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Semenax Review – 5 Thins You Need To Know

Semenax is a properly investigated male enhancement supplement meant to substantially boost semen loads.

It’s a widely recognized fact that the higher amount of semen, the more enjoying sex you can count on.

Semenax can be purchased through their Official Site.

1. How Semenax Works

Semenax ingredient content is comprised of a blend of high-quality ingredients mainly aimed at the stimulation of increased semen production.

The semen volume implies the overall multitude of semen components like sperm, seminal plasma, bulbourethral gland fluid, seminal vesicle fluids, and prostate gland fluids.

Due to the considerably enhanced production of semen under the impact of the supplement components, you can expect substantially fortified orgasmic sensations. There are the proofs that orgasm strength upsurges by incredible 200-300%.

Also, the pill formula not just makes the body produce more semen but also tackles the issue of testosterone reduction. The product activates testosterone secretion thanks to the better nitric oxide synthesis. The elevation of testosterone levels leads to the intense sexual desire, prominent sexual endurance, and complete sexual satisfaction.

The high semen volume also strengthens muscle contractions which accompany the process of climax. The more powerfully you ejaculate semen, the brighter sexual pleasure you can wait for and the more you can sexually please the sex partner.


2. Advantages

If you give the preference to Semenax for making semen volume grow, you can get a number of advantages like:

  • Substantial growth of semen output after the consistent 60-day use of semen volumizer.
  • Prompt restoration of sexual appetite and sexual arousal after the consistent 30-day use of semen volumizer.
  • Revival of virile strength, augment of ejaculation power, and much longer duration of sexual encounter after the consistent 21-day use of semen volumizer.
  • Absence of money risk since the favorable money-back guarantee that works for 67 days is offered.



3. Ingredients

Swedish Flower Pollen

This herb is known for its ability to kindle the fire of sexual endurance and stamina. The sexual potency boosting potential of Swedish Flower Pollen is easy to explain due to the presence of many herbal predecessors of testosterone and other hormones vital for male sexuality in the plant.

The component not just revamps testosterone production but also empowers the cardiovascular system, promotes erection hardness and enlargement, and increases semen amount.


Multiple studies have provided the grounded evidence that l-arginine, which is a naturally emerging amino acid, contributes to the synthesis of twice more semen and sperm. This not only leads to the considerably enlarged ejaculation amount but also to the enhancement of male fertility.

The adequately measured intake of this amino acid helps the men drive sperm count growth and speed up sperm motility. Due to this, the man’s ability to conceive a child will go up.


This essential amino acid is famous for its high efficacy when it comes to the increase in the production of both sperm and semen. The amino acid also takes part in the secretion of testosterone. It means that the enlargement of semen volume is also related to the improvement of semen components’ quality.


The other name of this plant is Horny Goat Weed. The consumption of Epimedium traces its roots back to the ancient times when people got to know about notable aphrodisiac qualities of this plant. At the present time, the scientists found out that this component raises sexual interest and desire, as well as stimulates the growth of testosterone concentration in the bloodstream.

Butea Superba

The Thai healers made this plant the worldwide renowned. Even many centuries ago, these doctors recommended the men treat the absence of libido and inability to get aroused by consuming this herb.

Now there is a clinical evidence that the plant can truly naturally increase sex drive in men.


Not each man is armed with knowledge that the sperm of a healthy man is loaded with a high amount of l-carnitine which appears naturally. The health and high quality of sperm depend on the availability of this amino acid in it.

It’s quite clear that Semenax is effective not just like a semen volumizer but also like a natural male enhancement booster.



4. How Much Does Semenax Cost?

The Semenax price varies, depending on the option you select.

1 month supply – $59.95
3 month supply – $154.95
6 month supply – $289.95
12 month supply – $399.95

5. The Bottom Line on Semenax

The men who are engaged in porn industry rarely reveal their professional secrets like the ways to get much more voluminous semen. However, there are the porn actors who don’t conceal that they are the Semenax users.

They are not embarrassed to state that this great semen volumizer really serves an excellent assistant for the men who need the impressive cum amount.

The intake of Semenax is not fraught with the occurrence of any unsafe adverse reactions. That’s why this product got the doctor endorsement.

The manufacturer of this semen booster also provides a 67-day money back guarantee to fully protect the interests of its customers.


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Semenax Questions & Answers

Can Semenax Compete with the Prescription Drugs?

