holding capacity.

However, the flaccid penis size will not change.

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#2 Viasil

Can the male enhancement pill increase the penis size? And the answer is that to some extent can.

Viasil helps maximize the own natural ability of the penis to enlarge.

It means that this supplement reveals the entire blood-holding capacity of the manhood allowing it to contain the greatest possible amount of blood.

The higher blood supply to the penis, the more impressive penis measurements in the erect state you can count on.

The process of penis engorgement resembles an inner tire blowing up.

However, you shouldn’t set unreal expectations.

Viasil is unable to elongate or thicken your penis. But it is sure to help you completely use the member dimensions you actually own. You will definitely attain the largest erection your penis is capable of.

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#3 HydroXtreme

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The hydro penis pump is a device for the prevention and treatment of sexual disorders such as the impairment of erectile function in men.

The pump is also used for quick temporary penis enlargement right before a sexual intercourse.

The pump action is based on the stimulation of blood supply to the penile cavernous bodies.

A large number of capillary vessels which have not been functioning earlier become engaged into the penile blood circulation. And it’s also possible to eliminate blood congestion in the penile corpora cavernosa.

It’s reasonable to apply the pump for ensuring the penis hardness and the maximization of penis enlargement prior to a sexual encounter.

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#4 Quick Extender Pro

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The Quick Extender Pro is a cutting-edge penis stretcher that enjoys a wide popularity among the men all over the globe.

This device takes one of the leading positions among the penis enlargement surgery alternative options.

It is suitable for both penis size increase and penile curvature improvement.

The uniqueness of Quick Extender Pro is based on the application of a Double Strap Support (DSS) system.

This system is designed to ensure the best sustainable tension lengthwise the entire penis. Due to this, the man can expect the most satisfactory penis enlargement results at the highest comfort level.

The sophisticated features of Quick Extender Pro make this extender the number one choice among the users.

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#5 Bathmate Hydromax

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According to a recent study, women prefer girth over length.

And if your sexual goal is increasing girth, a penis pump is a must.

Bathmate Hydromax is one of the most complete penis enlargement system invented in order the men could safely make their manhoods temporarily grow in both circumference and length.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Bigger and harder erections
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Better sustainability of your erections
  • Safe and comfrot enlargement

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#6 SizeGenetics

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The SizeGenetics is the undisputable lead among the top-notch penis extenders available on sale nowadays.

It plays a role of a worthy penis enlargement surgery substitute by providing 29% penis size increase.

Such incredible gains give the men an opportunity to reset their sexual performance and restore bedroom self-esteem.

It’s very easy to place SizeGenetics onto the penis to create stable and delicate traction force in the penile erectile tissues.

Due to such a painless action of the extender, the generation of new penile cells and hence the penis enlargement happen. Since the number of cavernous bodies increase, the erections also improve.

The penis growth results are completely safe and permanent.

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#7 Male Edge

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The Male Edge performs its functions due to the ability to exert a gradual traction force to the manhood.

This is what contributes to the effective division and multiplication of penile cells. Cytokinesis is the name of this natural mechanism.

After a certain period of time, the enlarged penile tissue along the entire penis will enable you to become an owner of the elongated and widened penis.

There are many doctors from the US, the UK, and Europe, who reasonably confirm the utilization of penis stretchers as the best alternative to penis surgery.

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What Is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is a number of surgical procedures intended at increasing the penis measurements. The manhood size increase implies both lengthening and thickening. This method of changing the member dimensions is helpful for the men who are dissatisfied with their penis length and/or girth and want to quite radically cope with this issue. The surgical procedures provide great results very fast. That’s why the men choose surgery as sure way to get the manhood the dream of.

Types of Penis Enlargement Surgeries

It’s possible to distinguish 2 major types of penis enlargement surgeries:

  • Penile Augmentation: This type of surgical procedures means a necessity to inject fat cells into the manhood. This action is mainly targeted at the enlargement of member circumference. More rarely, the manhood length also grows. There is one more way of penile augmentation that implies the need to graft fat cells onto the male member, taking them from the other parts of the man’s body. This method implies a lower level of invasion. It averagely contributes to 2.39-2.65 cm size increase after one year.

    Though initially the efficacy of this procedure is high, then it dramatically decreases within quite a short period of time. Thus, one year after surgical procedure is the period during which you can forget of 20-80% of penis length and girth gains. It means you will have to repeat surgical procedures again and again to maintain the satisfactory manhood measurements.

  • Suspensory Ligament Release: This is another popular surgery that enables the men to get a bigger penis. Suspensory ligament serves for attaching the male member to the pubic area. This ligament is what helps keeping penis in the erect state, ensuring a strong erection. When this ligament is cut during a special surgical procedure, you get the manhood angle that differs from the previous one. And the penis elongates.

