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Phallosan Forte Penis Extender Review (February, 2020)

The Phallosan Forte is the up-to-date penis extender that enjoys an increasing popularity at the present moment. It is a device aimed at helping the men dissatisfied with their member measurements.

Swiss Sana Anstalt is the manufacturer and distributor of this extender which has already become a worthy alternative to surgical methods and other invasive penis increase techniques.

The stretcher is produced with the use of the safest allergy-free materials and with compliance to the relevant quality standards.



1. How It Works?

The work of the Phallosan Forte is based on the application of traction method. It is considered that the traction force that is generated by the extender encourages the reproduction of penile tissue cells. This process is known as cytokinesis.

The mechanism of action used by the Phallosan Forte has a scientific ground. Thus, one of the latest Italian studies has demonstrated that the daily 4-6 hour penis extending for 4 months was enough to averagely enlarge the men’s penises by 0.7 inches.

That’s why the use of this stretcher is sure to help you gear up for the more active sex life and increased self-esteem due to the guaranteed penis growth.


2. Advantages of Phallosan Forte

The use of Phallosan Forte is accompanied with a range of obvious advantages. They include:

  • Opportunity to enlarge penis in both length and circumference
  • Increased penis sensitivity
  • Enhancement of sexual interest and desire
  • Restoration of bedroom self-confidence
  • Availability of FDA approval
  • Existence of product warranty and strong customer service


3. Which Results to Expect?

According to the manufacturer’s statements, it’s necessary to practice Phallosan Forte stretching for no less than 1,000 hours in order to enjoy the maximum gains. But the customer reviews provide evidence that it’s often enough to use the extender for 600-700 hours in order to get the satisfactory manhood enlargement results.

You still should understand that the extending effects may differ from a man to a man, depending on many factors.

It’s crucial to adhere to the stretching plan if you really want to have the impressive member growth achievements. If you cease extending and take many-day breaks, you can lose the manhood measurement increase gains.

There are the reports indicating that the men can make their penises bigger by approximately 1.50-1.85 inches at the end of the recommended stretching period.

This refers to the manhood length. But the girth also slightly increases. Such gains are average. And some men manage to increase the member measurements even more.

4. What Is the Most Suitable Stretching Schedule?

The manufacturer emphasizes that the Phallosan Forte use is effective if the men are patient and highly devoted to their stretching goals.

Both experts and experienced users advise to develop an extending schedule and consistently stick to it in order to have the best results. The most widespread schedule is intended to last 3 weeks.

Week 1
You should develop 1-2 hours daily to stretching on the very first days of using the extender. Then you should gradually increase the extending time. On the 5th-6th day, you can extend the manhood for about 4 hours.

But it’s necessary to take a break on the 7th day.

Week 2
This week your task is to wear the extender for 8-10 hours per day.

It’s recommended to prolong the device use every day by adding 1 hour to your stretching routine.

It’s suggested not to hurry up if you feel any discomfort or pain while stretching. The last day of the second week should be devoted to the rest.

Week 3
If you have already reached the target of using the stretcher for 8-10 hours, you should further follow this extending plan.

Adjust tension in order to avoid pain and discomfort. When this week comes to the end, you can continue stretching at this pace till you get the desirable changes in the manhood dimensions.

If you feel comfortable with stretching, you can even prolong the extending sessions, making them last longer than 10 hours per day. And you will finally become the well-endowed men as you always dreamt of.



5. Where to Purchase the Device?

First of all, you are free to buy this exclusive penis extender on the official website of the device manufacturer.

It’s also possible to find the Phallosan Forte in the drug stores located in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

It’s very important to order the extender from the authorized outlets only. That’s because too many swindlers try to sell the non-authentic poor-quality copies of this stretcher. The use of such a faked device may be dangerous to your health.



Phallosan Forte Questions & Answers

Does Phallosan Forte Work like a Penis Pump?

Phallosan Forte is a top-notch penis extender supported with a clinical evidence of its ability to make your penis grow. In other words, it’s a powerful penis enlargement system that safely and reliably contributes to the penis thickening and lengthening without pain and risk. Phallosan Forte doesn’t work like a pump because the penis pumps are intended just for the erectile dysfunction relief. These devices are not able to permanently increase the manhood measurements, while Phallosan Forte successfully does this. So, even the most cutting-edge pumps, such as the Bathmate, are incomparable to this exclusive penis extender since their mechanisms of action and purposes of use are different.

Is Phallosan Forte More Effective Than Penis Pills?

The intake of any sex pills for men, even the best ones, can never replace the effects you are sure to get when using Phallosan Forte. All pills targeted on the improvement of male sexual potency are in fact the dietary supplements which are unable to change your penis dimensions permanently. These pills may support your health and enhance some aspects of sex life, but they will never help you become the owner of a longer and thicker penis. As for Phallosan Forte, it was created exactly for making your dream of a bigger manhood come true in a non-invasive way. So, by efficacy rate, this penis extender outstrips any male enhancement pills.

Should I Wear Phallosan Forte Just to One Side?

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it’s necessary to alternate the pulling direction every 2 days in order to achieve the maximum results as soon as possible.
What Will Happen if I Get an Erection While Using Phallosan Forte?
Nothing bad or unpleasant is going to happen is you attain an erection during the manhood stretching with Phallosan Forte. If the erection appears while the extender is on your penis, you will feel very mild pressure on the manhood glans. There will be no painful sensations. That’s because a very slight expansion of the sleeve is ensured.

What Should I Do If I Want to Urinate While Wearing Phallosan Forte?

If the need for urination arises during the application of Phallosan Forte, it’s advisable to take the extender off for a while in order to practice proper hygiene.

What to Do if Any Phallosan Forte Structural Part Has a Defect?

You shouldn’t worry about any defects because the manufacturer offers a long-lasting 24-month guarantee for all extender components except the stretch sleeve. Though the risk of dealing with a defective part is very low, the warranty will surely save you from any disappointment and dissatisfaction if any defect yet happens.

Is It Possible to Wash the Phallosan Forte Belt?

Hand wash at 30°C is allowed for Phallosan Forte. So, you can easily and safely keep your penis stretcher in a hygienic condition without a risk of damaging your device.

Are the Phallosan Forte Parts Safe?

The tests of all structural components of Phallosan Forte which straightforwardly touch the skin have been performed in accordance with EcoTex/100. And no contaminants were found in these components. Also, testing by TÜV was applied to ensure safety of the foam rubber pad and textile belt fixed with the help of a Velcro fastener. The use of stretch sleeve is based on TÜV, CE approval. This sleeve is made from the latex of the most superior quality. This latex doesn’t include any protein. This helps bring the probability of any allergic reactions almost to naught.

Can I Use Phallosan Forte If I Am not Well-Versed in Medicine?

Each man can easily take advantage of using Phallosan Forte without a necessity to have any medical knowledge. The manufacturer of this penis extender exerted every effort in order to provide comprehensive and intelligible user guidelines backed with video and pictures available on the official Phallosan website. But if you still have any problems with using the device, you are always free to seek for the customer support’s advice.

Can I Sleep at Night While Wearing Phallosan Forte?

You can safely remain Phallosan Forte worn onto your penis throughout the whole night. The device will not disturb your sleep and will not impair penile blood supply.


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