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Best Penis Enlargement Pills of 2022

best penis enlargement pills
Penis enlargement pills are the implementation of formidable conjunction of non-artificial compounds which urge the erections grow in dimensions, rigidity and steadiness. This is a win-win way to a much higher sexual accomplishment and happiness.

  • The erection entails a great penis engorgement. The raised blood supply generates a huger and more solid erection.
  • Penis enlargement pills augment the blood vessel lumens piercing through the corpora cavernosa tissues and encourage a better blood delivery to the manhood.
  • The massive blood provision is a source of fuller and more solid erections with enlarged circumference and length. Orgasmic sensations also strengthen along with erection firmness.


TOP 5 Penis Enhancement Pills


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Male Extra

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Powerful Penis Enlargement Pills


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Fast Acting Natural Sex Pills for Men


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VigRX Plus

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Clinically Proven Male Enhancement Pills


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Male Enhancement Liquid Gel Capsules


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Safe & Effective Male Enhancement Pills


Penis Enlargement Pills #1: Male Extra

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One of the major advantages of Male Extra is its ability to promote the rock-hard and big erections with the extended duration.

It’s worth choosing Male Extra because it offers:

  • Well thought-out ingredient content
  • Incredibly positive effects
  • Precisely measured amounts of active substances

The users also highly appreciate this penis enlargement supplement because it is supported with a 100-day money back guarantee.

This long period of time is enough to understand whether the product meets your goals and request a refund if it doesn’t.

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#2 Viasil

best over the counter male enhancement pills

Viasil is the implementation of the latest technologies in the sphere of male sexual boosters’ production. It can completely revamp the way a man performs in bed.

This supplement is packed with the non-artificial PDE5 inhibitors which mimic real Viagra.

The ingredient profile of this penis remedy is also properly investigated.

Viasil is backed with a money back guarantee valid for 100 days. That’s why you will not lose money and can try this male enhancement supplement without any fear.

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#3 VigRX Plus

dick growth pills

Achieving an harder erection and increasing your penis size can often be stressful and difficult.

While many range of products and methods claim to increase your size and give you better erections, there are a few products on the market that actually work to deliver consists results.

Among those products, is the male enhancement supplement VigRX Plus.

The harmless, highly beneficial effects of the supplementation are backed with clinical approval.

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#4 ExtenZe

penis enlargement medicines

ExtenZe male enhancement supplement helps restore the men’s ability to have completely satisfactory erections.

That is, due to the availability of powerful and harmless herbal blend in the pill formula, erections become much more rigid and fuller, while their duration also prolongs.

Sexual appetite will also substantially grow and make your sexual experience brighter.

But the most expected effect which each man desires is the ability of the pill to promote the manhood size increase.

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#5 ProSolution

penis growth pills

The product works by increasing nitric oxide supply and delivering much more blood to your member.

ProSolution penis enhancement pills help:

  • Restore proper manhood blood supply
  • Contribute to attaining and sustaining rock-hard, full erections
  • Promote enjoyment of prolonged duration of erections
  • Enhance orgasm vividness and intensity
  • Give a boost to sexual arousal and desire

The safety and reliability of the pill are confirmed by the healthcare experts.

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What Are Penis Enlargement Pills?

Penis enlargement pills are the name used for the all-natural supplements which are claimed to make the male member increase in size. The enlargement effects which these supplements cause refer to the erect penis state. It means that the supplementation with these non-prescription products helps the men enjoy thickened and lengthened erections.

The penis enlargement pills of natural origin are freely accessible over the counter since they don’t contain any prescription-only ingredients. You can purchase these non-prescription remedies without running the risk of being liable to legal prosecution.

