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Best Premature Ejaculation Pills in 2022

best premature ejaculation pills
The modern men often have to deal with the issue of premature ejaculation. The need to stay long overburdened with extremely stressful work conditions and many unaddressed health problems finally lead to the underperformance in sex life.

It touches on all spheres of sexual activity including the ability to regulate own ejaculations. Luckily, now the men can count on the assistance of premature ejaculation pills in order to lengthen a sexual intercourse till the desirable duration.


TOP 5 Premature Ejaculation Solutions


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ProSolution Plus

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Clinically Proven Premature Ejaculation Pills


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Get Harder and Longer Erections


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Male Extra

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Erections That Look Better and Last Longer


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VigRX Delay Spray

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Spray for Premature Ejaculation


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VigRX Plus

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Higher Libido & Better CONTROL Over Erections


#1 Premature Ejaculation Pills: ProSolution

best premature ejaculation pills

ProSolution takes the leading position among the completely natural premature ejaculation pills currently sold over the counter.

A large number of men are now unable to last long during sex and some booster is required to come to rescue. ProSolution perfectly copes with this task.

This ejaculation delay remedy not only tackles the issue of early climax but also restores reproductive health, improves erection quality, and enhances male libido.

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#2 Viasil

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Vasil is a top-class premature ejaculation treatment option that also augments virility and sexual energy making a man much hornier. Also, this natural supplement urges the production of own testosterone and gives a boost to sexual activity.

The absolute naturalness of this product is what makes it appealing to all men.

Thus, the pill ingredient matrix is not comprised of any aggressively-acting synthetic ingredients which endanger the men’s health.

The key Viasil upsides include:

  • Prolonged duration and increased firmness of erections
  • Elevation of libido
  • Upsurge of stamina and endurance
  • Intensification of blood circulation

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#3 Male Extra

stop premature ejaculation supplements

The majority of men labor under misapprehension that each male can continue a sexual intercourse for a long time, as long as he wishes. But most often this myth is dispelled because most men even can’t restrain ejaculation till their sex partner manages to have an orgasm.

Male Extra is effective for adjourning your climax till the moment you and your sex partner become fully satisfied sexually.

This male enhancement booster will help you overcome low sexual self-esteem and underperformance in bedroom in an absolutely natural and safe way.

Since this ejaculation delay pill of natural origin is loaded just with the all-natural components, you shouldn’t be afraid of any unsafe adverse reactions.

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#4 VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX Delay Spray is a worthy choice for each man who aspires to suspend climax and wishes to make sexual intercourse more pleasurable and prolonged.

This sexual performance booster enables the men to start regulating own ejaculatory process again and revive sexual happiness naturally and without any harm to the male overall health. And this product does this by utilizing the transdermal delivery system.

But you should be aware that this topical remedy acts as a genital desensitizer for the sex partner. If it’s an undesirable effect for both of you, you should wipe the remains of spray away prior to a sexual intercourse. In addition, it’s possible to give preference to a condom.

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#5 VigRX Plus

natural premature ejaculation solution

VigRX Plus is a great pick of natural origin for the men who want to raise sex drive, make erections more solid and bigger, and revamp overall sexual activity.

There are no hazardous artificial components at all in the supplement formulation. This all-natural sexual potency enhancer belongs to the best-working products recently put on sale.

The key VigRX Plus upsides include:

  • More rigid erections
  • Possibility to combat early climax
  • Better orgasm brightness
  • Enhancement of virile strength and sexual desire

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What Are Premature Ejaculation Pills?

Premature climax pills are special remedies which are invented for the men who can’t cope with the task of controlling own ejaculation. These pills are intended for the men who want to prolong a sexual intercourse, extend sexual pleasure, and fully satisfy their sex partners. The premature ejaculation remedies are created to address all these issues and make the men release their cut loads later.
The premature ejaculation pills may contain either exceptionally all-natural ingredients, being over-the-counter ones, or powerful artificial components, being prescription ones. In any case, the regular intake of such pills will give the man an opportunity to desirably postpone climax.

Premature Ejaculation Pills vs Topical Remedies

Except the all-natural premature ejaculation pills, there are also the topical solutions to the early climax problem.

