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Quick Extender Pro Review (February, 2020)

Quick Extender Pro (QEP) is a high-quality penis stretching device that belongs to the very first extender models.

There is no other extender on sale backed with the Dual Strap Support (DSS). The latter one is a system that appraises how comfortable and wearable the device is.


1. What is Quick Extender Pro?

The manufacturer emerged on the market in 2004. The company’s first product was Deluxe Edition that was launched to the market in 2007.

For the years of the device existence, the manufacturer consistently improved the stretcher to satisfy all the users’ requirements and needs.

The second generation of the extender that was introduced to the world in 2015 featured the following amendments:

  • Weight decrease due to the replacement of steel with aluminum
  • Application of medical grade materials which ensure more intense tension and higher strength
  • Increased design ergonomics and proper glans support system



2. Quick Extender Pro Versions

There are four Quick Extender Pro versions.

Deluxe Limited Edition
It is the best representative in the Quick Extender Pro line. This model is supplied with numerous extra parts. They will be useful during the implementation of the whole penis enlargement program lasting even longer than a year.

Deluxe Standard Edition
This device enjoys the greatest popularity among the brand users. The extender is affordable and has all necessary features in order to ensure stable manhood growth in both length and circumference.

Value Edition
It is the model developed to provide the most effective initial manhood enlargement gains. And the price for the device is quite reasonable.

Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition
This option is primarily aimed at combating the issue of curved penis and healing the Peyronie’s disease. But this device of course makes the manhood grow as well.

Regardless of the initial penis size, the Quick Extender Pro demonstrates a high efficacy rate.

The matter is that the availability of DSS system makes the device wearable even of the man has a micropenis.

Also, the existence of wide base guarantees that all men, notwithstanding the penis sizes and shapes, can easily and successfully use the extender.


3. How Does Quick Extender Pro Work?

Penis Traction is actually a technique that the Quick Extender Pro applies to make the penis size increase in a harmless way.

Further, you will get acquainted with the stages which determine the member growth during the implementation of the penis enlargement routine.

  • Uses Penis Traction Scientific Support
  • Contributes to the Increase in Penile Cell Number
  • Optimal Enlargement of Both Circumference and Length
  • No Pain during the Penis Growth
  • Availability of Advanced DSS System


4. Why to Choose Quick Extender Pro?

The Quick Extender Pro is created with the use of the innovative DSS (double strap support) technology that provides the substantially increased comfort level.

The presence of such support system makes it possible to distribute tension, which the manhood is exposed to.

This is done with the use of 2 silicone tubes, the task of which is to make strain uniform across the whole penis shaft. Due to this, the man doesn’t feel any discomfort while wearing and using the extender.

There are also 2 silicone straps aimed at the maintenance of the adequate tension.

With the help of these straps, the penis is reliably fixed. And it can’t slip out of the extender during the stretching session.

Also, as opposed to the other penis extenders which are claimed to have comfort straps, the Quick Extender Pro is equipped with the medical grade comfort pads.

These pads ensure excellent blood flow throughout the penis. The great blood supply is what in fact determines the efficacy of mitosis and cytokinesis on which the penis growth gains depend.






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