Advantages of Penis Enlargement Pills

The men are more and more frequently opting for the medically-approved penis enlargement pills of natural origin because these pills offer a range of undisputable advantages:

  • Complete naturalness: Male enlargement pills are filled exceptionally with the natural ingredients, primarily botanicals, and don’t have artificial chemicals in their formulas.
  • No invasion: The natural manhood size enhancers don’t imply any painful invasion and don’t cause any discomfort comparing to the penis enlargement surgeries.
  • Overall sexuality boost: Penis pills make the men feel hornier, elevate sex drive, fuel virile strength, boost sexual stamina and endurance, as well as improve overall bedroom satisfaction.


best dick pills

Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Pills

Though the non-artificial penis enlargement pills are known with their numerous advantages, it’s still possible to distinguish some disadvantages of such remedies:

  • Extended supplementation period: The natural sex pills targeted at the erect penis growth are synthetic ingredient-free products. That’s why they can’t work instantly and require prolonged intake time. It’s usually takes no less than a couple of months to undergo the supplementation before you may be pleased with great results.
  • No permanent results: Even the penis enlargement pills of the highest quality are unable to provide the permanent size gains. The manhood circumference and length increases only temporary, in the erect state. These gains fade away when the erection comes to the end.
  • Risk of obtaining low-quality products: Since the realm of production of the penis growth pills has many regulatory gaps, the dishonest manufacturers launch many poor-quality male enhancement supplements and counterfeit products to the market.

Side Effects Of Male Enlargement Pills

The natural penis enlargement pills are not the prescription-only hard on medications. The latter ones are really famous not only with their immediate efficacy, but also with their ability to endanger the man’s health by causing unpleasant and even unsafe side effects.

But this situation will never happen if you use the high-quality natural penis enlargement pills from the well-established manufacturers. Such manufacturers include only the pure natural compounds of first-class quality to their sex pills. That’s why the probability of side effects in the users of such remedies almost comes to zero.

The risk of experiencing interactions is also very low in case of taking the reliable penis enlargement pills of natural origin.

dick enlargement pills

Key Natural Ingredients in Penis Enlargement Pills

The all-natural penis enlargement pills provide the men with a multitude of undisputable benefits since they are imbued with the following powerful natural ingredients:

  • Asian Red Ginseng: This plant is included to many penis enlargement pills of natural origin because it has long won a fame of aphrodisiac. But it not only gives a boost to libido, but also activates testosterone secretion, increases sexual intercourse frequency, elevates stamina, enhances virile strength, and makes penis increase while erect.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: This herbal component is known for its ability to naturally overcome bedroom underperformance. It fights premature ejaculations, optimizes virile strength, increases libido, and boosts erection duration.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Numerous penis enlargement pills contain this herb because it is famous with its sex drive enhancing characteristics. It increases blood flow to the genitals and hence makes the manhood enlarge when it is erect. Due to this, you can have much fuller and firmer erections.
  • Pomegranate: It’s a very strong natural antioxidant and blood circulation booster. That’s why the most cutting-edge OTC penis enlargement pills have this component in their formulas. As a result, the men can count on the bigger and harder erections excellently felt and noticed by both the men and their sex partners.

Can Penis Enlargement Pills Forever Overcome Poor Erections?

The over-the-counter penis enlargement pills may be very effective for fighting the signs of impaired erectile function. Due to the mechanism of action of such pills which implies the intensification of blood circulation in the penis, the men really can start experiencing much stronger, fuller, and longer-lasting erections.

But you should understand that the even the all-natural penis enlargement pills of most superior quality are not the medications. They can’t forever tackle the issue of erectile dysfunction. You should visit a healthcare provider to firstly determine the true cause of this sexual disorder. Thus, among the most common underlying conditions which lead to erectile dysfunction are cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, kidney disease, obesity, and severe hormonal disorders. Only when you find out what is the impotence-inducing underlying condition in your case and undergo special pharmaceutical treatment prescribed by your doctor, you can count on full recovery and no weak erections in the future.

How to Choose the Penis Enlargement Pills?

The internet is flooded with the advertisements screaming about the possibility to quickly and effectively enlarge the dick and forever forget about the penis enlargement procedures. The penis enlargement pills are what is offered for this purpose. Well, there are really the well-working remedies helpful for meeting this objective. But you should make some efforts to purchase a truly effective product.