If you undergo suspensory ligament release surgery, you can expect that your manhood will lengthen by 1 to 3 cm. However, in this case, there is a high risk of sacrificing bedroom performance to penis length. The matter is that without suspensory ligament nothing will retain the penis in the erect state. This will greatly complicate the penetration and the erection quality will be poor. Both you and your partner are unlikely to count on sexual satisfaction under such circumstances.

Types of Penile Augmentation Procedures

Penile augmentation belongs to the most popular category of penis enlargement surgery. It’s possible to distinguish a range of the most widespread manhood augmentation types:

  • Free Fat Grafting: At the very beginning, it’s necessary to get adipose tissue. It is got from different parts of the man’s body depending on his body weight. Thus, the thighs are a source of adipose tissue in thin men, the lower abdomen supplies adipose tissue in the normal-weight men, and the pelvic area gives fat in the overweight men. After this, the adipose tissue is exposed to centrifugation in order to separate fat cells. Then it’s necessary to inject these fat cells into the manhood by means of a special syringe or a cannula which is a very fine medical tube. Such a procedure will not allow fat cells to gather in masses. But since the reabsorption of most fat cells injected into penis happens within just one year after the procedure, you will have to undergo the procedure again.
  • Dermal Fat Grafting: This penis enlargement procedure implies the cut of skin patch from the man’s buttocks, lower abdomen, or lower back. This skin patch has also to contain a fat layer. After this, this skin patch is inserted instead of skin deleted from the manhood. This kind of surgery enables the men to thicken the member with an insufficient probability of rejection and other complications.
  • Suprapubic Lipectomy: This surgical method is highly suitable for the men who were obese or overweight in the past. But the body weight reduction didn’t help these men to reveal the penis. This surgical technique implies the extraction of a trapezoid-shaped skin piece along with fat underneath which is placed above the manhood. The skin ends are stretched and fixed together, allowing the pelvic skin to get up and release the manhood that was hidden before. This surgery is considered quite harmless. However, the side effects such as infection and bleeding are possible.
  • Sliding Elongation: It is a worthy choice for the men who are experiencing the penis reduction in length because they suffer from Peyronie’s disease. The surgery means the degloving of skin and tissues underneath of the member shaft. The incarcerated preputial sheath placed around the member shaft becomes disengaged. Due to this, the member can become straight and elongate. This surgical method doesn’t imply the insertion of any skin grafts. But in this case, the nerve damage may happen with a high probability.
  • Penile Disassembly: This penis enlargement surgery involves a greater invasion comparing to the method of sliding elongation. It’s also necessary to deglove the member shaft which is fully detached below the member head. But then a part of the man’s rib cartilage is put into the newly formed gap and after this the cut tissues are stitched up to rearrange everything, just like before the surgical procedure. This method doesn’t enjoy very wide popularity among the patients. However, it’s an excellent penis size increase solution for the men suffering from micropenis issue, penile birth defects, and penile cancer induced deformities.
  • Penile Implants: Sometimes the men want to undergo the surgery that involves the insertion of penile implants in order to enlarge the manhood. But the truth is that this method is barely helpful for both the penis lengthening and widening. That’s because this surgical technique is highly beneficial for combating the other male burning problem; that is, for curing erectile dysfunction. This surgical procedure is also very expensive.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Advantages

Penis enlargement surgeries offer the following advantages:

  • Considerable penis enlargement gains in both length and circumference which can be achieved during one surgical procedure.
  • Opportunity to get the results fast without additional efforts
  • Substantial boost to sexual confidence
  • Great enhancement of masculinity, virile strength, and sexual interest
  • Recharge of sexual well-being

So, for many men it’s very crucial to have a penis with impressive measurements. And the penis enlargement surgery is aimed at providing such an opportunity.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Disadvantages

The development of innovative medical technologies enables the men to enjoy the incredible results of penis enlargement surgeries. But the situation is not as cloudless as it might seem because such surgeries have many disadvantages:

  • Substantial painfulness and discomfort which accompany these surgical procedures
  • Injured penile nerve endings
  • High risk of bleeding
  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Penis distortion
  • Chest pain
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Respiratory distress
  • High probability of regaining the initial penis size after a certain period of time
  • Worsening of erection quality since erections become less rigid
  • Penetration difficulties

It’s obvious that the penis enlargement surgery is in fact fraught with multiple serious risks which often outweigh its benefits.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

According to some penis enlargement realm experts, surgeries targeted on increasing manhood size are promised to become very widespread and accessible. But the other experts are convinced that this is unlikely possible. That’s because the price for the manhood increase surgeries is extremely high.
Thus, if your goal is to increase the member length you will have to pay from $5,000 to $10,000 on average. However, if you want to become an owner of a thicker penis, you will spend even much more money. In particular, only allograft itself costs between $5,000 and $7,000. And this is without taking into account the surgery price. So, when it comes to penis thickening, both materials and surgery itself will cost a bundle because you will have to pay even more than $20,000.

