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Best Penis Extenders of 2022

best penis extenders
Stiff competition prevails in the sphere of production of various manhood enlargement tools. Even within each type of such tools, it’s possible to distinguish multiple penis enlargement methods.

According to the investigation, the traction-based penis extenders provide the most satisfactory gains among the non-surgical ways to get a bigger penis.

Despite a wide selection of such devices on the market, the experts put a wager on the following penis stretchers.


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Quick Extender Pro

9.976 Reviews

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Penis Extender With Dual Strap Support


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9.823 Reviews

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The Most Powerful Penis Extender


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Male Edge

9.734 Reviews

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Complete Penis Enlargement Solution


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9.623 Reviews

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Clinically Proven Penis Extender


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Phallosan Forte

8.911 Reviews

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Penis Extender With a Unique Design


#1: Quick Extender Pro

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The High-quality design is what the user has to consider first of all when choosing the appropriate device. Quick Extender Pro is exactly the penis stretcher that has a remarkable design of superior quality.

The Quick Extender stretchers can be conveniently put onto the penis and are simple to utilize.

The most distinctive feature that differentiates this series is a great range of offered models. The manufacturer sells a multitude of device packages aimed to comply with even the smallest men’s needs and requirements. Due to this, the users are able to excellently adjust the traction force.

The greatest news is that this penis extender is highly suitable for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease as well as the correction of penis curvature of other origin.

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#2 SizeGenetics

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SizeGenetics penis extender is available on safe for 16 years already. For the years of its existence, this device proved to be one of a few leaders on the market. And even now it’s one of the most frequently preferred options among the men.

This penis extender makes sexual activity much more intense due to the following advantages:

  • Penis length enlargement by 2-3 inches
  • Penis circumference enlargement by 1-1.5 inch
  • Fuller, huger, prolonged erections
  • Enhancement of libido and vigor
  • Improvement of penis curvature

The availability of 16 way comfort system and application of MDA technology distinguish this penis extender from the rest of similar products. Thus, the patented construction enables the users to adjust the extender by using 16 separate comfort modes.

It’s also possible to choose many directional angles as you wish.

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#3 Male Edge

penis extenders and stretching devices

Male Edge takes the third place among the most advanced penis stretchers.

There is scientific evidence that this device is well-working. It also got CE certification being a recognized medical stretcher.

Extension sessions with Male Edge are sure to bring you the advantages:

  • Enlargement of manhood circumference and length
  • Fuller, bigger, and more solid erections
  • Correction of manhood curvature

The Male Edge penis extenders are internationally renowned due to their highly sophisticated design and application of first-class materials.

These devices also feature unobtrusive wearability which makes them very comfortable to use.

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#4 ProExtender

best penis stretcher

ProExtender is a premium-class penis extension system that won fame among the extensive spectrum of the manhood stretchers now abundantly available on the market.

By using this penis extender, you can count on the rundown of great perks:

  • Painless non-invasive mode of operation
  • Unbeatably high performance
  • Well thought-out comfort system
  • Clinically backed safety
  • Opportunity to get a significantly longer and thicker penis
  • Possibility to fully overcome sexual dissatisfaction

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#5 Phallosan Forte

best penis extension

Phallosan Forte is a cutting-edge penis extender that ensures unmatched comfort and efficacy to all users. This device is made from the high-quality robust materials which guarantee the flawless operation of the stretcher for a very long time.

The original design of this penis extension system enables the users to stretch the penis within quite a long period without any troubles and discomfort. You can also incorporate the use of device into your ordinary daily activities.

And this is what makes it a standout among the other stretchers.

You should be aware that the beginners may firstly get their penile skin irritated as well as feel slight pain and minor discomfort due to the lack of experience in using the penis extender.