To become the owner of the best OTC male enlargement pills, you must deeply research the market. You should investigate what supplements are now sold and read as much expert reviews and customer testimonials as possible before you make the final choice.

Also, you should learn every accessible information about the manufacturer of desirable non-prescription penis enlargement pills. Make sure that you are going to deal with a truly reliable and well-established manufacturer and with no negative feedback.

In addition, it’s crucial to get to know that is inside the non-artificial penis enlargement pills you aspire to purchase. So, don’t grudge the time for learning what natural ingredients the supplement contains and whether the ingredients are backed with the positive findings of clinical trials.

Are There Penis Size Increase Exercises?

The claim that it’s possible to make the manhood bigger without the intake of penis enlargement pills and any other special techniques but while practicing penis exercises is quite widespread among the men. However, it’s nothing more than a tall tale.

As opposed to the natural penis enlargement pills that truly work, there are no exercises which can enable the men to build a larger member because this intimate organ is not actually a muscle.
There are 3 columns in the manhood. Two of these columns are called corpora cavernosa which perform the function of erectile tissue. The corpora cavernosa contains a multitude of blood vessels which engorge during sexual arousal.

This is what leads to the occurrence of the rigid and full erections.

It’s possible to find just one muscle which is located at the bottom of dick. It is responsible for the trouble-free ejaculation and urination processes.

Penis Enlargement Pills vs Penis Implants

The non-prescription penis enlargement pills have already approved themselves to make the penis both visually and sensationally bigger in the erect state. These penis pills are in fact one of the most unthreatening and affordable methods to get the favorable changes in the penis size during erection. But while the over-the-counter penis enlargement pills are harmless and effective, the penis implants can’t be perceived as unambiguously as the natural remedies.

It should be noted that the permanent implants which have to be inserted under the manhood skin have been existing on the market for a few decades already. These kinds of devices were initially applied to resolve the issue of erectile dysfunction in men who couldn’t be treated in any other way.

However, then the FDA allowed the application of a silicone sleeve famous as Penuma accessible for the men looking for cosmetic sexual enhancement.

According to the study found in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 400 men with Penuma implants in the manhood managed to averagely thicken the manhood by 56.7%. And two years after the penile implant insertion, 81% of these men were still very pleased with the member size effects.

While a large number of general practitioners and urologists recommend their patients to use the OTC penis enlargement pills, just some of these specialists advise the men to choose implants to increase the penis size. While the medically approved natural penis enlargement pills are highly suitable for promoting erect penis growth, penile implants are mainly invented and targeted for the ED sufferers.
Also, the reliable penis pills don’t provoke any adverse reactions while the implants are very risky invasive devices which cause numerous side effects.

Can Penis Enlargement Pills Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

The penis enlargement pills are aimed at helping the men have a longer and thicker penis in the erect state. This happens because the non-artificial compounds available in such pills make the high amount of blood rush into the manhood. More blood means bigger erect penis. And this is the main principle of such remedies’ work.

This is what actually necessary in order not only to make the erect manhood grow in length and circumference, but also to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Thus, the mechanism of action of penis enlargement pills has a restorative influence on the man’s erectile function. The natural active ingredients added to the formulas of such manhood growth supplements increase the blood flow in the genitals. The man can experience solid and full erections only if the blood circulation in the male member is stable, substantial, and uninterrupted.

Though penis enlargement pills can ease the manifestations of impotence, it’s important to determine the true underlying condition that caused the impairment of erectile function and treat it.

Can Penis Enlargement Pills Boost Semen Production?

The plant-based OTC penis enlargement pills include the natural compounds which major task is to fortify the blood circulation in genitals. These compounds are aimed at bringing as much blood to the dick as it physically can hold inside during the erection.

This is how a man will get a bigger erect penis in both length and circumference. And this is how a sex partner can feel a really larger manhood, while the man will also experience brighter sensations during penetration. So it’s the way the natural penis enhancement pills actually primarily do.