Penis Size Norms

Almost all men, even those ones who don’t dare to recognize this, are concerned with their penis size. The men are afraid that their manhood measurements are not enough to make the partner happy in bed. Because of this, the men start searching for the ways to urge the penis grow. And this is when they set sights on the penis enlargement surgery.
But before you resort to the dramatic methods able to contribute to the manhood size increase, it’s necessary to find out which size is actually considered normal.
You should understand that the flaccid manhood length tells nothing about how long it can be in the erect state. You shouldn’t worry about your member size if its length in the erect state is no less than 5 inches (13 cm) or even longer. In this case, your penis size falls within the normal range.
It’s only possible to talk about a penile abnormality if the manhood length in the erect state is shorter than 3 inches (approximately 7.5 cm). In this case, the manhood can be qualified as micropenis. Such a medical condition occurs very rarely and can truly be a penis enlargement surgery indication.

Discuss with a Partner Need for Surgery

The manufacturers and sellers of different penis increase products try to convince the men that they need a larger member. And when the men finally get such a penis, their partners’ sexual satisfaction will surely skyrocket. This myth is thoroughly fostered in the men’s mind in order to make them agree for the penis enlargement surgery.
Maybe, surgery is really the best choice for you. But before you take a final decision on the necessity for surgical procedures, it’s strongly recommended to discuss the situation with your partner.
When you frankly talk to your partner, you may be surprised with what you figure out. It may turn out that your manhood dimensions absolutely don’t have an influence on your partner’s sexual satisfaction. And the partner may not want you change your member length and girth.
It’s better to exert every effort to establish strong, trust-based relationship with your partner in order to be open about the need for the penis enlargement surgery instead of hotheadedly rushing to a surgeon.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Always Work?

Though the penis enlargement surgery realm is rapidly developing and the cutting-edge technologies are implemented, the situation is ambiguous. According to the researches investigating the modern manhood size increase surgeries which make the male member longer, the customers are far not always satisfied with both gains and safety of such procedures.
There is also unbiased evidence that the suspensory ligament cut result in just 0.5 inch (1 cm) flaccid penis length increase without the real size enlargement in the erect state. So, the efficacy of this surgical technique is often quite doubtful.
And finally, there is a high likelihood of surgery side effects. The most widespread side effects include the development of scar tissue, infection, decreased penile sensation, and even erectile dysfunction.
So, it’s obvious that the penile surgery is not always the most reasonable option when it comes to fulfilling your dream of a bigger penis. You should always appraise all possible risks to understand whether the surgery upsides outbalance its downsides.

Other Penis Enlargement Methods

Besides the penis enlargement surgery, the men also have some other, less drastic alternatives. Sometimes, it’s worth giving a try to the other manhood increase methods before undergoing any surgical procedure which should be the last extreme measure for the men eagering for a bigger manhood. These methods include:
Penis Pumps: These devices can be divided into two major types such as air-based and water-based ones. Both kinds of pumps use a sucking force to bring more blood to the penis. However, these devices are most helpful for curing erectile dysfunction. The pumps still cause some penis enlargement effect which is anyway temporary and disappears when you cease pumping.
Penis Stretchers: These devices are based on stretching force created by the extenders. Delicate extension is what makes the manhood grow naturally. According to the clinical trials, it’s possible to achieve quite impressive lengthening results due to the use of penis extenders. Thus, the member may elongate by 0.5 to 2 inches (approximately between 1 and 3 cm). There are also proofs showing that the gains may be preserved.
Exercises: There is a special kind of exercises known as jelqing claimed to be effective for the increasing male member size. This happens due to the intensification of blood circulation in the genitals. This method is considered to be harmless and absolutely natural. But at the same time, it can’t provide the outstanding manhood enlargement results.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Indications

The most common reason that spurs the men on to undergoing the penis enlargement surgery is just low self-esteem and mistrustfulness. If a man sweats it about the penis size and thinks that it’s the magic solution to his psychological and relationship problems, it’s a totally mistaken approach. The desire to have a surgery just crosses mind of such men and they rush to the surgeons.
But the medical experts emphasize that the indications for a surgery have to be much more serious than just a wish to boast of a longer and thicker manhood. Thus, according to the doctors, the penis enlargement surgery indications should include:

  • Penile trauma during which the organ measurements suffered
  • Medical conditions which affect the manhood size and function
  • Male reproductive function worsening due to the manhood dimensions
  • Impairment of the men’s sex life due to the penis size

So, you have at least one of the abovementioned indications, you may consider a surgery. In this case, all your steps towards surgical procedure have to be taken only under the supervision of a healthcare provider. And the best decision is to rescue the help of an urologist.