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What Are Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders are in fact the specific devices worn on the male member in order to elongate and lengthen this organ naturally. These devices owe their invention to the strong men’s desire to avoid penile surgeries. So the fear of pain, discomfort, and external invasion are what guided the men on the way to exploring the power of traction in terms of safe penis enlargement.
The penis extenders have become the implementation of the latest, most revolutionary innovations in the sphere of non-invasive manhood size increase methods.

Millions men have already appreciated the powerful potential of these devices to change the dick measurements. The male member is subject to the pulling force of this device. If this procedure is done regularly, meaning no less than a few hours of sustainable application per day, the length and circumference of manhood increases.

The men have been enjoying the benefits provided by the advanced penis extenders for two decades already. This time was fully used by the developers to make such devices evolve and ensure even better member enlargement gains to their users.

Advantages of Penis Extenders

Get the scoop on the most remarkable advantages of branded penis extenders from the best manufacturers:

  • Scientific proof: These devices don’t belong to the ungrounded and doubtful methods claimed to make penis grow. To the contrary, many scientists and experts have done much profound research to finally confirm the ability of member stretchers really improve the dick dimensions without any surgical knife cut. Safety and quality of the penis extenders was also positively checked during these numerous researches.
  • Surgery substitute: There is no secret that nobody likes penis enlargement surgeries, especially in such a delicate place which in fact the genitals are. Even the ardent longing for the bigger penis often stops the men from going under the knife. But at the same time these men continue wanting to acquire a larger member. And the penis extenders are the best choice to save the men from painless sensations and other sufferings which always accompany the penis enlargement surgeries.
  • Penile tissues growth: When the member is frequently exposed to the pulling force of the high-quality stretching device or penis pump, the man can fulfill another burning desire. That is, it’s possible not just increase the dick measurements but also preserve the gains. The matter is that the reliable penis extenders from the well-reputed manufacturers trigger the mechanism of cell hyperplasia. It means that under the traction force, more new penile cells emerge. Penile tissues enlarge and hence the penis itself permanently grows. You shouldn’t be afraid that the gains will fade away after you stop using the stretcher.
  • High level of comfort: The most cutting-edge penis extenders ensure exclusive comfort to their users. The manufacturers exert every effort to constantly raise comfortability of their devices since this characteristic is one of the most crucial ones for the men. The matter is that no man will want to wear the device that causes much discomfort for many hours even for the sake of getting a thicker and longer penis.
  • Penis curvature improvement: The top-notch penis extenders are very helpful for the men with bent penis. The curved manhood often makes sexual activity very troublesome and painful. Some men may even refuse to have sex because of penis curvature. Such men’s fervent wish is not only to get a bigger dick but to improve the member curvature in order to have a trouble-free, pleasurable sexual encounter.

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The Most Widespread Sleeves Used Along with Penis Extenders

If you are seriously considering the penis enlargement by means of using the up-to-date penis extenders, you should be also aware what extender sleeves exist and how they differ from the ordinary penis extenders. When you get acquainted with the sleeve types, there will be a higher probability to make your sex life brighter.

There are the following types of extender sleeves:

  • Open-Ended: While the traditional penis extenders just enlarge the manhood, the open-ended sleeve extenders are the most satisfactory pick for the men who not only aspire to increase the male member circumference, but also don’t wish to sacrifice the member sensation.
  • A top in the majority of extender sleeves is closed. Due to this, the manhood stimulation becomes impossible. But this problem doesn’t exist if you obtain the open-ended sleeve extender. This option doesn’t decrease your pleasurable sensations and at the same time makes the penis bigger.
  • Close-Ended: The close-ended sleeves are most frequently seen in the classic versions of sleeve penis extenders. Such a sleeve is more traditional and user-friendly comparing to the other sleeves. But it completely covers the penis including its head. And the men often complain about the lack of sensitivity due to the inability of manhood stimulation.
  • Textured: While some men like the smooth sleeves, the growing number of men is giving preference to the cutting-edge textured sleeve penis extenders. These sleeves bring pleasure to a much higher level. The availability of exterior nubs and ridges offers a wonderful chance to ensure a higher stimulation of the sex partner. Don’t forget that in this case much lubricant is required to boost sensations even more.
  • Harness: There are the sleeve penis extenders equipped with a testicle loop, which spreads over the testes and holds the device on the manhood. However, not all men like such devices. For such men, the harness extenders are helpful. They have a strap-on mechanism of action.