The manhood size boosters of natural origin are not designed to stimulate the production of a higher semen volume. These male enhancement supplements don’t work as the semen booster pills. But though the non-prescription penis enlargement pills don’t increase the amount of semen you can ejaculate, some of such penis pills are claimed to have a positive impact on semen quality.

In particular, it’s possible to expect the improvement of sperm characteristics such as sperm count and sperm motility. This may have a slight favorable influence on the male reproductive system. However, you shouldn’t forget that the all-natural penis enlargement pills are not meant for solving any semen production issues.

Do You Really Need Penis Enlargement Pills?

The majority of men who think that the use of over-the-counter penis enlargement pills has to be further fortified by means of a manhood size increase surgery have no medically intended reasons to do this. The problem of a small-than-normal penis measurements is typically a fringe concern.

In fact, only the men with a diagnosed micropenis can reasonably consider not only the use of the top-notch penis enlargement pills, but also look for more powerful ways to change the member dimensions.

Micropenis is a medical condition that means an abnormally small penis size which usually develops even before the birth due to hormonal problems. This disorder happens very rarely and is typically diagnosed in the infancy. According to the studies, the average manhood length in a stretched state in an adult man is 5.21 inches.

The doctor establishes a diagnosis of micropenis when the adult man’s manhood length in a stretched state is shorter than 3.66 inches. While a micropenis implies the availability of a truly tiny penis length, the man’s internal genital organs and testes have no abnormalities.

When the man is diagnosed with a micropenis, it will not be enough to undergo the supplementation with the non-artificial penis enlargement pills.

The man should discuss with a healthcare provider all available medical ways to lengthen and thicken his manhood. Under these circumstances, the man will unfortunately not be able to do without the invasive dick enlargement methods.

A Few Things All Men Should Consider

Each man who views the intake of penis enlargement pills or the utilization of any surgical penis size increase methods as the only possible way to give a boost to sex life, revive declining sexual relationship or safe family.

The manhood length and circumference in fact doesn’t determine the man’s bedroom prowess, testosterone and other sex hormones’ balance, and overall masculinity. The owner of a penis with average measurements may have a much more intense and vivid sexual experience than the owner of a huge dick. Even more, it can be quite exciting to boast of enormous member dimensions but quite troublesome to have a truly satisfactory sexual intercourse with a large member.

The conversation with a highly professional sex therapist may also be very helpful. Thus, a sex therapist not only can recommend you really the best penis enlargement pills, but also assuage your doubts concerning your penis dimensions and teach you to perceive your body.

Also, a sex therapist and a urologist can save you from making a mistake like undergoing a penis enlargement surgery in case when the supplementation with the natural OTC penis enhancement pills is more than enough. In particular, the non-prescription male enlargement pills will not only ensure a bigger penis size in the erect state, but also improve overall sexual health in men.

When to Talk to a Specialist About the Penis Size?

If you are worried about your own manhood dimensions, want to clarify something about your genitals and sexual health, as well as are going to take any penis enlargement pills, then you should discuss your troubles with a urologist. You can of course first of all visit the family practitioner. However, it’s yet advisable to go to the urologist for:

  • Establishing a correct diagnosis
  • Making sure your member measurements fall within the normal range
  • Prescribing necessary medications
  • Suggesting proper OTC penis enlargement pills
  • Solving all the intimate and reproductive issues

The Bottom Line On Penis Enlargement Pills

Most men tend to start searching for some penis enlargement pills or other techniques used to make penis grow even having no idea about the normal size of male genitals.

According to the medical experts, only the men whose dick is less than 3 inches in length should seriously consider any methods to make the penis bigger. These men may be diagnosed with micropenis. But if your manhood is about 5 inches in length when it’s erect, then you shouldn’t be bothered with its measurements.

Still in this case, the intake of non-prescription penis enlargement pills can make you feel more confident in bed.

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