However, if a thought of member thickening and lengthening came into your head, you should first of all analyze your personal situation to understand whether you really need the penis enlargement surgery or you can dispense with such procedures.

Penis Function Facts

The penis is in fact a very complicated part of the body that can perform numerous crucial functions. Different structural elements available in the manhood are responsible for urination, erectile function, and climax. Thus, these structural elements include:

  • Urethra is a narrow passageway going via the entire manhood to make urine leave the bladder and flow out of it. The urethra reaches the penis head. It is located in the corpus spongiosum.
  • Corpus cavernosum is definitely a vitally important part of the male member since it is actually the erectile tissues. When this tissue is engorged, it means much blood flows to the penis and a strong erection occurs.
  • Corpus cavernosum is located around corpus spongiosum. It spreads from behind the penis head up to the pelvic area. There are two chambers in it. Both right and left chambers are connected to the bones enabling the men sitting.

The penis measurements increase non-stop during the period of puberty under the influence of a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The man’s body doesn’t stop producing DHT during the whole life. But the penis will unfortunately no longer increase after the puberty period finishes. The other bad news is that the older the man the shorter his penis becomes. However, you like any other man should take these facts for granted.

Also, it’s obvious that the penis structural elements are very delicate and interrelated. So, by undergoing the penis enlargement surgery, there is a high probability to harm sexual and overall health.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Really Helpful?

Many men are convinced that the penis enlargement surgery is a panacea for them. Numerous advertisements try to make the men believe that the surgery is the only win-win method to get a longer and thicker penis very quickly. But the reality often differs from the myth of about the fantastic surgery gains.

The penis enlargement surgery really contributes to the growth of the most crucial male organ within a short period of time. And this is the major advantage of surgical procedure.

However, penis surgery is fraught with many serious risks which may dramatically weigh down the scale. Thus, the penile surgery is always very painful and causes much discomfort. There is a high probability of penile nerve injuries and bleeding during the surgery. The inflammation, penis distortion, and infections are also not rare. In addition, the worst thing that may happen to a man who decided on the penis surgery is the inability to preserve the new increased penis measurements some time after the surgery.

So, the surgery is not always as helpful as many men hope. And sometimes it’s better to pay attention to other, non-surgical methods to get a longer and thicker penis.

How You Can Help Yourself with Penis Size

If you are concerned with your penis size and are convinced that it requires some correction, but still daren’t to fall back on the penis enlargement surgery, there is still a way out. You can try to do something to make your penis bigger. Thus, it’s possible to make the manhood appearance more attractive and powerful and hence give a boost to your sexual confidence by following a few well-working recommendations.

Body Weight Reduction

According to many researches and surveys, overweight and obese men belong to the men most dissatisfied with their member measurements. These men think that their penises are too small and can’t make their sex partners happy. But in this case, it doesn’t mean the manhood is really undersized. The problem is that the availability of excessive weigh makes the manhood look tinier than it really is. However, as soon as such men get rid of unwanted pounds, they are sure to notice that their penises are not as small as it seemed. So, the adherence to a well thought-out weight-loss plan is really a great solution in this situation.

Muscle Mass Development

If you have doubts regarding your member length and circumference, it’s a great idea to work tirelessly on the enlargement of your muscle mass. Of course, when you do this, your penis will not become more muscular. But when your muscle mass grows and you sculpt your body, you will definitely restore your self-esteem. And this will refer not only to your body appearance, but also the manhood size.

Pubic Area Shave

It may sound surprising, but often it’s just enough to groom the pubic area instead of resorting to the penis enlargement procedures. If you remove hair that surrounds your penis, it will immediately look much bigger. That’s because usually your member is mainly hidden in the pubic hair.

Th Bottom Line On Penis Enlargement Surgeries

Each many can do this even without any painful invasive procedures such as penis enlargement surgeries

When more blood fills the penis during the erection, you can count on the considerable erect penis enlargement comparing to the ordinary erection size. The quality of erections also improves, while sexual interest enhances. And most importantly, your health will not suffer.

Moreover, sometimes everything you need to do is to lose some body weight. Thus, the loss of belly fat is a great way to discover that your penis is longer than you could even imagine. And in this case, you will need neither surgeries nor pumps and pills in order to become an owner of the bigger manhood.

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