There are the men who want to use only the ordinary penis extenders which really stretch the member and permanently increase it in both length and circumference. But if you don’t wish to devote much time to stretching in order to achieve significant penis enlargement results, you can quite effectively try using the high-quality sleeve extenders.

Common Mistakes While Using Penis Extenders

The men regardless of whether they are experienced in using the penis extenders or are the beginners are often prone to disappointing mistakes, which considerably reduce the efficacy of these great devices. The mistakes may happen because the men:

  • Ignore User Guidelines: Each manhood stretcher is sold with a professional user manual that precisely explains the men how to apply the device properly. Each user must familiarize himself with this manual before starting to use the device.
  • Wear Extenders Unfit for Use: If the extender is worn-up, you are strongly discouraged from the member extension by means of the worn-out stretching device. Otherwise, the probability of injuries drives high.
  • Use Extenders at Night: Night is not the best time for the penis enlargement with the help of even the most advanced penis extenders. Since while sleeping you can’t control the action of such devices, the likelihood of injuring the genitals grows.
  • Misuse Extenders: The member stretcher must be always used exactly how the manufacturer specifies. If not, you may deal with discomfort, pain, penile traumas, and decreased device efficacy.

Is There Any Safety Guarantee?

Safety backgrounds among different penis extenders may differ depending on the brand. But there are some universal peculiarities for all such devices from the reliable manufacturers.
The most well-established manufacturers of manhood stretchers try to prove the inability of their devices to cause side effects by conducting the clinical trials prior to manufacturing their extenders. And when the results of these trials are gotten, these manufacturers allow the authoritative science magazines give broad publicity to these results so that each user could get acquainted with this highly relevant information.

Also, the production of the forward-looking penis extenders implies the utilization of the latest engineering technologies renowned with high ergonomics and superior quality.

The manufacturers who are targeted at the international shipping of their manhood stretchers must confirm that their devices really comply with all international quality and safety standards. That’s why the penis extenders from such manufacturers have to be obligatorily backed with international quality certificates or be approved by EMA, CE, ISO, FDA or other regulatory bodies.

The production process implies the application of top-notch medical grade materials such as PTFE, stainless steel, silicone, polycarbonate, ABS, aluminum, and the like in order to ensure the absence of any allergic reactions in men who use the penis extenders.

And the greatest news for the men who are going to use dick extenders is the availability of a money-back guarantee typically valid from 60 to 90 days. This is one of the most self-explanatory ways to prove the devices safety.

Possible Side Effects of Penis Extenders

While the other manhood enlargement methods such as surgeries and prescription medications can seriously damage the man’s health by causing cardiovascular problems, liver conditions, kidney conditions, penile nerve damage, sensitivity impairment, genital ache and others, the high-quality penis extenders don’t provoke such negative effects.

The most “dangerous” complication you may expect while using the advanced penis extenders is slight mild abrasion which doesn’t happen often and fades away quickly.

Facts about Average Penis Size

The men sometimes rush to try penis extenders or any other methods in order to get at least a slightly larger manhood. That’s because everything around obviously or veiledly screams about the mandatory condition for each man who wants to considered really masculine and brutally sexy. And this condition is the availability of a bid dick, which urges the men to search not only for the safe penis enlargement methods like penis extenders but also for doubtful and frankly dangerous products.