The prescription medications used to promote erections don’t actually solve the issue of insufficient semen volume and have absolutely no impact on the man’s orgasms. The major task of such drugs is to intensify blood circulation in the manhood and that’s all. Moreover, these medications lead to the emergence of numerous adverse reactions which endanger the men’s health.

But Semenax is a 100% natural semen booster comprised just of the all-natural ingredients which have prominent harmless effect on many aspects of male sexuality and even fertility. This semen volume supplement really a highly competitive natural remedy that can outstrip the prescription erection medications due to its ability to safely and effectively intensify semen volume, make orgasms more pleasurable and memorable, elevate sex drive and virile strength, and even improve erectile function.

Can Semenax Be Used by Men after Vasectomy?

Even if the man underwent a vasectomy, it’s not an impediment for successful supplementation with Semenax. By using this natural product, such a man can count on the increase in semen volume due to the more active secretion of prostate and seminal liquids. Also, this all-natural supplement makes these men experience much more intense and vivid orgasms.

Can I Treat Infertility with Semenax?

The ingredient content of Semenax is compiled of the abundance of sophisticated natural ingredients chosen and added to the pill to make the men ejaculate more semen.

The higher semen amount engages the entire composition of semen. Thus, it implies the increase in bulbourethral gland fluid, seminal vesicle fluids, sperm cells, seminal plasma, and prostate gland fluids.

The supplement components work not just by stimulating the man’s body secret a greater volume of cum than it typically produces without the supplementation. It also significantly amplifies the strength of orgasms. The manufacturer claims that this product is able to drive the orgasm powerfulness upsurge by unbelievable 200-300% and hence make sexual activity truly unforgettable.

Semenax is the cutting-edge semen volumizer that has a mild but strong enough, and most importantly safe favorable influence on the man’s ability to produce a higher amount of semen. The natural components available in the formula of this supplement also have a positive effect on the quality of sperm as well as promotes the increase in sperm count which is crucial for the flawless male fertility. But still this natural pill doesn’t belong to the medications prescribed for the treatment of male reproductive system diseases. You should visit a doctor to solve your fertility issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Semenax?

Semenax is rated as a first rate sexual enhancement product by doctors and reviewing customers alike.

Why increase the “volume” of your semen? Well, Semenax makes for more intense orgasms usually when you are sexually peaking and a lot of semen comes out, it sort of adds to that whole wow factor in orgasming. Because Semenax is a ED supplement and is reported to help your maintain erections longer, it also has the ability to make the penis “fuller” by increasing it’s volume, another reason for the name of this product. By increasing the volume of your semen, you wouldn’t believe how much more explosive your orgasms can be.

Semenax pills can also decrease the likelihood of an embarrassing and often psychologically frustrating sexual problem for men, premature ejaculation. And why does it feel better when you ejaculate more semen? Because, if you think about the premise of what an orgasm is, here’s what it boils down to. Orgasms are, for both men and women, a build up of intensity and feeling that suddenly explodes into a crescendo of nerve endings bumping off of one another and something like little convulsions in the penis.

Because the volume of semen determines in part the volatility of this occurrence, you feel a lot more when it comes out of the penis, because the pressure is so much greater, and therefore the feeling of it exploding forth is much more intense and fulfilling. Men, like the one below, have testified that Semenax helps them achieve massive orgasms because of this very fact, and that is the main reason that men purchase this particular product.

Men who review Semenax say that they’ve experienced a greater sense of power, more thorough enjoyment of the sexual experience, and a greater sense of virility and youth, as well as an invigorated and re-energized sense of desire for spur of the moment sex, and lots of it.

Semenax semen volume pills promote horniness, for lack of a better description, and give you erections that show it, in the form of longer, stronger, more swollen and bigger erections that will satisfy your partner more fully.

If you’re looking for something that is more geared toward overall sexual performance and length of erection time, then see the Male Extra pills review, that libido booster is more geared toward your actual performance time and the attainment of larger, fuller erections together.

Is Semenax a Medication?

Semenax is a kind of nutritional supplement. It is not categorized as a medication prescribed by the doctors for the pharmaceutical treatment of any medical condition. Since it’s a supplement, it means that it doesn’t include any synthetic substances with powerful and often unsafe action.

