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ProExtender Review (March, 2020)


1. Overview

The ProExtender is a top-notch extension device created to generate tender, harmless, and pain-free pulling force exerted to the penis.

The application of this penis extender is intended for:

  • Promoting penis enlargement with any invasive surgical procedures
  • Stimulating cell division due to which the penis becomes bigger
  • Penis elongating and thickening
  • Increasing penis size in an clinical evidence-based, harmless, and natural way

ProExtender can be purchased through their Official Site.

2. How It Works

The ProExtender has to be placed and reliably fixed at the base of penis and at the head of penis, with the extender itself stretched forth along the shaft of penis.

When the penis shaft is exposed to the linear pulling force that slowly intensifies, the penile tissue cells start naturally dividing. This contributes to the penile tissue growth in a gradual way.

This natural process means you are going to get the naturally lengthened and widened penis.

3. What the Study Tells

The study investigating the influence of stretching on the penis measurements was successfully conducted in 1998 by the Scandinavian doctors and scientists. This study threw light on how the traction force helps elongate the penis.

The study involved 18 participants who were 23 to 47 years old. These men were absolutely healthy, didn’t have any erectile problems, and didn’t undergo any penile surgical procedures.

The traction force was ranging from 900 g at the very beginning to 1200 g at the end of study period. The increase in traction force (to 1200 g) and daily traction period (till 12 hours per day) was gradual during the 24-week extension period.

The study findings were quite promising. Thus, the ProExtender application enabled the men to averagely enlarge the erect penis length by 1.1 inch (2.8 cm), while the flaccid penis length grew by 0.75 inch (1.9 cm). The total stretching duration that helped the men obtain such gains was 1100 hours.

4. How to Wear the Extender Confidently

First of all, you should apply the penis extender for a while at home in order to get used to its action and peculiarities. After this, you can wear the ProExtender under the medium-loose trousers or pants and nobody will even suspect that you have any device under your clothes.

As soon as you become an experienced user of the penis extender, you will be able to run the stretching sessions when doing almost all daily home activities; when going to work; and even when actually working (but provided that you don’t have to carry out hard physical activity).

A large number of the ProExtender users report that they can wear the device during the sleep time.

5. How Much to Pay for ProExtender

The cost of the ProExtender device differs since there are a few models of these penis extender. Thus, according to the most recent pricing information, the Original ProExtender costs $299.95, while the Deluxe ProExtender costs $399.95.

The prices for this device may change. To keep abreast of the current prices, you should constantly monitor the manufacturer’s website.

6. The Bottom Line On ProExtender

We like ProExtender is invented and created in Denmark.

That’s why you can be absolutely sure that you deal with a high-quality, doctor-endorsed, clinically-supported device.

You can also count on the favorable money-back guarantee that will enable you to get the full sum you spent back.




ProExtender Questions & Answers

Is ProExtender a Pump?

The ProExtender doesn’t belong to the penis pumps. It is a cutting-edge penis extender which is a principally different device. While the pumps are targeted on the improvement of erectile function by means of causing an erection, the ProExtender is used in order to make the penis grow. The pumps can promote only the temporary slight manhood enlargement that lasts as long as the erection remains. But the regular use of the penis extender contributes to the substantial penis elongation. And the member size gains are permanent.

Is ProExtender a Male Enhancer?

The ProExtender is a special device that makes the penis to increase in size. It is designed to contribute to penis lengthening. Moreover, you will preserve the length increase results even after you stop extending the manhood. That’s why it is the penis enlargement tool, not a male enhancement one. However, the ProExtender still may somehow elevate sexual interest due to the penile stimulation during the stretching session.

Does ProExtender Cause Pain?

The ProExtender is a doctor-endorsed stretcher that is created in a way, maximally eliminating pain and discomfort. At the very beginning of extending, you may still feel mild penile soreness till you get rid to the pulling force which the extender performs. But this sensation disappears very fast. Rarely, penile skin may become slightly irritated. However, it’s easy to solve the problem due to the availability of special pads.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using ProExtender?

According to the customer reviews, the majority of men don’t experience any issues when applying the ProExtender. The device is carefully manufactured to be reliably adjusted to the initial penis shape and dimensions. The extender is also sure to fit your daily activities in a trouble-free way. So, you don’t put your overall and sexual health into jeopardy when using the ProExtender since it doesn’t lead to the occurrence of side effects. But if you have any doubts, you may consult to your healthcare provider before starting the penis extension.

Can I Increase Penis Circumference by Applying ProExtender?

The great news is that the ProExtender not only helps the men elongate the penis by 24%, but also contributes to the circumference enlargement by 19%. It means that all manhood measurements are going to considerably and most importantly permanently increase.


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