According to different surveys which monitor the most frequent men’s fears, the majority of men are afraid their manhoods are too small. The very thought about own inability to satisfy a sex partner with the available penis measurements makes the men feel very anxious and have too many irons in the fire. But the reality is usually far from the men’s nightmares about a tiny penis. And even the top-notch penis extenders are not always needed.

What feeds the male uncertainty about own sexuality is the abundance of porn and combative advertising, which all try to convince the men that only a huge penis is a pledge for sexual happiness. The companies use all possible levers of influence over the men’s minds to persuade them purchase the penis extenders and other products promising to make the manhood longer and thicker.

The researchers came to the conclusion that use the penis extenders as well as many others ways to elongate and thicken own dick, underestimate the size of their members. And this is confirmed with the facts about the average penis size:

  • According to the studies, the average penis is 7 to 10 cm (2.8 to 3.9 inches) long when flaccid.
  • The studies have shown that the average penis is 9 to 10 cm (3.5 to 3.9 inches) thick when flaccid.
  • The average penis is 12 to 16 cm (4.7 to 6.3 inches) long in when erect.
  • The average penis is about 12 cm (4.7 inches) thick when erect.
  • About 85% of women are happy with the measurements their partners’ manhoods, the percentage of men who don’t want to enlarge a penis is much lower.
  • No less than 45% of men are totally convinced that their penises have unsatisfactory length and girth.

You may be surprised that your penis really falls within the range of normal penis length and girth measurements even without the use of any, even the best penis extenders. But of course, if you still aspire the bigger manhood dimensions than those given by nature, you may practice the dick extension with one of the most cutting-edge penis extenders.

What Women Think of Their Men’s Penis Size

While the men are continuing looking for the well-working penis extenders or other methods to get a bigger dick, the women don’t complain about the pansies of their beloved ones.

Most women think that the men’s aspiration to use different penis extenders and other penis-enlarging devices and procedures due to the troubling about the manhood dimensions is not worth a plugged nickle. That’s because in reality there is nothing to worry about.

A small penis size and urgent need for the penis extenders or penis pills is just about a particular man’s imagination, nothing more. This is an opinion of most women.

A man sees his dick down from the top, while a woman sees this organ straight before her or views it from the side what makes it seem tinier for a man and normal-sized for a woman. The men should take this into account before attempting to enlarge the penis with the penis extenders or in any other way.

Also, the study has indicated that while the men are bothered about manhood lengthening by applying the penis extenders and various penis stretching techniques, the women prefer a thicker manhood instead of a longer one.

Tips to Follow When Using Penis Extenders

Though the best penis extenders from the internationally renowned manufacturers are typical very ergonomic and easy-to-use, there is a range of tips you should consider. These tips will help you get maximum out of the penis extenders:

In-depth Penis Extension Sessions

To receive the expected manhood enlargement gains, it’s necessary to have the well-grounded extension plan and thoroughly stick to it on an ongoing basis. The best companies producing the top-class penis stretcher devices typically offer their customers a simple and effective stretching program, which each man can perform without any problems.

It’s a wrong approach to extend the time needed for the use of a penis stretcher in order to count on the more satisfactory results. If you follow this approach, you put your health into jeopardy. Particularly, you can get injured and feel pain during stretching.

If you are only familiarizing yourself with the possibilities of penis extenders, your extension sessions should never be longer than 4 hours. The more experience you gain in elongating and thickening your manhood, the longer sessions you many have. And even if you become an experienced user of penis extenders, just a couple of extension sessions with at least a 2-hour breaks between them are recommended.

If you stick to really a well thought-through manhood stretching routine, you shouldn’t feel any pain. In fact, pain means you do stretching incorrectly. You have to cease the extension session with a penis stretcher as soon as the process becomes painful and unpleasant. After the painful experience, you should forget about stretching for a few days.