While the OTC premature ejaculation pills imply the oral administration, the topical products mean that a man should apply them directly to the targeted place; that is, to the penis.
The topical creams and sprays aimed at fighting rapid ejaculations are comprised of high-quality and safe anesthetic agents which contribute to the numbing of penis after application. The anesthetic agents most often include lidocaine and benzocaine, while more rarely prilocaine. These creams decrease the manhood sensitivity and postpone ejaculations in such a way. These remedies utilize the transdermal system of delivery of key ingredients to the man’s body. While the majority of manhood topical creams and sprays is non-prescription, just like the natural premature ejaculation pills, a lidocaine-prilocaine cream has to be obtained by prescription.
The manhood should be smeared with this cream or apply a spray approximately 10 to 15 minutes prior to a planned sexual intercourse. This is how it will show its properties to the greatest extent. According to the researches, these creams can make sex continue for a few minutes longer.

The topical premature ejaculation solutions are generally considered easy-to-use and trouble-free. But unlike the over-the-counter premature ejaculation pills, these creams and sprays may cause side effects like libido reduction, short-term loss of sensitivity, and low sexual pleasure. Moreover, these side effects may occur not only in men but also in their sex partners. Also, rubbing the topical cream into the manhood may be inconvenient and leave spots on the underwear. This causes discomfort to the men.

These issues don’t emerge in case of taking the non-prescription premature ejaculation pills of natural premature ejaculation pills. Even more, these pills contribute to the growth of libido, sexual interest, and virile strength.

Male Pelvic Floor Exercises

If you don’t have strong pelvic floor muscles, it will be difficult to make ejaculation happen later even in case of taking the best premature ejaculation pills. The pelvic floor exercises can really overcome the weakness of pelvic floor muscles and prolong the time from penetration till orgasm.

It’s very effective to combine the intake of the OTC premature ejaculation pills with the correct performance of pelvic floor exercises:

  • Feel the needed muscles: You will detect the pelvic floor muscles if you cease urinating somewhere in the middle of the process. Then you may start exercising in any convenient position.
  • Gain exercising proficiency: You should continue administering the non-artificial premature ejaculation pills and at the same time hone exercising skills by contracting and then relaxing the pelvic floor muscles within 3 seconds. Do these exercise several times successively.
  • Keep yourself focused: The supplementation with the high-quality premature ejaculation pills will bring the most fruitful results if you perform the pelvic floor exercises properly. It means you should sharpen your focus by means of breathing freely instead of restraining the breath.
  • Repeat exercises: It’s advisable to repeat the exercises no less than 10 times, 3 sets per day while continuing taking the non-prescription premature ejaculations pills.

So, the use of top-notch premature ejaculation pills and the practice of pelvic floor exercises are a win-win decision for each man who is tired of ejaculating too early and depriving himself and his partner of sexual pleasure.


Types of Premature Ejaculation Pills

It’s possible to distinguish a few types of premature ejaculation pills which are should to help the men regain control over climax and prolong sexual intercourse as long as they aspire. These pills are as follows:

  • Prescription antidepressants: There is a group of prescription drugs usually applied for treating depression and other psychological conditions. These medications can be prescribed even to the men who don’t suffer from depression. Such antidepressants are effective for the men who can’t regulate ejaculation by themselves. These drugs may delay climax for approximately several minutes. These medications contain selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and tricyclic antidepressants. Among them, there are Clomipramine, Paroxetine, Fluoxetine, and Sertraline to name just several. And all of these medications work as the premature ejaculation pills.
  • Prescription ED medications: The strong prescription ED pills which are typically used to overcome erectile dysfunction may be also useful for fighting premature ejaculation. This refers to internationally renowned brands such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil, which perform the functions of PDE5 inhibitors. These medications can be prescribed as premature ejaculation pills in order to be taken standalone or can be combined with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the enhancement of positive effects.
  • Natural premature ejaculation supplements: There is a range of top-notch absolutely natural premature ejaculation pills produced by the manufacturers of male supplements. These supplements are developed to assist the men in lengthening a sexual encounter and make ejaculating happen later. The supplements are comprised of the sophisticated natural components of superior quality. These natural remedies are harmless and don’t require any prescription. Any man can purchase such natural penis pills whenever he wants to enjoy climax when he needs and make sex mutually more pleasurable and satisfactory.

last longer pills

Are Premature Ejaculation Pills Really Effective?

The prescription medications such SSRIs and ED medications are proven to provide the effects of premature ejaculation pills.