On the contrary, this product encapsulates exceptionally the natural ingredients which give the men the power of nature by intensifying the production of semen and boosting overall men’s virility. Also, the status of all-natural supplement gives the men a great opportunity to get it over the counter, without the need to ask a doctor for the prescription.

Where to Obtain Semenax?

Semenax is not a pill available on the shelves of each nearest drugstore. Thus, the manufacturer emphasizes that the customers can purchase this semen volumize only on the official site. The manufacturer encourages the men to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer since it’s the only way to get an original supplement. It means that you will really receive the pill able to fully naturally ensure all the claimed benefits in an absolutely safe manner. If you find the places regardless of whether they are online or offline where this semen booster is offered except the manufacturer’s official site, you deal with the faked copies of this product. You should never buy such pills in order to save your health.

Can Semenax Cause Side Effects?

Semenax is a 100% natural semen volume enhancer with a scientifically proven efficacy and harmlessness. The product is packed with the natural active substances derived from herbs, as well as with the amino acids. Multiple clinical findings have approved that these components safely help the body synthesize a high amount of semen. They don’t provoke side effects. And there is no proven evidence of any serious complications and negative reactions associated with the use of this supplement. That’s why you can safely undergo the supplementation and enjoy the large semen volume.

Must I Visit a Doctor for Taking Semenax?

Semenax belongs to the completely natural products. It naturally gives a boost to the semen synthesis. It’s not a drug that requires some prescription. That’s why you don’t have to schedule the doctor’s appointment if you are intended to take this over-the-counter supplement. The doctor’s consultation may be needed only if you have any doubts and questions concerning the supplementation.

What Science Tells about Semenax

The manufacturer of Semenax is not groundless claiming that its product is highly effective. The matter is that it is backed with the results of a clinical trial.

The double-blind trial that lasted two months involved 63 men aged from 30 to 60 years old. There were two groups of male study subjects. One group of participants underwent the supplementation with four capsules per day divided into two servings. The other group used a placebo in the equal amounts.
The major purpose of study was to estimate the duration and intensity of orgasmic sensations in men using Semenax. The study really showed that orgasmic power and intensity substantially grew in men who underwent the supplementation. The information was appraised prior to treatment meaning baseline and then at the end of treatment meaning EoT.

But what even more important for the men aspiring to ejaculate more semen, the supplementation with Semenax lead to a 20% enhancement of semen amount. It was found out that many semen characteristics also improved. In particular, the volume of seminal vesicle fluids which compile approximately 70% of overall semen enlarged. The prostate gland fluid which compiles approximately 25% of overall semen ramped up as well. In addition, the levels of seminal plasma which is a liquid that contains semen grew in volume after the supplementation. Finally, bulbourethral gland fluid which is responsible for the semen stickiness also became more voluminous.

So, the favorable effects of this supplement on the men’s bedroom performance is obvious. It is confirmed with the plausible results of study.

Semenax Safety

Though Semenax doesn’t belong exactly to the hard on pills, this product is a powerful sexual performance booster with proven safety. Since this remedy can’t cause harm, it is freely accessible over the counter. Each man can obtain it without going to a healthcare provider.

This supplement was taped into a market more than ten years ago. And since that time, its safety was reinvestigated many times. Semenax garners the man’s attention with its absolutely harmless since it is crammed with the completely natural active substances. The researches demonstrated that each of the ingredients put into the product formula is risk-free.

According to the available evidence, the intake of Semenax is not associated with the occurrence of any adverse reactions. The customers don’t mention about any serious side effects after the pill use. That’s why this supplement is considered fully safe for virtually each man.

Semenax and Penis Size Increase

Semenax is a strong all-natural semen volume booster that enjoys a wide popularity among many men. That’s because it gives the men what they wish a lot. That is, this semen volumizer enables the men to ejaculate quite a massive amount of semen naturally. It really helps the users perform much better in bed.

However, you should be aware that Semenax doesn’t answer to a question of how to get a bigger penis. This supplement not only provides the men with more semen but also has a positive influence on the male fertility, as well as recharges virility and stamina. It may also somehow stimulate the production of testosterone by the body. But Semenax doesn’t increase the penis size in either erect or flaccid state. This supplement doesn’t encourage the blood supply to the penis. That’s why the manhood can’t become bigger and fuller than usually. So, if you are targeted on getting a thicker and longer dick, you should seek for the best penis enlargement pills. You can also combine such pills with Semenax.

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