Uncircumcised Penis

The men with uncircumcised manhoods may feel perplexed when trying to fix one of the penis extenders on the manhood in case this organ is uncircumcised. There are two methods of wearing the device suitable for such men. The first method implies drawing in the foreskin forward, while the second methods means you should push this delicate skin back. In both cases, the procedure should be done as tenderly as possible to prevent the foreskin traumas. The most revolutionary penis extenders of superior quality from the most reliable manufacturers are now excellently designed in order to ensure a convenient grip and fixation for the uncircumcised manhoods. And the men with such penises can enjoy all advantages of member stretching.

Flaccid Penis

Even if you use one of the best penis extenders ever, there is one condition that should be fulfilled for the successful application of such devices. That is, the male member shouldn’t be erect when you start the extension session. The fixation of the erect manhood in the stretcher means that the manhood will stop being fixed when the organ ceases being erect. If the penis falls out the device, it can’t be used as intended. It means that the member can’t become either longer or thicker during an erection. Even the most cutting-edge penis extenders will be unable to bring the wanted results.

Pubic Area Shaving

Rushing to use the penis extenders from the famous brands, the majority of men even doesn’t realize that pubic area shaving truly matters. Most men don’t even think about this aspect of applying the manhood devices. Both the manufacturers and experts recommend the users to remove the pubic hair prior to the use of any extender.

Well-Measured Traction Force

Even the best penis extenders from the trusted companies require the proper measurement of traction force. The choice of very high traction force will not make your closer to the fulfilment of your dream about a manhood with huge dimensions. To the contrary, the improperly selected traction force in the penis extenders may be dangerous for your intimate health. Thus, this may lead to painful sensations and even injuries, which will then demand the treatment. That’s why you should set a low traction force at the beginning and then very slowly augment the force. The more experienced you become in stretching, the better tailored traction force you can choose.

Great Dedication

The cutting-edge penis extenders with the best characteristics will not make the manhood growth in the twinkling of an eye. You shouldn’t wait that the most expensive penis extenders are able to instantly turn your ordinary-sized penis into a very large one just after a couple of stretching sessions. You should get ready that you will spend many weeks and months by performing the stretching routine before you will be really able to boast of a longer and thicker member.

Penis Extension Expectations

The men who choose the penis extenders for enlarging their penises often think that it’s a solution to all problems in their intimate life. These men believe that it’s just enough to wear a top-notch penis stretcher to instantly get a longer and thicker manhood.

The truth is that the researchers really proved that the penis extenders are highly effective for the purposes specified by the manufacturers of these devices. It means you truly can get your dick enlarged in both length and circumference if you consistently use one of such high-quality devices. But you shouldn’t set unrealistic expectations when buying the cock stretcher. Otherwise, this may lead to the total disappointment.

Even the best penis extenders from the most famous companies are not able to provide the gains which will be as great as the post-surgery penis size increase. The use of stretchers means the absence of any invasion into the penile tissues. If you have a settled intention to make your penis fuller and bigger by means of wearing the dick extension system, you should utilize this device not occasionally but steadily for a long time. Thus, the daily use of stretcher is needed.

Types of Penis Extender Systems

The best penis extenders from the well-established manufacturers can be divided into two key types:

  • Noose Extenders: This is the most conventional and best-researched penis extender type. These devices have been launched to the market about three decades ago. The uncircumcised customers most frequently give preference to these stretchers. A large pad-equipped base and screw-fixed rods are what forms the design of most noose extenders. The extender’s length is easily adjustable to make stretching comfortable. These stretchers are a worthy pick for the experienced customers.
  • Strap Extenders: The best penis extender systems are now considered to be the most modern and up-to-date extension devices meant to promote the penis growth. These devices offer almost unlimited possibilities for adjusting the stretcher’s dimensions to the cock’s dimensions due to the availability of easy-to-use straps. These straps help the men regulate the device’s stretching force to exclude the probability of starching inconvenience. This type is highly suited for the men regardless of whether they are uncircumcised or circumcised. Each many can learn fast to operate these extenders. That’s why they are a great choice for the beginners.


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