There is plausible evidence that SSRIs substantially prolong time it takes for the man to ejaculate. This action is determined with the alteration of serotonin levels. This natural chemical is a neurotransmitter responsible for the feelings of happiness, well-being, and overall relaxation. This is how the penile response to sexual stimulation decreases. And the man can delay his climax.

As for the prescription branded PDE5 inhibitors, they are also confirmed to demonstrate the properties of premature ejaculation pills. The reports of both medical experts and medication users tell that such pills really can postpone ejaculation. However, it’s worth noting that these pills are prescribed only to the men who have difficulties with attaining and sustaining an erection. So, they may relieve some manifestations of premature climax only in men who try to heal their impaired erectile function.

The all-natural supplements which fight early climax are suitable for each man. According to the customer reviews, such natural remedies effectively combat rapid ejaculation and help the men last much longer in bed. These pills don’t demand any prescription and availability of an underlying condition such as depression or erectile dysfunction.

The customer reviews indicate that the over-the-counter premature ejaculation pills not only successfully eliminate the problem of too short sexual intercourse but also have a favorable influence on the other aspects of sexual activity in men.

Is There a Permanent Solution?

You should understand that it’s impossible to find the magic premature ejaculation pills or any other remedy that will be equally helpful and versatile for all men without an exception. The Urology Care Foundation states that there are no commonly approved medications for curing early climax in men across the United States.

The ordinary treatment of premature ejaculation as a rule combines a few diverse treatment methods. Sometimes, the prescription of antidepressants which serve as the premature ejaculation pills may be appropriate for a particular man. In this case, the changes in serotonin concentration in blood will enable the man to perform longer during sex.

There also cases when the urologist or sex therapist may recommend the man to simultaneously take the non-prescription premature ejaculation pills and apply the high-quality topical spays or creams to the penis. These topical remedies work as the topical anesthetics by causing numbness of the penis head for a while. Since the penis becomes less sensitive, it’s possible to postpone orgasm.


What Is the Duration of Sexual Intercourse?

The duration of any sexual intercourse is primarily determined by the man’s ability to regulate the process of ejaculation. When the man can’t manage to do this, he may either immediately start searching for the premature ejaculation pills or fall into despair. But before doing this, you should get to know how long the ordinary man can continue a sexual encounter before climax.

The medical reports indicate that averagely a healthy man releases cum loads somewhere between 4 and 11 minutes after the penetration. So if you ejaculate within this period of time, you actually shouldn’t worry about your sex duration and rush to purchase the premature ejaculation pills.

Also, the surveys demonstrated that sex lasting from 11 to 30 minutes is even sometimes considered too long. At the same time, climax within 1 to 2 minutes is perceived as very short. However, according to the medical experts, even such a duration of sexual encounter is often not deemed early ejaculation. The medical experts state that it’s possible to estimate that the man suffers from premature ejaculation only of sex duration is just about one minute. In this case, the man has every reason to opt for the high-quality medically approved premature ejaculation pills.

Causes of Lifelong Early Climax

There are the cases when the men suffer from too rapid ejaculation throughout the whole life. Such men typically use the premature ejaculation pills from time to time within the life. If the man deals with lifelong early climaxes, most frequently it’s the outcome of psychological problems. Also, psychological conditions are the more widespread cause of lifelong early climax comparing to inability to regulate climax acquired later during the lifetime.

  • Childhood masturbation: The majority of adolescents and children who masturbate are afraid to be unkenneled and punished. They don’t want someone to catch them. This is where the habit to climax fast originates.
  • Sexual anxiety: If in the childhood a boy has some negative experience concerning sex, for example sexual assault, he may feel distressed about sex and hence suffer from premature ejaculation. Such men may often rely on the power of premature ejaculation pills.
  • Cultural and family education background: In some cultures, sex may be positioned as something disgraceful and sordid. The same refers to the family educations since sex-related topics are still treated as something very disgusting in some families.

Though the men with lifelong early climax problem are often among the users of branded premature ejaculation pills, the very first thing they should do is to overcome the psychological issues.

Causes of Acquired Early Climax

In the majority of cases, inability to regulate climax and hence the need for the premature ejaculation pills develops in adulthood. There are two major causes of this condition:

  • Psychological issues: Depression, constant exposure to stress, and relationship problems are the frequent causes of early ejaculation in men.
  • Physical conditions: There is a range of diseases which deprive the men of ability to delay ejaculation. They include diabetes, thyroid diseases, prostate diseases, high blood pressure, alcohol abuse, and multiple sclerosis which leads to nerve destruction. In this case, the use of prescription premature ejaculation pills may be deemed necessary.

Anyway, the underlying condition must be treated along with the use of even the best premature ejaculation pills and libido boosters.

How to Choose the Best Premature Ejaculation Pills?

There are a great deal of premature ejaculation pills and testosterone boosters in the market and it is hard to pick the right one that gives effective, long lasting effects.

There are several factors that need to be considered while choosing the best premature ejaculation pills.

Effectiveness and Safety

These two factors are the first and foremost things to consider while comparing options from different brands. There is no point of taking supplements for months if you cannot see any visible results.

The supplement should not contain any additives or synthetic ingredients that can cause other side effects.

Customer service

A reliable manufacturer of male health supplements provide efficient customer support that is ready to help you in case you have any queries related to supplement, their use or action, side effects etc.


Risk Factors and Complications of Premature Ejaculation

Even if you take the cutting-edge OTC premature ejaculation pills, there are the major risk factors which raise the probability of premature ejaculation development. These factors are as follows:

  • Erectile dysfunction: If you sometimes or regularly experience difficulties with attaining and sustaining a firm and long-lasting erections, you are in a risk group of men who are susceptible to have premature ejaculations and hence should take some premature ejaculation pills. In this case, premature ejaculation may happen because the man is unconsciously afraid that his erection may disappear at any moment.
  • Stress: The everlasting emotional tension and constant stress negatively affect the ejaculatory process, contribute to early climax, and hence may cause the need for premature ejaculation pills. This is an outcome of the man’s inability to stay relaxed and concentrated on a sexual intercourse only.

If you take appropriate measures including the use of first-class premature ejaculation pills, you may deal with some disappointing complications such as:

  • Relationship problems: Early climax can worsen the man’s relationship with a partner due to the mutual dissatisfaction with a too short sexual intercourse. Once you notice that your relationship suffers due to the premature ejaculation issue, it’s important not to silence down the problem and talk to your partner frankly. The aim of a sex therapist or counselor may be effective for overcoming the relationship crisis and choosing the appropriate over-the-counter premature ejaculation pills.
  • Fertility problems: In some cases, rapid ejaculation can lead to the impairment of male fertility if the man shoots come loads before the start of vaginal sex. It means that sperm is unable to approach a female ovum and hence fertilization doesn’t occur. This may cause stress and therefore decrease sexual desire and inhibit bedroom performance. The combination of such factors has a negative impact on the man’s fertility.


Premature Ejaculation Diagnosis

Before taking any most advanced premature ejaculation pills, it’s advisable to first of all get early climax condition diagnosed.

Well, the man can from time to time lose control over his ejaculation when he is overexcited and extremely sexually aroused. And this is normal. But it’s possible to suspect the existence of a problem and the need for the well-working premature ejaculation pills if the man too frequently can’t regulate the ejaculatory process and this is cause of serious concern on the part of man and/or sex partner.
Before recommending any premature ejaculation pills, a healthcare provider performs a physical exam. Also, the doctor will determine your current state of health and your medical history. The doctor need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the frequency of premature ejaculation episodes?
  • How long does early climax trouble you?
  • Does premature ejaculation occur with a one partner or with all other sex partners?
  • Does early climax accompany each sexual intercourse?
  • What kind of sexual stimulation do you have and how frequently?
  • What impact does rapid ejaculation have on your sex life?
  • What relationship do you have in your couple?
  • Can you detect something able to make improve early climax or aggravate your problem?

After the talk with you, the doctor may prescribe you some most effective premature ejaculation pills.

The Bottom Line On The Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment

For some people, premature ejaculation is a ‘lifelong affliction’, but for most of the men, it is an ‘acquired lifestyle’ problem.

PE can be easily treated with the help of several natural measures, such as exercise, supplements, deep relaxation techniques and trying different sex positions.

One of the sure shot ways to get rid of this embarrassing problem is by using PE supplements and semen volume pills.

Premature ejaculation pills work by increasing the blood flow to the penis. These pills contain potent herbs that prolong sexual excitement and delay ejaculation.

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